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A Conversation with Noam Chomsky

Stuart Scott and #NoamChomsky discuss their views about death and the afterlife, as well as the critical need for activism to produce change. Co-hosted by Dale Walkonen, FacingFuture is honored to present Professor Chomsky’s ideas about politics, economics, OPEC, nuclear proliferation, and disinformation, all of which have moved […]

Joe Biden’s German Green Deal

Michael Lind really is one of the very best political analysts and social scientists out there today. Here, he thoroughly exposes both Biden and the Green New Deal as statist-capitalist, corporatist-plutocratic scams that will have a negligible impact on carbon emissions. By Michael Lind, Tablet The Biden administration’s […]

Envisioning a Greener New Deal

A webinar that took place a few days ago to which ATS was a contributor. We must halt environmental destruction while providing a better quality of life for everyone on Earth. Since our hope has been that alternative energy can replace fossil fuels, it can be overwhelming to […]

“Removing Pesticides from Our Public Spaces”

Public areas such as parks, playgrounds and schoolyards are routinely sprayed with various chemicals to control insects and plants. Evidence has mounted showing that these chemicals damage human health. Pesticides tend to be used disproportionately in African American communities. These chemicals also have unintended consequences for humans, animals […]

For and Against Primitivism

Anarchist News Ted Kaczynski’s thorough critique of anarchoprimitivism takes center stage here, in “The Truth About Primitive Life: A Critique of Anarchoprimitivism.” The article is well-supported by three pages of Works Cited and fully 313 endnotes (available on In favor of anarchoprimitivism is “Civilization Will Stunt Your […]

Farms Are Coming to Cities

By Jonathan Snyder, The American Conservative Farming has always been considered a rural activity, but investors backing urban farming companies are hoping to bring farms into our cities. Supporters say urban farms eliminate many of the problems with contemporary agriculture, creating a stable alternative to already strained supply […]

Climate Policy: COVID on Steroids?

Joel Kotkin on the eco-fascist wing of totalitarian humanism. By Joel Kotkin For most people around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic seems a great human tragedy, with deaths, bankruptcies, and fractured mental states. Yet for some, especially among the green Twitterati and in some policy shops, the pandemic […]