Why Libertarianism is a Joke

The Dangerous Times

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It’s not just that I think morality is non-cognitive and largely bad in most people, it’s that I think it’s useless to engage in. The struggle someone on the political and cultural fringes faces is not moral or intellectual – a matter of normative values or ideas – but physical. If we have the physical organization, including of course intangibles like network, influence, wealth, etc. we need not concern ourselves with the broken moralizing of herd animals or the cultivated ignorance of the creepy left: just as left-liberals don’t bother Chinese eugenicists, it isn’t because the Chinese won an argument, it’s because they will shoot liberal fruitloops who try to interfere.

This is also why I find the ‘libertarian movement’ to be tedious and ineffectual, despite broad sympathy with their ruling-class-annihilation schemes. The fact is that the masses are not educable, that their morality is not amenable to reality, and that libertarians can be as right as they want, if they’re not willing to fight the state they’re just not committed to libertarianism.

Activism is a perfect example of the haywire nature of moralizing; despite its proven inefficacy people enjoy it because it salves their conscious without requiring much serious effort, thought or danger. Doing something actually effectual seems beyond the Americans; they leave ‘direct action’ up to Islamic radicals. And I’ll tell you, if the libertarians had half the organization or brains of Hezbollah they’d already have their own republic in Vermont.

Instead, we have a bunch of websites rehashing long-dead economics arguments and Enlightenment happy-hour mental masturbation; and the name ‘libertarian’ has become property of left-wing Republican Amerikuh-worshipping piglets with a deluded view of Constitutional efficacy. If libertarians were anywhere near as serious as their 19th century counterparts or the Communists, Islamists and Fascists they ought to consider emulating (strategically and organizationally, I mean) then these coward Republican toolbags with their F16 stickers wouldn’t dare call themselves by our label. The System would make us Public Enemy #1.

Due to our descent from small tribes or moralizing apes where personal relationships and opinions were everything, people are obsessed with moralizing and social demonstrations (activism). However, given the reality of mass society the moral and intellectual struggle are essentially outside of the control of any person or coherent group; the true nature of political, legal and social struggles is a physical one; might and wealth and the acceptance (if not endorsement) of the masses. Moral and intellectual arguments not only will not prevail (the masses are very subject to intractable distortions, envy, laziness, etc. and not very morally principled to begin with) but one of physical power and pelf.

If one wants change, one does not need to educate or demonstrate; one needs access to power; to create and to destroy. All those who reject the ruling class and the prevailing ideology are wasting their time on intellectual and ethical arguments if they are not willing to see it backed up with violence. Despite the mythology of liberalism, all successful intellectuals know that power grows from the barrel of a gun: neither economic, nor moral circumstances, are deterministic – one can reject Marx and the Rationalist just as easily. But might is a fine thing, and useful for many purposes – one goes further with a handful of might than with a bag full of right.

The worse cause will prevail, if it has only the power. And if you believe your cause is the better – the more certainly you need power, because if you’re relying on the character or judgment of the common man you may as well kill yourself now.

Most libertarians (not all) reject violence as a means to an end.”

Most libertarians also use special pleading to arrive at their moralized version of what ‘violence’ means. Property is violence, the whole question of law is who does what to whom.

But I believe an effectual course of “direct action” is agorism, not opening fire on the federales

First of all, ‘agorism’ as ‘practiced’ is just ‘art-house faggot college kids wating time producing low quality products at a loss’. Much like everything associated with the anarchist left, it is idiotic and ineffectual.

Proper ‘agorism’, i.e. black and grey economies, are dominated by criminal gangs and professional smuggling networks. Libertarians, being a bunch of college kids, nerds and general pussies, will have zero impact on this economy. Again, if libertarians want to be serious they have to stop being rarified pussy twats beating off to Adam Kokesh and consider serious counter-economics. Real radical groups, i.e. Al Qaeda, work with drug dealers, mafiosos, weapons traffickers, etc. And so should we!

Counter-economics is a valid strategy, and one used to good effect by revolutionary groups around the world; however, the academic hipster metrosexual punks who make up 99% of left-libertarianism’s ranks will accomplish nothing on this front with their dumbass arts-and-crafts/organic farming nonsense.

What’s more, if your ‘agorism’ is remotely successful – begins to really threaten the Bankster Oligarchy and the Protectionist Front, they will bring guns and men and airplanes and they will shoot you and send you to prison. And most of the art house pansies will fold like a house of cards when that happens. Real successful agorist organizations (like gangs) fight back. They make the police afraid of to go into their territory.

Unless you’re willing to fight the System, you’re just a fantasist who’s helping to perpetuate the system by creating outlets for social stress. Much like the drug and sex culture that the Loonie Left has been pushing, it isn’t about real freedom, it’s about creating a space for weirdos to forget the Empire looming over them: therapeutic Statism.

The addiction to the System (constitutions, voting), sissy ineffectual tactics (selling your foul-tasting overpriced carrots at the Farmer’s Market), and an unwillingness to arm yourself or get into serious ‘revolutionary’ territory is the primary reason libertarianism is a fucking joke.


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  1. “Much like the drug and sex culture that the Loonie Left has been pushing, it isn’t about real freedom, it’s about creating a space for weirdos to forget the Empire looming over them: therapeutic Statism.”

    Finally, someones what I’ve been saying for some time know.

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