Scotland: Secession Vs Pan Secession

A lot of people interested in the concept of pan-secessionism have been excited about the growing wave of secessionist movements in Europe.  However the bad news is I would suggest that those secession movements, while positive developments, do not really represent an adoption of pan secessionist values.  An independent Scotland would have a population of seven million people.  Holding one seven millionth of political power isn’t, for practical purposes, much better than holding one sixty fifth millionth (the population of the UK) in that for normal people that represents no control over their personal political, economic or social circumstances in either case.  Moreover the likely ruling class of an independent Scotland, the Scottish National Party and Scottish Labour, would almost certainly be inclined towards a more centralised state than even that of the UK and with an even more oppressive progressive official orthodoxy.   The Good News is http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/mar/17/scottish-independence-islands-home-rule

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