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Political Genes

Seems the BBC is prepared to consider hard biological reasons for political opinions. So apparently there are solid biological differences between progressives and reactionaries, but not between ethnic groups.

Note the implications of the scientists comments. Dr Schreiber doesn’t want to go into details but its pretty clear what his conclusion is “liberals” are less risk averse, “conservatives” more. John Hibbing warns us that :

“It’s not so much that I think people should just shut up and accept that some people are different. But I do think they should accept that some people are either not going to change or they’re going to be extremely difficult to change, and that simply by continuing to shout at them, we’re not contributing to anything.”

So they (and we know who he is talking about don’t we?) should be changed and the problem is how to do that given “shouting” isn’t going to work. So drug therapy maybe? Surgery perhaps?
Check out the article .

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  1. I think he’s just saying that it’s a waste of time to try to change anyone no matter what you or they bbelieve, and I agree with that. However, given how profit motivated the psychiatric industry is, I wouldn’t be surprised if they invented medications for all sorts of belief systems. Having a point of view is the new mental illness.

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