‘Useful Idiots For Imperialism.’ – Aaron Maté Calls Out Pseudo ‘Left’ ‘Anti-interventionist’ Media

Izzy Award-winning Journalist Aaron Maté (https://twitter.com/aaronjmate) calls out media figures who claim to be Left and “anti-interventionist,” while totally ignoring the intervention in the countries they’re reporting on. Having recently been attacked for reporting from Syria, Maté responds to a segment from The Young Turks and Ana Kasperian […]

Another One Bites the Dust!!

These intra-libertarian civil wars are as funny as their parallels on the left. I’ve never called myself a libertarian. For one thing, orthodox libertarians (the Mises-Hayek-Friedman-Rand-Rothbard) were always too corporation-friendly for my tastes. It doesn’t seem to do much good to oppose the king while lionizing the aristocracy. […]

The Grim Secret of Nordic Happiness

By Jukka Savolainen, Slate It’s not hygge, the welfare state, or drinking. It’s reasonable expectations. Is hygge still a thing? The Danish concept of comfortable conviviality and all things cozy is supposed to capture the essence of Danish culture and has been marketed as the secret for happy […]

What is the Delta variant of COVID?

By Katherine Rodriguez | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com Differing strains of the coronavirus continue to appear and are worrying experts, including the newest one: the highly infectious “Delta variant” of COVID-19. Here is a guide explaining what the “Delta variant” of COVID-19 is, where it originated from, […]

Let the Apes Have Wall Street

By Matt Taibbi The much-publicized war over “meme stocks” drags a longstanding Wall Street ripoff out of the shadows, to hilarious results. On CNBC’s Fast Money last week, anchor Melissa Lee appeared to mention the unmentionable. She was talking with Tim Seymour, CEO of Seymour Asset Management, who […]