Speak Me Dangerous Reply

Fed court says to let El Chapo speak publicly is too dangerous.



El Chapo was denied the request to speak in fed court 2 days ago after prosecutors and a US judge agreed on the possibility of El Chapo trying to send Narco Don type “messages to his family,” or something shady. This is CYA for senior management of the Security State: if El Chapo escapes from custody a third time – that would look pretty bad. He’s being kept inside a one man max security bubble with restrictions on him greater than the ones placed on Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. El Chapo isn’t even allowed to be in the same room with his lawyers, although the court did allow him to smile at his 28-year old beauty queen wife and their two twin daughters during the pre-trial. He’s lucky the feds didn’t make him wear a Hannibal Mask in the courtroom.

Americans do love smiley faces.


Thinking Critically About Social Justice 2

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Here’s the money quote:

“Marx proposed that a society’s morality serves the interests of its ruling class, while purporting to be universal. Capitalist societies, he argued, have a morality centred around classical liberal principles such as the sanctity of private property and the freedom from government intervention, combined with religious virtues such as the Protestant work ethic, self-reliance, accepting one’s lot, and expecting to be rewarded in the afterlife. Workers internalise these values as their morality, thus preventing them from questioning the status quo and improving their situation. Instead, they dutifully work hard without complaining, while considering attempts to change the system immoral. Morality is a tool the bourgeoisie uses to ensure that workers act in its interests, rather than in their own.

An analogous claim can be made of a social justice society, it seems to me. This is most obvious in parts of society where social justice ideology is strongest. In those parts of society, values like equality, liberation, and cosmopolitanism aren’t just treated as values—organisations of society that different people prefer to different degrees—they’re considered moral. Consequently, conflicting values are considered immoral: people who value a more competitive society, or a smaller government, or a stronger national identity, or a tougher culture, or more traditional family structures, or less immigration aren’t just regarded as having different values; they’re regarded as bad people.”

By Uri Harris


Yesterday, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a memo written by an attorney, Jayme Sophir, which determined that Google did not violate United States federal law when it fired James Damore. Sophir reasoned that references to psychometric literature on sex differences in personality were “discriminatory and constitute sexual harassment,” and on these grounds, Damore’s firing was justified. Following the release of the NLRB memo, a number of scientists on Twitter expressed alarm at the justifications provided within the memo, which appeared to relegate the discussion of sex differences outside the realm of constitutionally protected speech.



Robert Stark interviews Ashley Messinger Reply

The Stark Truth. Listen here.











Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to ASHLEY MESSINGER. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for Brandon’s AltLeft.com. You can also find Ashley on Twitter.


Why Brandon’s moniker is now “The Left of the AltRight”
Ashley’s political evolution to the Alt Left(Left Wing of the Alt-Right)
Ashley’s disillusionment with the Alt-Right
The immigration and demographic situation in the UK
Radical Islam, the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, and the Rotherham scandal
The ineptitude of right wing politics in the UK
Ashley’s preference for SWPL cultural amenities
Whether there is a large enough demographic for a “Red Pilled” SWPL movement
Misconceptions about English culture
The Thacherite Neo-Liberal de-industrialization of the UK
Ashley’s support for a secular form of Distributism
Luck egalitarianism 
The Signalling Model of Education 
Automation and the Basic Income
The Techno Futurist faction of Neo-Reaction
Effective Altruism
Ashley’s article The Push to Normalize Polonophilia

Idaho House Votes Overwhelmingly to Remove Income Taxation from Gold & Silver 1

By J P Cortez

Boise, Idaho (February 12, 2018) –  The Idaho State House today overwhelming approved a bill which helps restore constitutional, sound money in the Gem State.

State representatives voted 60-9 to pass House Bill 449 sending the measure introduced by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle and Senate Assistant Majority Leader Steve Vick to the Senate for a hearing in the Local Government and Taxation Committee.

Backed by the  Sound Money Defense LeagueIdaho Freedom Foundation, and  Money Metals Exchange, HB 449 is a tax-neutral bill which excludes gains and/or losses on the sale of precious metals coins and bullion from an Idaho taxpayer’s taxable income.


The Fear of the State Reply

Author’s note: This is not an attempt to debunk a Harvard professor’s 800 page book with a 900 word article from an underground WordPress Blog. The decline in violence is obvious, and it is over centuries, but the causes of violence are still with us.

1CBDB358-F736-4AC7-A8BE-4F9E8B6DFEF1Most research shows that we live in a far more peaceful time than previous periods in human history. It’s a complicated topic with a lot of incomplete data for a massively huge period of examination, but the current conventional wisdom follows from Dr. Pinker’s study of the long decline in violence, “The Better Angels of Our Nature.” I agree with Pinker’s specific argument that violence has declined generally, and Pinker does save for a break from the typical 10 o’clock news run about how you might get stabbed to death by some Sureños while walking to your car at night.


Keith Preston: North Korea not likely to attack any country 3

Press TV. Listen here.

North Korea is not likely to attack any of its neighboring countries despite what the United States is trying to imply, says An American political analyst.

Keith Preston, the Virginia-based Director of AttacktheSystem.com, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV about the standoff between Washington and Pyongyang over North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear weapon programs.

US Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday that “there is no daylight” in the standoff although both Koreas were seemingly closer following the North’s agreement to send athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

While many expected the standoff to be toned down, Pence said that nothing had changed and South Korean President Moon Jae-in was also in favor of keeping the North under pressure.

Preston said Sunday that Pyongyang was trying to separate Seoul from Washington.

“Right now, it looks like the North Korean strategy is to try to drive a wedge between the United States and South Korea,” Preston said.

“The North Koreans understand that their ability to negotiate with Americans is not going to be particularly strong at this point so instead I think they are turning In the other direction trying to extend an olive branch to the South Koreans,” he argued.

The analyst said there was no signs that the North was preparing to attack the South or Japan as the US wanted to insinuate.

“North Koreans, I think, are simply about to protect their own position. I don’t think that they really have any ambitions to attack any of these surrounding countries in the region,” he argued.

The analyst predicted, however, that the tensions were going nowhere as none of the two sides was willing to stand back.

“It is unlikely that anything is going to change, most likely the two nations are going to insult each other rhetorically and make rhetorical threats just as they have for decades and that would probably continue for the foreseeable future,” Preston concluded.

Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about Alt-Center Neo-Tribalism Reply

The Stark Truth. Listen here.









Giovanni Dannato blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of APOSTASY and A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


Scarcity of Social Capital Sustains Institutions
The importance of social capital in determining human desires and the general direction of societies
Dissident Success Requires Cities
The impropriety of suffering the presence of the underclasses in cities that rightfully belong to society’s best cooperators
Suburban Populism Beats Rural Traditionalism In Mass Identity Politics
The shifting of alliances in the Middle East and how ethnic struggles there presage the future of US internal politics
The disintegration of the coalition on the fringes
The Alt-Right disillusionment with Trump
The direction of American politics, especially the development of a true “alt-left” from disillusioned Bernie progressives
The emergence of an Alt-Center
The cultural and Class Divides in dissident politics
The importance of culture and aesthetics
Social Status within Counter-Cultures
Sexual Harassment Hysteria Seriously Undermines the Establishment

“Study Death Always” Reply

I enjoyed this.


By James S Romm

Why Seneca’s advice for living centered on dying.


The Death of Seneca, by Manuel Domínguez Sánchez, 1871. Prado Museum

Recent experiments have shown that psilocybin, a compound found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, can greatly reduce the fear of death in terminal cancer patients. The drug imparts “an understanding that in the largest frame, everything is fine,” said pharmacologist Richard Griffiths in a 2016 interview. Test subjects reported a sense of “the interconnectedness of all people and things, the awareness that we are all in this together.” Some claimed to have undergone a mock death during their psychedelic experience, to have “stared directly at death…in a kind of dress rehearsal,” as Michael Pollan wrote in a New Yorker account of these experiments. The encounter was felt to be not morbid or terrifying, but liberating and affirmative.

“In the largest frame, everything is fine.” That sounds very much like the message Lucius Annaeus Seneca preached to Roman readers of the mid-first century, relying on Stoic philosophy, rather than an organic hallucinogen, as a way to glimpse that truth. “The interconnectedness of all things” was also one of his principal themes, as was the idea that one must rehearse for death throughout one’s life—for life, properly understood, is really only a journey toward death; we are dying every day, from the day we are born. In his works of ethical thought, Seneca spoke to his addressees, and through them to humankind generally, about the need to accept death, even to the point of ending one’s own life, with a candor nearly unparalleled in his time or ours.


Science’s Pirate Queen Reply

If you remember: first it was music when P2P file sharing smashed the RIAA/music industry, then torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, KAT, and Limetorrents smashed the MPAA/movie industry. I think Google killed the book publishing industry on accident, and now Alexandra Elbakyan’s Sci-Hub is drilling the academic publishing industry, on purpose. I found this article to be exhausting and almost impossible to read though. It mainly focuses on the money and legal matters and I couldn’t find any mention about how more students, scientists, small startups, and independent researchers having free access to the research papers in their particular fields has been a great thing for progress in science generally. I think it would be impossible to get a head-count on the number of important connections, discoveries, or even major break throughs that have been made as a result of the removal of the barrier to entry and the ability to read a scientific paper without having to pay 30 bucks-plus a piece. If you ask me, Elbakyan may be one of the most important women of the early century.

By Ian Graber-Stiehl

Alexandra Elbakyan is plundering the academic publishing establishmen

In cramped quarters at Russia’s Higher School of Economics, shared by four students and a cat, sat a server with 13 hard drives. The server hosted Sci-Hub, a website with over 64 million academic papers available for free to anybody in the world. It was the reason that, one day in June 2015, Alexandra Elbakyan, the student and programmer with a futurist streak and a love for neuroscience blogs, opened her email to a message from the world’s largest publisher: “YOU HAVE BEEN SUED.”

It wasn’t long before an administrator at Library Genesis, another pirate repository named in the lawsuit, emailed her about the announcement. “I remember when the administrator at LibGen sent me this news and said something like ‘Well, that’s… that’s a real problem.’ There’s no literal translation,” Elbakyan tells me in Russian. “It’s basically ‘That’s an ass.’ But it doesn’t translate perfectly into English. It’s more like ‘That’s fucked up. We’re fucked.’”


The Bankruptcy of the American Left 2

Kudos to Chris Hedges. This is as good an analysis as I would ever expect from someone on the Left. This is a fairly straightforward Marxist analysis within a social democratic ideological framework. But he knows who the real enemy is.

By Chris Hedges



Origins of the police – David Whitehouse 2

How we got into this mess.


“Disunite and Be Dominated!” 1

Baraka was one of the great American black nationalist writers of the 20th century. His point is this statement is what I have always said as well. Merely promoting demographic conflict helps rather than hurts the system. Look at how easily the system has coopted anti-racism, feminism, gay rights, etc. over the past few decades. Look at what a joke Trumpism has turned out to be. But someone who favors abolishing the system for real is a genuine threat. The entire panoply of “extremist” tendencies in North America, including SJWs, Antifa, Anarcho-leftoids, Alt-Right/Lite, Neo-Nazis, and “Patriots” seem incapable of comprehending this.

Image result for baraka amiri white people capitalism

Sheikh Nimr’s Execution Proof of Saudi Regime’s Genocide Policy against Shiites Reply

A recent interview I did with Tasnim.

کیث پرستون

The following is the full text of the interview. Available here.

Tasnim: Recently, Saudi troops fatally shot a youth during operations carried out in the kingdom’s Shiite-populated Qatif region in Eastern Province. He was killed while driving in his car in the town of al-Awamiyah. What is your take on the kingdom’s continued crackdown on  Shiites?

Preston: The current treatment of the Shiite citizens of Saudi Arabia is an escalation of the longstanding Saudi practice of severe repression against the Shiite community. The Shiites are approximately 10-15% of the Saudi population and are concentrated heavily in the Eastern Province. The Shiites face serious discrimination in virtually every area of Saudi society including employment, education, access to government services, the military, and freedom of religious practice. Recently, Shiites have been subjected to random shootings by the Saudi state security forces simply for leaving their homes. Shiite neighborhoods have been targeted for demolition, and Shiites are rarely allowed to build mosques of their own. Saudi repression of the Shiites has continued to escalate because of the Saudi regime’s desire to completely eliminate Shiite influence or the Shiite presence in the region. The domestic repression against Shiites is taking place in Saudi Arabia for the same reason that Saudi Arabia is waging war against the Shiite community in Yemen. These actions are all part of an orchestrated plan of genocide that is being carried out by the Saudi regime.

Tasnim: Saudi media accused him of “carrying out terrorist acts” against the regime. This is while he was identified as a regular citizen. It seems that Riyadh is after the silent genocide of all Shiites in the Arabian Peninsula. What do you think?

Preston: The genocide that is taking place against the Shiites in Saudi Arabia as well as in Yemen is rooted in two primary objectives. One is the ambition of the House of Saud to eliminate any influence of Iran in the region. It is Iran that is the primary bulwark against efforts by Saudi Arabia to gain complete hegemony in the Persian Gulf region. The Saudi regime believes that committing genocide against the Shiites will undermine the influence of Iran. The other objective involves the ambition of the Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia to achieve a complete domination of religious life in the region while eliminating those who practice other faith traditions. The combined geopolitical ambitions of the House of Saud and the religious ambitions of the Wahhabi clerics have led to a genocidal attack on Shiite people in the region.


“Anti-Imperialism” vs. “Anti-Fascism”: A Brewing Rivalry on the Left? 5

The source for this extended essay is somewhat dubious, but its content is interesting nevertheless. This kind of writing seems to have become increasingly common in some far left circles. A serious rivalry seems to be brewing between the “anti-imperialist” and “anti-fascist” camps among the far left. The anti-imperialist far left tends to be Stalinist or Maoist oriented, or at least has its roots in all that, and favors supporting anti-imperialist (or at least anti-Western imperialist) regimes worldwide. However, a problem is that anti-imperialist regimes tend to be socially and culturally conservative (which is true of the developing world generally). The Western Left has made “anti-cultural conservatism” into its primary issue in recent decades. While the anti-imperialist far left emphasizes opposition to Western/American hegemony, the Western Left (which some far left anti-imperialists described as the “colonial left”) emphasizes cultural leftism, with so-called “anti-fascism” being the most extreme example of this. So the issue seem to come to down who the different factions of the far left regard as a greater enemy, Western imperialism on one hand, or things like “fat phobia” on the other hand. Another complication is that sectors of the “far right” have adopted a view of international relations that is almost identical to that of the anti-imperialist Left. So the far right and far left end up at largely the same place on foreign policy issues, which is an outrage to the left-wing camps that regard anti-fascism, anti-cultural conservatism, anti-rightwingism, etc. to be their primary value. For those uninterested in reading the whole essay, a decent summary is offered here.


An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left

Originally posted on Ravings of a Radical Vagabond this is a comprehensive summary of Third Positionist fascist currents old and new, and the successful insertion of their ideas into leftist milieus and alternative media outlets.

Note for safety purposes: this post will contain links to far-right pages for documentation and sourcing purposes, and any link to such a page will be in bold and italic, such as this.

Note: Several revisions were made to this post between its initial publication and its present re-publication, and therefore there might be significant differences between its present form and quotes from its original version, such as in Tendance Coatesy‘s boosting of this post and commenting it (which I highly encourage reading).

This long post started as an investigation about the Left and Syria which I started after I read the Sol Process blog’s publicati0n of three posts concerning shady pro-Assad sources used in leftist circles (which can be read here: part I, part II, part III), and which later expanded into a more extensive investigation. I also thank the acknowledgement of my blog post by Russia Without BS, whose blog was helpful in the initial stages of my research.


The Alt-Right is Gay 5



One thing about European New Right philosophy that I think is right is that America is a completely separate culture and civilization from Europe even if it is a derivitive in many ways. Interestingly, North American New Righters try to be more European culturally and intellectually even if many of them are Americans by birth and citizenship. That said, as the demographic change continues and whites become just another minority I don’t see how white nationalists will not become even weirder to most Americans or not be a right wing version of the creepy cross dressing homo plastic surgery freaks of leftist identity politics groups with their own bizarre subcultures and idiosyncracies. I am just not convinced that a high brow, intellectual, racialist counter culture is going to achieve intellectual hegemony in US cultural institutions and then trickle down from the Alternative Bourgeoisie to the white masses to forma zee Eudapean Amedikin Etno Homozexuelle State.


Keith Preston: Guantanamo used by US to go around torture laws Reply

Press TV. Listen here.

It is no surprise that US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to keep open the Guantanamo Bay prison, says a political analyst in Virginia, adding that Guantanamo is being used to go around US torture laws. 

“This is entirely consistent with what he was saying during his electoral campaign, Donald Trump has always taken a hawkish position,” says Keith Preston, chief editor of AttacktheSystem.com.



A Former Alt-Rightist Calls Out the Alt-Right 2

I have no way of personally verifying whether the claims made in this piece are true or not, but multiple sources from alt-right circles have said much of what is being said here is correct, with a couple of exceptions

From Reddit

So this is so something I’ve had mulling in my head for some time now and I just really wanted to get my thoughts out there. I feel like it would be healthier. Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I am a former white supremacist who helped organize the Charlotessville rally. My actions have destroyed the lives of countless people and lead to the death of a young woman.

I suppose I should start from the beginning so there is a little better context about my involvement. My beginnings as a white supremacist began a few years back when I first stumbled upon a podcast called “The Daily Shoah”. For those who don’t know, this is probobly the largest alt-right podcast out there, run by Mike Penovich and Jesse Dunstan (better known as Mike Enoch and Seventh Son) of “therightstuff.biz”. At first, I didn’t even take what was being said to heart. It was mostly just dark entertainment, but after having their words filling my ears for hours at a time every week, I began to actually take what they were saying to heart. I think when a lot of people imagine what turns people into white supremacist, they think of a middle aged bike gang member bruning crosses, but I was just a young college student who thought the N word was funny. It took a few weeks, but I soon internalized their arguments.


The Alt-Right: Just Another High School Clique 2

I don’t share this guy’s politics, but his criticisms of the direction the Alt-Right has taken seems fairly accurate. Sorry, but I just don’t see these guys overthrowing any states, ruling classes, or empires. Instead, they’ve become the mirror image of the Left. If the Left could be considered a kind of cool kids’ club that’s about achieving status by means of virtue signaling, victimology, and progressive stacking, the Alt-Right has become the “revenge of the nerds,” i.e. a cool kids’ club for the uncool kids.

[Btw, here’s a somewhat interesting piece by an Antifa writer outlining a strategy for ensuring that the cool kids’ club remains exclusive to cool kids. The history that is outlined in this seems fairly accurate. What she’s calling for is left unity against both the elite and the far right, and in a way that is predictably completely uncritical or non-reflective when it comes to problems with the Left.]

Neither Statism Nor Corporatism Reply

A big debate exists between “free market” conservatives and libertarians, and leftists, socialists, progressives, etc. over “Who is worse? Governments or corporations?”

I am somewhere between the Marxists and the Libertarians on this. I agree with Libertarians that states have powers that private institutions typically do not have, like raising mass armies through conscription and taxes, police, prisons, capital punishment, nuclear weapons,etc. Even the largest, scummiest corporations like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Pepsi, etc. do not have that kind of power generally. However, corporations have power that normal “private institutions” do not have. Amazon is not the same thing as a Star Wars Fan Club.

Corporations do not have the direct coercive powers of states, like the power of arrest and incarceration, but they do have the means of economic compulsion. The choice of whether or not to eat, have a roof over your head, or have healthcare is not on the level of whether to go to the Baptist or Methodist church, or join a chess club or the Cub Scouts. Corporations and banks are the economic arm of the state. The two can’t be separated as easily as both leftists and rightists seem to believe. The president, Congress, courts, state and city governments, corporations, banks, military, police, prison, media, educational system, NGOs, think tanks, foundations,etc are all part of the same ruling class/power elite apparatus.

Again, both leftists and rightists seem to miss this point, which demonstrates, IMO, a serious lack of knowledge and education about how “our system” actually works. My first year sociology students are more informed about this after reading the chapter on political sociology in the textbook and listening to my lecture on the topic (assuming they are in class, awake, sober and paying attention which is an awfully big and generally unreasonable assumption) than many seemingly serious political thinkers are.

Without the laws protecting the currency monopoly, we would not have the loansharking operations known as banks in their present form. Without eminent domain, transportation subsidies, and a range of other things, superstores like Wal-Fart would not be able to undercut local business on the level they do. Without transportation subsidies eo-commerce firms like Amazon would not be able to undercut conventional book sellers as easily. Without military protection of Coke’s and Pepsi’s mining operation in Latin America and Africa, they would have been expropriated by locals decades ago. Without intellectual property law, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Microsoft would be toast. Without imperialist, mercantilist “free trade” being imposed on the developing word, not to mention subsidies to agribusiness plantations, the fast food giants like McDonald’s would be less able to compete with local farmers and traditional restaurants. There are many other examples but the point has been made.

The State: History’s Greatest Scam Reply

One of the most successful scams in history is the way that states and ruling classes have been able to persuade ordinary people that their own overlords are their friends rather than their enemies. The truth is that if you’re an American, the American state is your worst enemy, not some foreign state. If you’re British, the British state is your worst enemy. If you’re Chinese, the Chinese state is your worst enemy. If you’re Russian, the Russian state is your worst enemy. There might be rare historical exceptions to this (the occupation of surrounding nations by the Third Reich and USSR in the 20th century is an obvious example), but those are the exceptions rather than the rule. There can also be situations where a foreign state is more your friend than your own state. Vietnam’s liberation of Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge in 1979 is an obvious example. Herman Goering got it right:

“Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

— Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

I have long believed that the most important political questions is actually a matter of social psychology. Why are people so susceptible to the promptings of authority figures, leaders, and groupthink? There have been some interesting studies on this (Milgram, Zimbardo, Asch, Jones, etc). As Arthur Koesler said:

“…a series of fundamental misconceptions…which prevented (man) from learning the lessons of the past, and…now put his survival in question. The first of these..is putting the blame for man’s predicament on his selfishness, greed, etc.; in a word, on the aggressive, self-assertive tendencies of the individual…I would like to suggest that the integrative tendencies of the individual are incomparably more dangerous than his self-assertive tendencies.”

–Arthur Koestler

Hobbes had it backward. The problem is not how to control the assertive human ego, but how to overcome the overdeveloped human tendency towards subservience, obedience, and gullibility to scams perpetrated by power elites.