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UKIP: The System Works!

I wrote this last week, but then decided I didn’t like it.  However since everyone is talking ’bout UKIP here’s the actual situation.

NOTE: Fans of the UKIP “revolution” should watch out for Thursday’s Newark-on-Trent by election, which is a parliamentary election on a first past the post basis rather than proportional representation as in the Euros.  If UKIP win it will show they have gathered enough momentum to be able to break into Westminster, a significant increase in support for establishment parties will suggest a “Le Penn” effect in effect (2002 père Le Penn gets to a run off Presidential second round, and the establishment mobilize 82% of the electorate to vote against him).

All over Britain people are waking up to a bright new political day, the newspapers and broadcast media are agog at the incredible victory of the United Kingdom Independence Party in the recent local and Euro elections. Not for a century has a party which might conceivably not be of the Establishment won any national electoral contest. However all that has changed, the People have awoken and they have made their demands absolutely clear to the now terrified elite. Finally the rusted gears of representative democracy have been forced into motion!

The sole truth in that analysis is that UKIP come out on top with the largest percentage vote in the Euro elections. Here’s the cold hard coffee; UKIP have won one hundred and fifty seven electoral districts, less than any of the three paid up Establishment parties. Labour won one thousand eight hundred and fifty four, that’s ten victories and more for every ward won by UKIP. The Liberal Democrats, who have betrayed their own core supporters’ balls off by forming a coalition with the despised Tories, won four hundred and four. That’s the least popular party of the elite by far on fire and still beating UKIP two to one and better.

The figures presented by the MSM talk about “gains” and “losses” and on that score it looks pretty good for UKIP. Since they started with precisely two councillors in the areas contested yesterday (which was by no means all of the country at local level) their score stands at plus one hundred and fifty five, still not as good as Labour on plus two hundred and ninety two but not bad. Especially compared to the bloody ranks of the Conservatives and Lib Dems, which have lost two hundred and one and two hundred and eighty four respectively. But if this was a battle all that would mean is that your best effort had thinned the total number of bastards arrayed against you by about 5% leaving you outnumbered by approximately twenty four to one. Those are not good odds.

And let us not forget the key lesson here kids, having managed to convince about a fifth of the participating electorate (a third of the potential electorate) to back them UKIP now wield exactly the same amount of real actual power as they did a week ago. This is to say, none what-so-ever. UKIP control not so much as a single council anywhere as a result of their efforts, so their ability to direct even the tiniest cog of the system is exactly nil.

That’s your democracy for you right there, suck it up bitches.

Based on the outcome of the elections held yesterday had it been a general election the result would almost certainly be a Labour majority government; probably a pretty comfortable one. Even if Labour had come up short then it is an absolute lock that whatever was left of the Lib Dems would have thrown their lot in with Labour on the spot to form a terrible coalition of pure evil.

Remember that this is in the context of the Tories having managed to miraculously levitate the shattered remains of the British economy back to something like it was in 2008. With them having vetoed a European treaty, having ass-fucked the Lib Dems and even having cut immigration and the rate of expansion of the national debt the Conservatives have done better than they could possibly have dreamed when they were elected. Yet still, they are losing to Labour because of the demographic and cultural shift which gives the Left a vast inbuilt advantage.

But let us imagine UKIP’s dream scenario. Scotland votes for secession in September and Labour lose forty one more or less guaranteed MPs before the general election is even held. The economy continues to “improve” at least as fast as it is now, perhaps a gigantic super elephant oil field is discovered under Manchester or something. The night before the election is held the entire Labour shadow cabinet are filmed gangbanging a Labrador puppy. The Tories almost pull off an outright majority win but not quite and absolutely must have the support of the twenty, fuck it, forty UKIP MPs. So now what happens?

We know exactly what would happen because that is exactly what happened last time when the Conservatives went into coalition with the Lib Dems. The Tories did whatever they wanted to do and blamed the unpopular stuff on the Liberals; gay marriage for example. The Conservatives then stiffed the Lib Ds on everything else. In the specific case of UKIP’s core demand, for a referendum on UK membership of the EU, well yeah sure they Tories would give it to them. Since they have already promised one anyway why not? But that is not saying that the Tories would fight for a “get us the hell out of here” result. This is exactly what they did to the Lib Dem’s on electoral reform, sure they gave them their referendum, but they made damn sure the hippies got beat.

What else could UKIP demand of the Conservatives as the price of coalition? A cut in immigration? The abolition of the smoking ban? Scrapping of “green” taxes? The Tories might promise some of these things, but that is a very different thing from delivering on those promises. They would simply do whatever benefited their clients, or masters depending on how you look at it, from that agenda and renege on the rest.

The “UKIP victory” has advanced them, and the millions who have backed them, not one solitary inch towards achieving any of their goals. The system does indeed work in that it has convinced these people that voting can do anything at all for them whereas the truth is that they may as well pray to Odin for a miracle for all the good it will do.

But it’s not going to play out like that anyway. Because right now a legion of self appointed progressive Inquisitors are pouring over the records of every single one of those hundred and fifty seven UKIP councillors. Within a week we will have every transgression any of these people have ever made against anything or one seared into our brains by relentless repetition. Right now the professional “antifa” crew are sifting the data from yesterday’s election, they will have every community with a predisposition towards electoral insurrection zeroed by Monday. Those communities, if they are lucky, are about to be the recipients of an intensive education in the ways of the righteous. If they are unlucky, if they are assessed to be irredeemably given over to sinful thoughts, they will be punished.

The main effect of the plebeian revolt of last night will not be the dawn of a new age of British politics. It will be a new wave of fundy progressive bigotry and oppression which will drive the fanatical zealots into ecstasies of pious self righteousness; for years. And when the dust settles over the mangled remains of UKIP they will take their triumph to be more evidence of their supremacy as The Elect.

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