Global Warming or Gay Rights? Priorities of the Green Party

In her recent interview with Keith Preston on this site (and elsewhere) Tia Foster described the environmentalist movement in America as being more concerned with progressive politics than the actual environment. Here in the UK a recent, and definitive, example of this “watermelon” phenomenon took place recently.

A little background.  Brighton is theBritish capital of gay culture, situated on the South Coast the town is famousfor its huge population of homosexuals and its numerous gay bars.  It is also home to easily the most successful branch of the British Green Party, not only do they control the local council but they also have Britain’s sole Green MP. Indeed the Green Party in Brighton could reasonably lay claim to be the most successful none-Establishment force anywhere in England since no other group has achieved anything like as much.

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After a Brighton and Hove Council vote on July the 23rd on a motion upholding same-sex marriage, Councillor Christina Summers, 50, has been
ousted from the Green party after being the only councillor to vote against the motion.

Following her move, an internal party inquiry was set up and Councillor Summers has also been subjected to abusive emails from outside the
council. She said: “The response to the way I debated has been very vicious, but it doesn’t surprise me. Whenever I or any Christian touches on issues of life or identity, it elicits a very, very violent response with very strong accusatory language.”

She also upset some colleagues in the party earlier this year when she made clear her opposition to abortion on grounds of conscience,
something she said had “brought to the surface a very violent prejudice” against her as a Christian in the party.

She added: “The disappointment is the whole viciousness of it and people really believe what they are saying. They really do believe that I’m homophobic, that I need psychiatric help, that I’m basically a fascist. People really believe this, but they know nothing about me. Of all people, my colleagues should know better.”

Miss Summers is currently receiving legal advice about her predicament within the Green party.

Civil Liberty believes the treatment Miss Summers has been subject to has to be the worst kind of totalitarian liberal politics. She is essentially being disciplined by her party for adhering to her conscience. The Green party also prides itself on ‘equality’. It is ironic that she may be removed because of her views on marriage and abortion.

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