Pan Secessionism For Doomers

by Spencer Pearson

Iam something of a Doomer myself.  Back in ’04 I was introduced to the concept of peak oil.  The idea was lent some considerable weight by the fact that at the time I was in what amounted to a fort in the middle of Iraq participating in something which couldn’t be sensibly explained other than as a desperate oil grab.  After my return to the UK I spent a lot of time on the net becoming acquainted with the debate at places like The Oil Drum and LATOC.   So when the great crash of ’08 hit as far as I was concerned the case was closed.  Largely on the basis of my conviction that the whole project of modernity was finished I moved my family from the industrial city of Birmingham where it had been conducting its business for two hundred years to a small town selected for its remoteness from major population centres.

However, though I am sympathetic to the analysis of the “doomer” community, in my opinion the proposed reaction to it for individuals in somewhat lacking.  Generally doomers adopt a strategy of “prepping”, this involves stockpiling food, precious metals and, in the USA at least, weapons and ammo.  The ultimate in “prepping” is the “doomsted”, a small property in a rural area fitted with as many “off grid” systems as possible; solar panels, water purification systems, food production and ideally areas set aside for the provision of mine fields.

I’d like to suggest that this strategy is rather counter productive.  Ultimately if the worst case scenario, a total collapse of the systems of distribution and production, ever came about such “prepping” would actually be dangerous.  Since such caches of supplies or now highly desirable properties would become the primary targets of just about everyone.  No matter how well a small family group had prepared their defences it is highly unlikely that they could withstand a determined assault by a larger group.  After all people have to sleep.

I would suggest that if the worst case scenario ever did come about the only possible long term survival strategy is to be part of a community.  Weapons are good, but history suggests they are most effective when massed in large numbers.  While a .50 cal with clear lines of fire across the cabbage fields is quite a deterrent so long as there is only a handful of potential operators it is always going to be vulnerable.  On the other hand a community with the capability to fielding a thousand ad hoc warriors armed with improvised weapons is going to be somewhat more difficult to catch off guard, be able to organise defence in depth and has considerable capacity for counter offensive action.

It’s also worth considering that if such “post crash” community organisation is viable then such highly organised “hoards” might present a considerable threat to the isolationist doomster.   Which is to say that if such things are possible then the alternative strategy of rugged individualism is probably not.

Speaking as someone who has some experience of being in the area of destination for inbound hot metal I can’t emphasise enough how comforting it is to know that you are protected by the armour of probability generated by being only one of a lot of potential targets.  The effect of this psychological advantage accruing to members of a large group in a combat zone is, I believe, what allows warfare to be possible.   This because it adds another option to the possible outcomes of “die” or “win” in which other people can die and you still win.

Obviously not all communities are suitable for the thoughtful doomer, anything urban or within a day’s walk of urban is clearly out of the question since if the doomers analysis is correct such environments are likely to be the venue for an accelerated version of natural selection.  The smart move here is to put as many obstacles between yourself and the hoard of mutant zombie bikers as is possible, at least half a dozen viable agricultural communities is advisable to ensure that if they ever do get as far as your bolthole they have at least been thinned out along the way.

Beyond strategic considerations of coping with aggressive population reduction the doomer must consider the future beyond the end of the world as we know it.  There is a limit to how long the best provisioned doomstead might maintain anything like civilisation.  Many doomers face the prospect of running out of petrol and light bulbs with a high degree of equanimity and stoicism.  Which is commendable, but running out of antibiotics and disinfectant might turn out to be more than inconvenient.  Communities such as small towns offer the prospect, once the initial crisis has passed, of beginning to developing specialised manufacturing process.  Such towns might eventual be able to provide a wide range of goods including at least some chemical and medical supplies.  Most likely trading networks such as those which existed in the pre-industrial Western civilisations would develop making all sorts of goods available.  Even if the doomer is prepared to eschew luxuries like sterile kitchen utensils then the community strategy offers the doomer the ultimate inducement, ammunition production.

However even more than such utilitarian considerations it is worth considering the kind of life the doomer would like to experience after the collapse of modern civilisation.  Living in a bunker in a vegetable patch surrounded by the skeletons of would be invaders and piles of bullet casings might be existing, it might have a certain Spartan attraction to a certain mentality, but it isn’t many people’s idea of living.  A post collapse town sized community might offer many opportunities for recreation, not the least of which would be getting a night’s sleep secure in the knowledge that someone else was manning the watch towers.  However there would most likely be other entertainment options, these might be a simple as a night around the fire of the local tavern drinking homebrewed ale and telling embellished tales of the carnage inflicted on the last people to attempt a raid on your neighbourhood.  Perhaps traditional pastimes might reassert themselves, such as watching felons and bandits executed in the town square.  Maybe even some technologies might be kept in working order, a night at the cinema might be an option, even if the film is twenty years old and the popcorn organic.

Life in a post collapse township might provide better varieties of foodstuffs, some type of specialised medical facilities, maybe even education and libraries and most importantly some kind of society.

The problem is of course the issue of control.  It is within most people’s power to stack up a few hundred tins of beans and 50kg of rice, it’s with a lot of people’s power to set up a DIY version of the North Korean border around an acre of land in Nebraska.  However very few people, if any, could convince a town of a ten thousand people or more to engage in a general mobilisation in anticipation of the collapse of industrial civilisation in the immediate future.  Which is where the concept of “pan secessionism” comes in .

Now obviously standing on Main Street shouting the merits of decentralised executive power and community self determination through a bull horn isn’t much better, if at all, than promoting community resilience with a view to the end of the world in the same way.  Fortunately we’ve developed slightly subtler tactics over at the pan secessionist COMINTERN (Attack the  The incremental model playbook of pan secessionism advocates the development of specific programs of economic and political relocalisation.  Which is to say you don’t go advocating a unilateral declaration of independence for the town of Truth or Consequence, NM, or wherever.

Rather you go about building groups behind specific projects which are aimed at promoting community autonomy; such as Farmer’s markets, local currencies, voting blocs etc.   These measures help the community develop its capacity for self governance but more importantly create the networks and activist skills that would be required for a self governing community.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to try and persuade the local town hall to hang some newly minted flag representing that particular community out front next to Old Glory.  The idea is that one day the townsfolk wake up to find that they don’t need the Federal Government or, better yet ,it has gone away and died of shame in the night but it doesn’t matter because they wasn’t using it anyway.

Obviously this isn’t quite a sexy for the average doomer as organising some kind of militia and erecting Medieval style city walls around the community.  However the trick here is build the networks, the tasks which these networks are directed is largely irrelevant because if it should ever become necessary it would be much easier to re-task these networks than it would be to create them from scratch.  And in the meantime the general cultivation of a civic mentality would do much to mentally prepare people for any “alternative arrangements” which might become desirable in the event of the population of the local metropolis deciding the rural lifestyle was preferable to starvation and murder.

Of course part of the fun of being a doomer is telling “squares” exactly why they need not worry excessively about how they are going to pay the last instalment of their twenty year mortgage and why their problems might become more interesting in the near future.  However I would suggest that the advocation of pan secessionism is not merely justified by the same logic but makes for a little variety when spooking straights.  Maybe you might even find that there is a certain kind of person who can more easily be persuaded to “do the right thing” with talk of liberty and community autonomy than they can by reference to a graph showing OPECs “proven reserves”.

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  1. Oogy may sound eccentric, but he is right. Knowing foreign languages, and knowing the religious customs of the enemy (Koran) can prove very useful to you. Espionage is not solely the realm of funded agencies, though those funded agencies would like you to think it is. Espionage is very easy and democratically available to Everyman, particularly one who learns foreign languages and customs — or as they call it in the mliitary, “target languages and target cultures.”

    Here in the US it will also be useful to learn foreign languages as we have become Babylon. I would say, in this order, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), (once you learn Mandarin, it won’t be that hard to learn Cantonese too) Hebrew, Arabic, Russian.

    Great idea on blending economic localization with secessionism! I missed the boat on that one — I saw all the secession movements, and didn’t think that that could be a lever for relocalization.

    A successfully relocalizing movement will be offered “Federal Dollars” and then thhose Fedbucks will have strings attached that you have to take in diversity et cetera, so you need Secessionism to say no to Fedbucks and resistant to all Fed Agendas.

    Real secessionism does not have to immediately mean Civil War. It can mean organized and intelligent resistance to all Fed Agendae, and spreading it.

    It may very well start off as secessionism, and turn into “Arab Spring” of the US, albeit with multiple factions united against the Fed.

    What is the Fed anyway? It is people who say, “OK, let’s give a gazillaion bucks to this, and a bajillion to that, and a grant here and an “investment” there. That’s their source of legitimacy. That’s all they really do is spread around money.

    What happens when they can no longer spread money around the geography the way one might spread cream cheese on toast? Secession happens more or less as a matter of course, organically.

    They will try to hold on to power. That will be interesting. They’ll use their last bit of cream cheese to try and keep it going.

  2. All these actvities are SWPL/hipster, and as long as they are seen as that they are tolerated. A non-elite version of the same activity might be seen in an entirely different light, and might draw ngative attention. But I guess we won’t know until we try.

  3. This is right in line with some of what John Robb says at which is to focus on building up your community’s capacity to survive on it’s own rather than stockpiling. I think people have forgotten what social creatures we are. If you don’t have your own tribe/gang/people then you are at the mercy of others who do.

  4. Diesel fuel can now be made from simple sugars and even cellulose, a cheap simple technology that is just a bit more expensive at the moment than fossil fuel. So, no peak oil will happen.

  5. I’ve never been “reblogged” before, awesome!

    As for Oogys comment on multilingualism, well yeah; learning a foreign language is always a positive thing. As an intellectual exercise and because it helps us break out of the thought patterns imposed by our linguistic heritage, as Orwell pointed out its pretty hard to comprehend what you don’t have terminology for. (having said that I can barely speak English)

    On a doomer front, even more so. If the “community strategy” is going to be optimised then the natural way of doing that is to develop specialist skills rather than hoards of beans. Translator fits that model perfectly since such a skill will be useful to any post collapse community, maybe for trade, maybe for diplomacy, possibly for interrogation. Might be worth getting a nice pair of pliers to sweeten the deal.

  6. Mindweapon. Yeah it’s one of my major themes that a practical secessionist approach would be localisation. Sort of secessionist terraforming aimed at bringing about an environment in which secession becomes more of a realistic option not just practically but psychologically for the community. The other one is a bit more controversial, that radicals are fucking useless (and I say that as one) and if you want to get this done you better start convincing the local elite.

    The trick here is to combine economic localisation with political localisation. Obviously there are potential positives feedback loops there and one is unlikely to get too far without the other. At least that is the pitch we want to be using. People will only support the revolution when it is in their obvious interests to do so, this has to be a practical proposition as well as an intellectual one.

    As for the local currency. Big fan. Got to be the flagship of any start up effort at relocalisation and we have a few in circulation here in the UK. My favourite pet idea is to have each coin contain an element of precious metal. Thus making the local currency “real” as opposed to Federal (in your case) fiat BS paper. The potential for Seigniorage is considerable since a hell of a lot of these coins will go out of circulation as hoards and souvenirs leaving the fiat shit in the bank to be deployed at will.

    The ultimate goal would be to have local government accept local currency for payment of local taxes, at that point you have a real problem if you’re running a central bank. Everyone instantly becomes a de facto Agorists because both currencies are equally useful and only one is taxed effectively by the state.

    Anyway, there is loadsa fun to be had out there for the devious anti-state type.

  7. Thras, one principle of what I’m advocating is that if the SPLC or some other fascist cock suckers want to start denouncing people supporting credit unions as Nazis then great. That will have the effect of forcing millions into the “dangerous dissident” pen and show another huge demographic what said cock suckers are all about.

  8. Vince, yeah; it’s pretty obvious when you think about it, sadly like most things few do. Its well worth taking a look at the kind of stuff Transition towns and Resilient Communities are doing because these guy have worked most of this out for us. Thanks guys, now in return we’ve got a few ideas you might be interested in……..

  9. ‘Mindweapon’ – do you actually believe ‘the Koran’ to be ‘the’ enemy? And are you going to learn the entire text by heart so that you can infiltrate sections of the Moslem community and bring it to its knees? Have you ever seen the film 4 Lions? Or was it funded by Zionist Reptilian Astronauts?Your mind truly is like a loaded weapon. with people like you on his side, how can Spencer possibly fail?

    Spencer, your friend (sic) Papa luigi reminds me of a character from Dangermouse.

    On with the revolution fellas…

  10. Hey RA, (love the handle btw).

    Not sure Luigi would consider me his “friend”, I think he thinks I’m of some kind of paid “counter subversive”. I wish.

    This project is about arming dissidents with effective weapons, I’m not here to tell them what to fight for but rather how to fight.

  11. Liber LXXVII

    “the law of
    the strong:
    this is our law
    and the joy
    of the world

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”
    AL 1. 40
    “thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no
    other shall say nay.
    AL 1 42-3
    “Every man and woman is a star-AL 1.3.

    “There is no god but man.”

    1. Man has the right to live by his own law-
    to live in the way that he wills to do:
    to work as he will:
    to play as he will:
    to rest as he will:
    to die when and how he will.

    2. Man has the right to eat what he will:
    to drink what he will:
    to dwell where he will:
    to move as he will on the face of the earth.

    3. Man has the right to think what he will:
    to speak what he will:
    to write what he will:
    to draw, paint, carve,etch,mould, build as he will:
    to dress as he will.

    4. Man has the right to love as he will-
    “take your fill and will of love as ye will.
    when, where, and with whom ye will-AL 1. 51

    5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart
    these rights.
    “the slaves shall serve”-AL II. 58
    “Love is the law, love under will”-AL 1 57

    Aleister Crowley

  12. Rudy, you’re doing an incredible job of persuading us all you’re not radio rental too. What do you do for an encore – shag a Robin?

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