Is dating beyond repair?

A major theme of my work is centered on the dysfunctional state of the present-day West.

Indeed, we live in technologically impressive times and have unprecedented levels of economic opportunity that prior generations would absolutely kill for.

If you live in a Western, First World country, you should count your blessings.

However, on cultural and social matters, the West has decayed significantly.

The arrival of radical feminism, the break down of the family unit, and the emergence of deviant lifestyles has totally shaken up these countries’ social fabric. So much so that conventional ways that the two sexes have met each other in the past have now been totally turned on their head.

For the average guy, dating in 2023 is a rough endeavor.

Confronted with the harsh socio-economic realities of the contemporary dating market, many have opted out altogether to prusue a de facto life of celibacy.

However, it doesn’t have be that way.

I recently had the unique pleasure of chatting with Twitter user Nuclear Caudillo, a daring individual who has been dating aggressively for the past two years in Dallas, Texas.

Some of his findings were actually quite shocking.

But he also found many silver linings throughout his dating experience.

In short, no matter how tough it is for the average guy to date in the current year, he should not be giving up.

Are you having trouble wrapping your head around the current dating market?

Make sure to tune in to this episode of El Nino Speaks to find out how you can vastly improve your dating life in 2023 and beyond.

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