Eric Nelson isn’t working alone to defend Derek Chauvin: A police legal fund is backing him up with a dozen lawyers and $1 million

The real problem is that most defendants don’t get nearly the level of “due process” that is provided to cops who are accused of murdering civilians. Most criminal trials are settled through coerced plea bargains with defendants being represented by incompetent and/or overworked public defenders. If all defendants […]

US, China diplomats clash at first summit of Biden presidency The United States and China clashed during the first high-level, in-person meeting of the Biden administration held in Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday with officials from both sides trading barbs at each other. The meeting kicked off with senior American diplomats accusing China of threatening world stability and […]

Google renews attack on YouTube account of Iran’s Press TV Google has for the seventh time targeted Iranian broadcaster Press TV, blocking the English-language news network’s access to its official YouTube account without any prior notice. The US tech giant shut YouTube accounts of Press TV late on Tuesday, citing “violations of community guidelines.” “We have reviewed […]

Is Traditional Liberalism Vanishing?

By Matt Taibbi “Mighty Ira,” a documentary about legendary former ACLU chief Ira Glasser, is simultaneously inspiring and unnerving. There’s a scene at the beginning of Mighty Ira, an elegant and thought-provoking documentary about longtime ACLU director Ira Glasser, where the movie’s eponymous hero walks along the grounds […]

Who is Winning the Culture War?

This is an interesting discussion of the culture wars from a serious left/Marxist perspective.  My viewpoint is that the cultural left has been the hands-down winner on most cultural issues (outside of certain narrow geographical, subcultural, institutional, or socioeconomic sectors). But the economic right has been the hands-down […]

“Removing Pesticides from Our Public Spaces”

Public areas such as parks, playgrounds and schoolyards are routinely sprayed with various chemicals to control insects and plants. Evidence has mounted showing that these chemicals damage human health. Pesticides tend to be used disproportionately in African American communities. These chemicals also have unintended consequences for humans, animals […]

Juxtaposing Anarchy: From Chaos to Cause

By Colin Jenkins Anarchy is synonymous with chaos and disorder. It is a term that stands in direct contrast to the archetype of society we have become accustomed to: hierarchical, highly–structured, and authoritative. Because of this, it carries negative connotations. Merriam–Webster, the consensus source of meaning within the […]

How the WWE Won and Lost its Dominance

It was out-competed by politics and corporate media? By Ben Sixsmith, The American Conservative For decades, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., and its chairman Vince McMahon have dominated professional wrestling. For most casual fans, their business is the business. The company and the pursuit can seem inextricable. It was […]