American Decline

Life After Collapse of American Empire

Charlie Robinson: Life After Collapse of American Empire

Author Charlie Robinson discusses the globalist’s octopus of control and their domination agenda. He’s concerned with the push for supranationalism and regional integration (e.g. North American Union). He explains how he recently predicted a banking crisis at Anarchapulco ahead of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and urges people to keep their savings outside of banks to prep for the coming CBDC system. He comments on México, the decline of U.S. Empire, peak wokeism, and how he still remains optimistic about the future.

ANALYSIS: Will Vladimir Putin Stand Trial in The Hague?

The arrest warrants for Putin are aimed to create a division within the Russian elite. In the foreseeable future, the ICC is expected to issue arrest warrants for Russian generals, and possibly for top Kremlin officials, which will be a signal to the country’s elite – especially to powerful oligarchs – that they should start distancing themselves from the regime, and start making plans for a post-Putin Russia.

ANALYSIS: Has China Shaken Up the Geopolitical Arena by Facilitating Iran’s & Saudi Arabia’s Normalization of Diplomatic Relations?

A few more foreign policy slip-ups and economic reversals at home could see the US leapfrogged on the world stage by the likes of China.

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