The Neocons: Exit Stage Left?

By Matt Purple, The American Conservative Before the current realignment but after the one Karl Rove tried to engineer, there was yet another attempt to realign American politics. A small crew of antiwar Republicans wanted to push the neoconservatives out of the party and maybe even over to […]

Anarchist Anti-Imperialism

Anti-imperialism is a means of attacking concentrated power generally, breaking up empires, and attacking the largest states, which are usually the worst states in terms of their overall level of predation. The proliferation of more countries is a stepping stone toward abolishing states generally. However, is that sometimes […]


This is a fairly interesting report from the Counter-Extremism Project which provides a generally accurate view of the “far-left” in the US. Read the report here.  As a caveat, the Counter Extremism Project is a systemist group associated with former high-ranking government officials. Their objective is to legitimize […]

The false narrative of white supremacists doing mass public shootings: Racial, Gender, Religious and Political views of these killers from 1998 through January 2021

The state, ruling class, and media are trying to spin the narrative that there is a white supremacist insurgency in order to turn the “war on terrorism” inward. Crime Prevention Research Center Entertainment television continually provides a false impression of those who commit mass public shootings and how […]