Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

3 Stages of the Synthetic Left

“Going to the masses-organising them-educating them-culturing, cultivating and demonstrating human resistances through every means of developed art, music, culture, literature and traditions by virtue of advanced science and technologies guided by pogressive, advanced, transformative, human friendly, anti imperialistic, anti fascistic and anti war forces for the sake of humanity in every countries.”—Call of the hour.

“With respect to time, with respect to development of science and technology and its developed and advanced platforms, the language and versions of expression of one’s wish, desire, opinion, choice and so the language of protest changes. But, at last you gotta see, whether, that particular platform, that particular medium is benefitting people of society or not, you gotta see whether that particular medium is being productive, human friendly or not. Everything has both positive and negative sides, you have to adopt the positive aspects of that particular thing, even transform every negativities into positive aspects and formulate in society, for betterment of human world through every means of developed version of art, music and literature by every means of advanced science and technology.”—-Social Activists and intellectuals

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