Definitions, Pluralism, Anarchy

The discussion that follows this article is interesting. Anarchist News from Libertarian Labyrinth Constructing Anarchisms: Definitions, Pluralism, Anarchy More Notes for a Preface The Difficulty of Defining Terms One of the ideas driving Constructing Anarchisms has been the notion that “anarchy” and “anarchism” mark problems that it is […]

Laramie, and Rare Earths

Peter Zeihan’s Sinoskepticism is a welcome counter-voice to the present efforts by the US power elite to develop a cold war with China. By Peter Zeihan on September 16, 2021 Concerns are rising over Chinese dominance in the realm of rare earths metals processing. This is a problem that […]

Breaking Points: 9/16/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar break down the California recall results and their broader implications, new polling data on Biden’s covid approval, devastating testimony in the Nassar case, ex-CIA agents spying on Americans, the Nicki Minaj twitter saga, AOC’s controversial Met Gala dress, Gen. Milley’s serious norms violation, pharma backed […]