National Guard, Now Authorized to Use Live Ammo, Flood America’s Streets Reply

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, Great Depression Two, the current joke of an election campaign, and now the uprising, is a military dictatorship on the way? It looks like the whole system is failing.

By Alan McLeod

MintPress News

The national security state and the military are joining forces with the police and national guard to counter the nationwide protest movement that has exploded since the police killing of unarmed black man George Floyd on Monday.

In response to the police capitulation in Minneapolis, leaving their precinct to be burned down, Minnesota governor Tim Waltz has called on the National Guard to put down the revolt. Already deployed in multiple states, over 10,000 guardsmen are scheduled to flood Minneapolis streets, representing the first time in its 164-year history that the organization has been fully mobilized. They have been authorized to carry live ammunition. While Waltz’s actions might appear drastic, it appears he is actually a moderating influence, as Washington is pushing him to put active duty military on the streets.


Camden Police Department marches in solidarity with protestors Reply

Apparently, some cops are defecting to “the other side.”

FOX29 Philadelphia

A very different scene and approach to the protests witnessed in recent days was observed in Camden.

In a show of solidarity with protestors, the Camden County Police Department marched alongside activists seeking justice and change.

In one photo, Chief Joseph Wysocki is captured marching along with residents during Saturday’s protests.

The photo, which was shared on Twitter, was captioned: “Standing together with the residents we serve to remember and honor George Floyd.”


‘We want to be with y’all’: Michigan sheriff leads law enforcement to march alongside protesters Reply

By Austin Williams

FOX 29

As demonstrations condemning the death of George Floyd continue across the U.S., some local officers and deputies are being praised for crossing the lines and participating in the protests.

Marchers in Flint Township, Michigan, arrived at a police station where Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson — responding to chants of “Walk with us! Walk with us!” — said, “Come on!” and joined the protest.


Rioters destroy police vehicles, loot stores in West Philadelphia Reply

Footage was taken of people stealing cop cars and using them for bumper cars.

FOX29 Philadelphia

Crowds of people in West Philadelphia are vandalizing police vehicles and looting stores as riots continue throughout the city in response to the death of George Floyd.

SKYFOX flew over the scene which showed rioters smashing and setting fire to police cruisers at 52nd and Market Streets.


De Blasio now says some ‘anarchist’ protesters are local amid continued defense of NYPD Reply

When are anarchists going to learn that neoliberals are just as much the enemy as anyone on the Right?

By Michelle Bocanegra


NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday blamed an organized group of anarchists for inciting violence and vandalism amid protests over the killing of George Floyd, but conceded some were from the city and the neighborhoods where demonstrations were happening — a shift from his message Saturday night.

“Some come from outside the city. Some are from inside the city,” he said. “Some are from the neighborhoods where the protests take place, some are not. But what we do know is there is an explicit agenda of violence and it does not conform with the history of this city in which we have always honored non-violent protests.”

Only hours before, on Saturday night, the mayor insisted the threat of violence was coming from “out of town” demonstrators, many of whom are “not from communities of color” and have a “warped ideology” that leads them to “harming working people who are police officers.”


What Is Antifa, the Movement Trump Wants to Declare a Terror Group? 1

Notice the hammer and sickle. Once again, left-anarchists are getting overrun by Bolshies. When are left-anarchists going to start heeding Bakunin?

By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and

New York Times

Anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in protest at an alt-right rally in Portland, Ore., last year.

Seeking to assign blame for the protests that have convulsed cities across the country this week, President Trump said on Sunday that the United States would designate antifa, the loosely affiliated group of far-left anti-fascism activists, a terrorist organization.

The president’s critics noted, however, that the United States does not have a domestic terrorism law and that antifa, a contraction of the phrase “anti-fascist,” is not an organization with a leader, a defined structure or membership roles.

Rather, antifa is more of a movement of activists whose followers share a philosophy and tactics. They have made their presence known at protests around the country in recent years, including the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.


Because Imperialists Rape: Anarcha-Feminism In the Ashes of the MeToo Era 6

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

The MeToo Movement died last month. It bled out slowly as it limped to the barn. It’s hard to say who the triggerman was behind the coup de grace, but it wasn’t Joe Biden. That derelict beast is anything but a feminist and this wound was clearly self-inflicted. My guess is the artery was severed by Nancy Pelosi during a press conference when she uttered the appalling epitaph, “Joe Biden is Joe Biden.”, officially declaring the unspoken hypocrisy that certain rapists are above the law by divine right of political convenience.

Nancy is hardly the reliable feminist herself, but at that moment she appeared to be speaking for a movement that had collectively sacrificed its conscience, in some sick ritual slaughter, to the gods of partisan lesser-evilism. One by one, the majority of this grassroots movement’s leadership capitulated to these gods, responding to the testimony of their fellow survivor, Tara Reade, with a shrug at best and outright character assassination at worst. Rose McGowan seemed to stand alone again in her rage and indignation, this time abandoned by her own sisters. I feel her rage. Though this is hardly the first time the movement was ambushed by white cis-gender liberals and it probably wont be the last, I have never been more ashamed to be a feminist.


150 Years Ago, a Philosopher Showed Why It’s Pointless to Start Arguments on the Internet Reply

Good old John Stuart Mill.

By Olivia Goldhill


Wildly inaccurate facts and spurious arguments are unavoidable features of social media. Yet no matter how infuriatingly wrong someone is, or just how much counter-evidence you have at your disposal, starting arguments on the internet rarely gets anyone to change their mind. Nearly a century-and-a-half ago, British philosopher John Stuart Mill explained, in a few clear sentences, why certain arguments simply won’t go anywhere. As historian Robert Saunders notes, Mill’s analysis neatly applies to heated and futile internet debates.

Screenshot_2020-02-04 Robert Saunders on Twitter John Stuart Mill explains, in 1869, why you can never win an argument on t[...].png


How the Rich Reacted to the Bubonic Plague Has Eerie Similarities to Today’s Pandemic 1

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

By Kathryn McKinley

The Conversation

The coronavirus can infect anyone, but recent reporting has shown your socioeconomic status can play a big role, with a combination of job security, access to health care and mobility widening the gap in infection and mortality rates between rich and poor.

The wealthy work remotely and flee to resorts or pastoral second homes, while the urban poor are packed into small apartments and compelled to keep showing up to work.

As a medievalist, I’ve seen a version of this story before.


Preserve Architecture, But Smash the State 1

I’m actually in favor of preserving historic architecture. Preferably, anarchist or anarchist-friendly militias and guerrillas would simply surround these places, order their inhabitants to leave, never to come back. These landmark architectural structures can then serve as museums that chronicle and memorialize the depravity of the past.

Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎You Are Burning Down All Of Internal Revenue S Se ervice Building The רחה Wrong Buildings‎'‎

Attacking and burning police stations is important and necessary, the equivalent of taking out enemy military bases during a time of war. Police buildings are rarely, if ever, of any historic or architectural value.

Minneapolis Police Station is burning - YouTube

Protestors in Nashville set the courthouse apparently set the courthouse ablaze. While courthouses can sometimes have historical or architectural value, attacking courthouses is a necessary component of attacking the civilian wing of the police state. The police would be nothing without civilian judges and prosecutors backing them up. The prosecutorial and carceral states fundamentally overlap with the police state.

State of emergency in Nashville | The Islander | Kingscote, SA

It goes without saying that attacking places like Target and McDonald’s, i.e. retail and fast-food sweatshops, is an essential aspect of striking a blow against the ruling class and imperialism, with “looting” representing much-needed reparations and a properly constituted “stimulus” or “bailout.”

Fires blaze and looters rampage during second night of Minneapolis ...

Anyone Can Be a Victim of the Police State 1

Both of these memes make some important points. Anyone, from any socioeconomic or demographic group, can be a victim of the police state. Numerically, there may be more white victims, because whites are the largest group (about 60-70% of the US population). But, per capita, it is blacks, Native Americans, and Hispanics who are more likely to be attacked by the police, which in turn overlaps with class differences, because these ethnic communities are more likely to be poor.

A brown/black person is statistically more likely to be a victim of the police state, all other variables being equal. A poor person is more likely than a middle-class person. A member of a fringe culture (hippies, punks, Goths, etc) is more likely than a yuppie-type. A person with fringe religious or political affiliations more likely than someone with mainstream affiliations. A drug user more so than an alcohol consumer. A sexual minority (ranging from transpeople to sex workers) more so than a “straight” person.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

This really is an issue that transcends virtually all other divisions.

A religious fundamentalist (or any kind of religious minority from Wiccans to Sikhs to Jehovah’s Witnesses to Scientologists) should remember the massacre that was carried out against the Branch Davidian sect by the feds at Waco in 1993.

A white nationalist/separatist should remember the murders of the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge in 1992.

A black nationalist/separatist should remember the massacre of the MOVE in 1985.

No one who has ever participated in any of the various drug cultures should have any sympathy for the cops.


Direct Action Wins Again 1

Good work. This guy would have been sitting duck. Not only would another pointless murder have occurred, but the political/racial antagonisms would have intensified.

Image may contain: one or more people

This officer got separated from other officers and this group of protestors created a human shield to protect him.

Trudeau: Canadians watching US unrest and police violence in ‘shock and horror’ Reply

A Canadian once said that being Canadian and living to the north of the USA is like living above neighbors with a meth lab in their apartment. Although Canada is not the “liberal” permissive society that many Americans think it is. I witnessed a riot in Toronto in 1988 where the cops were just as brutal as any US cops. When Justin’s father was Prime Minister in the 1970s, he imposed martial law in response to uprisings by Quebecois separatists. Canada did not even get a bill of rights until 1982.

By Leyland Cecco

The Guardian

Canadians are watching unrest and police violence in the United States in “shock and horror”, Justin Trudeau said on Friday – but the prime minister cautioned that his country also has entrenched problems with racism.


On Misrepresenting One’s Opponents 2

At long as I have known of national-anarchism, I have considered it be to a legitimate, interesting, and important form of anarchism. If other anarchists feel different, fine. The venerable anarchist principles of voluntary association and decentralization are our collective way around such conflicts.

“We do not consider ourselves ‘nationalists’ in the usual sense and the tribalism we espouse is a far cry from recognising existing borders and boundaries like France, Italy and Germany, or indulging ourselves in the jingoistic patriotism that merely reinforces oppressive states and regimes. As for the supremacist issue, we are completely and utterly opposed to that kind of thing and having a particular skin colour or certain other characteristics is not a mark of superiority or inferiority. Incidentally, I would argue that most people in National-Anarchist circles these days have joined us from the left. They trust us, and rightly so. As I always say to people, we have actually unmade more fascists than you can shake a stick at, but we need to remember that the things we actually DO stand for present an enormous challenge to the liberal-left (and the right, come to that), so if they can smear us at the slightest opportunity, they will. The means always justify the ends for these characters and they don’t care whether they are misrepresenting others if they consider them to be serious political rivals.” -Troy Southgate

Image may contain: text

Red vs. Blue on Blue vs. Black and White Reply

These memes make some very important points in the sense that people of virtually all ethnic and even socioeconomic backgrounds can be victims of police brutality, whose ranks include everyone from mayors, professional athletes, suburban teenagers, upper-middle-class white women, active-duty military personnel and off-duty cops, to the poorest people who are homeless or living in urban housing projects. But obviously, it is the poorest and most disadvantaged people who are the most likely to be the recipients of this kind of treatment.

Unfortunately, when middle/upper-middle-class people hear about these incidents, they tend to dismiss them as the actions of rogue individuals while failing to recognize the institutionalized and systemic issues involved. The lower middle class tends to be socially conservative and pro-“law and order” because their class position is tenuous and they don’t want crime or disorder threatening what they have. But the very poor, particularly in densely populated urban areas where police brutality is the most common, experience police brutality the most frequently and recognize its institutional function, and do not simply attribute it to a few bad apples here and there. And the very poor in urban areas tend to be disproportionately black, often by a wide margin. Hence, the discrepancy depicted in the memes.


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'If the image on the left makes you angry but you have no idea what the image on the right is congratulations! The media has told you that police brutality is only a black problem and you believed Maybe try being equally outraged when a non black person is murdered by cops? @TDOM OLIS'

White House Locked Down as Police Scuffle With Protesters Demanding Trump Resignation Reply

This should happen with every presidential administration. An important question is this: Would the protests at the White House be taking place if Biden were President? Probably not, even though Biden is more personally responsible for the present American police state than Trump. Trump has merely inherited a system that Biden, Bill Clinton, the Bush family, Ronald Reagan, etc. helped to create.

By Jeffery Martin


The White House was placed on lockdown Friday as protesters gathered outside its gates as part of a nationwide spate of demonstrations against the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd.


Why We Need the Right to Bear Arms Reply

An anarchist in Minneapolis writes:

“Both protesters/rioters and police/national guard are currently roaming south Minneapolis with firearms, including machine guns. There have been reports of shots fired. Both sides seem to be highly mobile, with groups forming and dissolving in a very fluid way.”

An illustration of why civilians need the right to bear arms, including military-grade weaponry and not just hunting rifles and handguns.