Kick the Puppy Season 2: EP 02 Reply

Keith, Emma & RJ

01/09/21 – Mob assault on the Capital, 5 dead, nice photo op, police weren’t prepared, political assassinations, most were peaceful, two-party existential crisis, American Democracy, the Five Crises of the American Regime, “why the wealthiest Americans should prepare for revolt against unprecedented inequality,” Rothbard on zipcodes, the McCloskeys, homes of McConnell and Pelosi vandalized over money, the UK denies Julian Assange’s extradition citing suicide risk, the mental and physical health of whistle blowers, why Winston Churchill started painting, RJ thinks solitary confinement is torture, Yale releases manual for psilocybin-assisted therapy, drugs and western civilization, More…

Hoppe on the Lockdowns! Reply

Hans Hermann Hoppe is interviewed by Thomas Jacob, Mises Institute

Thomas Jacob: Professor Hoppe, you are known as a critic of the state and of political centralization. Doesn’t the coronavirus prove that central states and central government regulations are necessary?

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: On the contrary.

Of course, the various central states and international organizations, such as the EU or the World Health Organization (WHO), have tried to use the covid-19 pandemic to their own advantage, i.e., to expand their power over their respective subjects, to try out how far one can go with ordering other people around in the face of an initially vague and then systematically dramatized danger of a global epidemic. And the extent to which this has succeeded, up to and including a general house arrest, is frightening.


Top 4 New Superpowers | Peter Zeihan Reply

Contra Weinstein’s fear of a retreating America giving rise to Russian and Chinese hegemony, Peter Zeihan is skeptical of the future prospects of Russia and China. He regards Russia as a dying civilization with an aging, sickly population for whom two world wars and the Soviet experience sealed their fate. He thinks China’s thousands of years of instability will continue. Instead, Zeihan predicts the powers that will replace US unipolar hegemony will be France, Turkey, Argentina, and Japan, along with more regional conflicts and failed states as US retreat leaves a power vacuum open. Zeihan’s scenario is essentially a return to the 19th century, which will create new opportunities for anarchists.

How Do We Save America? Live with Bret Weinstein Reply

One thing Weinstein argues in this is that the fractiousness of the US would make it harder for the US to project overseas power. I would argue that’s a good thing, obviously, as I think multipolarity is preferable to unipolarity (i.e. less concentrated power, particularly on the global scale, is better than more concentrated power). But Weinstein fears this will embolden Russia and China whom, as a good liberal, he regards as more regressive than US hegemony (and they obviously are by modern Western standards). However, one of the main things that separates me from the conventional left is that I do not regard “Progress Uber Alles” to be the primary value. Avoiding concentrated power is the primary political value (at least most of the time and in most circumstances).

January 6: A Mass Base for Fascism? Reply


As a consequence of Donald Trump’s supporters occupying the Capitol building in Washington, DC after a rally promoting his baseless claims of election fraud, the Republican Party is fracturing, setting the stage for the consolidation of a new bipartisan political center—albeit much further to the right than before. Yet this also paves the way for massive sections of Trump’s base to break away from representative democracy altogether, embracing an explicitly fascist alternative. The events of January 6 offer them martyrs and a revanchist narrative that will serve them for years to come, providing an internal mythos for recruitment and a justification whenever they need to use force.

The events of January 6 will discredit Trump supporters in the eyes of centrists and force some Republicans to shift their allegiances to the center, but they will also push the envelope regarding what is acceptable. This may help the far-right recruit locally countrywide and could normalize similar actions in the future.

But this is not the only danger ahead. In the name of a war against extremism, centrists are going to demand to expand the same machinery of state repression that the next Trump will inevitably use against us. This is essentially what happened in Weimar Germany, setting the stage for the rise of the Third Reich.


U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick, who died after assault on Capitol Reply

By Peter Hermann, Rachel Weiner, Joe Heim, and Tom Jackman, Washington Post

He supported Donald Trump. She supported Hillary Clinton.

But in the midst of the 2016 election, Brian D. Sicknick, an officer with the U.S. Capitol Police, and Caroline Behringer, an adviser for a liberal congresswoman, found common ground.

They met mornings at an entrance to the Capitol, she heading to her office, he protecting those doing the people’s work. They chatted about unwinding in the outdoors and joked about being on opposite sides of the political divide tearing the nation apart.

“There was a shared humanity,” Behringer said, noting, “My job was very much dependent on him keeping me safe.”

Sicknick, a 12-year veteran, died Thursday night, a day after police said he physically engaged with the riotous mob that broke into the Capitol trying to overturn the November election President Trump had lost.


Rush Limbaugh Compares Trump Mob to Founding Fathers Reply

Rush Limbaugh is a total douchebag but he’s closer to the truth here than Hollywood progresso-nerd Sam Sedar and trust fund commie-girl Emma Vigeland. What exactly was the American Revolution if it wasn’t the violent overthrow of an established government that claimed legitimacy by virtue of its mere existence? Sam and Emma in 1776: “We just want the king to give us free healthcare and college tuition!”

What Led America To This Breaking Point? Reply

Contra Krystal, I don’t consider the current “breaking point” to be “horrible.” I grew up in the United States when creeps like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan could get reelected with 49 of 50 states. That doesn’t mean I like Trump or Biden any more than Nixon or Reagan. In fact, both of them could have easily been Nixon Republicans in the 70s (and probably were in everything but name). But what I love is the fragmentation that is taking place and the parallel delegitimization of the state.


A New Paradigm Is Sorely Need Reply

This is an excerpt from something I wrote 18 years ago. I haven’t seen anything yet to change my mind.

The history of human civilization can be divided into three primary phases when considering the evolution of political institutions. The first of these involves an idea that might be described as “the divinity of kings.” In the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, and Rome, the head of state, or emperor, was assigned a god-like status by custom, tradition, law, theology, and popular folklore alike. The early Roman Christians were sent to the lions for the crime of “atheism” which, in the theology of the Roman state religion, meant denial of the divinity of the emperor.  When Christianity went on to conquer Greco-Roman civilization, a new political theology evolved in the form of the “divine right of kings,” meaning that the king ruled, not as a god himself, but as an earthly appointee of a Divine Other who had been providentially chosen to rule in the political realm just as the Pope ruled in the religious realm. A principal achievement of the Enlightenment of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was the demolition of the notion of the divine right of kings. Beginning with the American and French Revolutions of the eighteenth century, a third political paradigm has come to dominate human political life.



On January 7th, individuals and groups connected with the National-Anarchist Movement were permanently removed from Facebook after being wrongly connected to events in Washington D.C. the previous day. Ironically, several hours earlier, many of us had openly distanced ourselves from the riot that took place at the Capitol building – either through our personal accounts, or the N-A forums themselves. However, as a result of one individual seen wearing a N-AM patch outside the building, the mass media began associating us with the protest – from whom Facebook apparently took their cue. Needless to say, we cannot be expected to control the actions of someone who simply ordered this item from the internet. Furthermore, it should be known that in  2016, we expelled two individuals for promoting Donald Trump and attempting to connect us with the so-called ‘Alt-Right’, and even released a statement to that effect. The National-Anarchist Movement remains strongly opposed to right-wing organisations of this kind and openly rejects all forms of racial hatred, white supremacism, fascism and neo-Nazism.

Rioters Were Going to Execute the Vice President 2

Increasingly, the Trump diehards resemble something more like Scientology than a political movement. I started noticing back in the 90s that there was a cultural undercurrent that was combining anti-establishment politics with conspiracies, religion, the occult, pseudo-science, science fiction, pseudo-history, mythology, crank economic and legal theories, crank medicine, (sometimes) racism, and all kinds of other general weirdness. This kind of stuff was normally considered to be “far-right” but it seemed to me at the time that it couldn’t really be categorized as any traditional ideology, and it also included some people with a leftist, libertarian, or minority background as well as the usual right-wing subcultures. It seems to have worked its way into the mainstream nowadays with QAnon and other comparable tendencies.

While I certainly don’t agree with the conventional Trumpism=fascism thesis, I agree that a serious demagogue who was actually competent could manipulate this for nefarious ends. On one hand, such radically anti-system attitudes are necessary, and attacks on the Capitol are just as legitimate from a revolutionary perspective as attacks on local police stations, but the direction they are taken in matters as well. What needs to happen is increasing fragmentation that prevents any one faction from gaining concentrated power, whether Trumpists, the far-left, or anyone else. We don’t want the insurrection of the urban lumpenproletariat to be usurped by the far-left and turned toward actual Jacobinism, Marxism, or Maoism, and we don’t want rebellions by the rural/suburban lumpenproletariat to be usurped by the far-right and turned toward actual fascism or right-wing authoritarianism.

Krystal, Kyle, & Friends: Bhaskar Sunkara 1

Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski interview the founder of The Jacobin. These folks’ politics sound pretty milquetoast for people who claim the Jacobin tradition. It’s like calling your magazine The Bolshevik and then placing all your emphasis on expanding welfare as opposed to full-blown terrorism, which is what the real Jacobin tradition is. And the “government can be your friend” rhetoric in this is annoying as hell. Their entire program seems to be building the left-wing of the Democratic Party (the Squad types). Lame. At one point, this Jacobin guy actually cites Ted Kennedy’s challenge to Jimmy Carter in the 1980s primaries as a model for a progressive challenge to an establishment Democrat (remember, AOC is a former Kennedy staffer). Puke.

The problem I have with these people is they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the state, and they essentially accept the self-legitimating mythology that is maintained by modern states e.g. Hobbes’ social contract theory, Locke’s idea of the “protective state,” Rousseau’s “general will,” the Prussian public administration state, Jacobin mass democracy, the Marxist view of the state as an instrument of class power, the Progressive ideal of a regulatory public interest state, the therapeutic state of the white coat priesthood, scientism, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. I don’t view any of this stuff as any more legitimate than the idea that the state is sacred because it was founded by the demigod Romulus.

These folks are the equivalent of professional class Romans (scribes, artisans, priests, etc.) complaining about how the Emperor is too mean, doesn’t do enough for the starving peasants and lepers, and gets too carried away with the crucifixion thing, while begging for a kinder, gentler Emperor. We need more Spartacuses and Gauls and Etruscans and Zealots, and fewer Emperor-beggars.

45 Percent of Republican Voters Support Storming of Capitol Building: Poll Reply

By James Walker, Newsweek

Almost half of Republicans support the pro-Trump protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, putting them at odds with Democrats who largely oppose the actions of the demonstrators, a poll has found.

The survey released by YouGov on Thursday morning found that 45 percent of Republican voters backed the attack on the Capitol building, while 43 percent said they “strongly or somewhat” opposed the protesters’ behavior.

Six percent of Republicans were unsure while a further 6 percent said they were unaware of the events.

Only one in five independents told pollsters they backed the protests, while more than two-thirds (67 percent) said they were opposed.

Almost three-quarters of all voters (71 percent) either strongly or somewhat opposed the actions of demonstrators, with only a minority (21 percent) saying they supported the storming of the Capitol.

Asked whether they believed the breach of the building was a threat to democracy, 62 percent of all registered voters told YouGov it was. Thirty-two percent said it was not.


Interview With The Weather Underground Organization Reply

An interesting interview with a former leader of the Weather Underground.

The Ground Up United

The GroundUp has a conversation with Mark Rudd, organizer, anti-war activist and counter-culture icon known for his involvement in the irregular military organization the Weather Underground Organization (WUO).

TGU: What were the WUO’s successes and failures with the utilization of violence and destruction?

MR: Our overall goal was to help in the creation of a mass revolutionary movement, one capable of overthrowing the u.s. state. In no way did we push this goal along.

Our more immediate goal was to take some of the pressure off the various national liberation movements both in this country and in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We maybe diverted some tiny amount of resources of the government from the repression they were carrying out internally and [externally in] the war in Vietnam, but that was inconsequential. We destroyed a few bathrooms in public buildings such as police headquarters in NYC, the Pentagon [and] the capitol.


Man pictured in Pelosi’s office is arrested Reply

Some of these folks may want to rethink their aversion to masks.

By Pete Williams and Erik Ortiz and Alex Moe, Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON — A man photographed casually sitting with his foot on a desk in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office at the U.S. Capitol while a pro-Trump mob rampaged the halls of Congress was arrested Friday, law enforcement officials said.

Richard Barnett, 60, of Gravette, Arkansas, was taken into custody in his home state on federal charges of entering and remaining on restricted grounds, violent entry and theft of public property, according to a Department of Justice official. A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Arkansas tells NBC News Barnett was arrested this morning and he’s being held in the Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas, awaiting his initial appearance.

Images, apparently of Barnett, were splashed across social media as the deadly mayhem unfolded in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, just as Democratic and Republican lawmakers convened to count the Electoral College votes. Members of Congress condemned the violence and rioting, which was preceded by a rally led by President Donald Trump who told his supporters to swarm the Capitol in defiance of the election results.


Congress Upset As They’re The Only Criminals Allowed In The Capitol 1

Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congresspeople from both parties condemned the attack on the Capitol that occurred Wednesday, pointing out that they’re the only criminals allowed in the building.

Capitol police removed the unauthorized criminals from the Capitol Building, allowing the officially voted-in criminals to resume operations.

“We would like to remind Americans that we are the only looters allowed in here,” said Nancy Pelosi after order was restored to the House. “Remember, you must show your official congressperson identification to prove you’re an approved looter to get in here. Unauthorized looters will be removed from Capitol grounds.”

“Now, who wants to start some foreign wars?”

After the violent criminals and looters had left the building, Congress resumed voting on acts to inflate our currency, steal more money from Americans, and continue aggression against foreign countries for no reason.