Breaking Points: 7/26/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar look at the polling data on the Biden presidency, Tucker Carlson’s spying claim, Pentagon budget increase, Andrew Cuomo getting let off, Hunter Biden’s art sales, incompetent vaccine politics, what the corporate press ignores, and more! You can now watch the video from your Supercast member […]

The West’s cultural revolution is over

Exactly. “Social Justice” is just the latest rendition of social conservatism/bourgeois morality. Social conservatism isn’t static. It changes relative to time and place like anything else. Even the staunchest 1950s-style American social conservative was a flaming liberal compared to a medieval Catholic social conservative or an ancient Roman […]

Autonomous Mexico

By Thaddeus Russell, Reason What happened when some indigenous people took their lands back from the state. I first heard about the autonomous movements in Mexico from my anarcho-communist college buddies in the early 1990s. They loved the idea of indigenous people taking up arms and seizing control […]

Betrayal, Vengeance, and the Anarchist Ideal: Virgilia D’Andrea’s Radical Antifascism in (American) Exile, 1928–1933

By Lorenza Stradiotti A contribution to histories of women in the interwar transnational antifascist movement, particularly radical exiles, we focus on VirgiliaD’Andrea, a noted Italian anarchist exile from fascist Italy who spent her final exile in New York, 1928–33. An intellectual, writer-poet, and orator belonging to a small […]

Transnational Feminism’s Radical Past: Lessons from Italian Immigrant Women Anarchists in Industrializing America

By Jennifer Guglielmo This article examines the activism of working-class Italian immigrant women anarchists in the United States as a window into the world of early-twentieth-century transnational feminism. Emerging from a diasporic, multiethnic network of labor radicals, the women in this movement did not seek inclusion within the […]

The Darkness Visible In China

By Andrew Sullivan And the realism that requires we live with it. There’s a story in a recent Atlantic memoir by a Uyghur refugee that lingers in the mind. The Chinese authorities in Xinjiang Province now regard the possession of any religious literature, including the Koran, as prima […]

The Luke Harding Experiment

By Matt Taibbi Eight days ago, on July 15th, The Guardian published an apparent bombshell by reporting curiosity Luke Harding and two other writers, entitled, “Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in White House.” The paper claimed to have gotten hold of “leaked Kremlin […]

The Trillion-Dollar Lie

By Matt Taibbi Universities built palaces and financiers made fortunes in part through a lie: that student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. But a series of court cases is helping unravel the scam. Stefanie Gray explains why, as a teenager, she was so anxious to leave her […]