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Last week, after the atrocities in Israel were broadcast to the entire world, I made the following post on Substack Notes:

“Everyone here should know that I’m Jewish. I never tried to hide it and was always vocal about it.

About a decade ago, I found myself in a scene of people who were very anti-Semitic, as we all shared the common goal of overthrowing the globalist establishment. For this reason, I ignored a lot of the anti-Semitism around me because I knew I could hold my own as a Jewish dissident and set a positive example for others like me.

I never wanted acceptance or attention from people who hated me. My views were extremely vanguardist, and I was always public about who I was and what I stood for. Nevertheless, I am writing this as I witness many people from my old community finally coming around.

What Hamas has done has turned many of the people who once thought I was some designated opposition media shill into Israel supporters. They have become less anti-Semitic after witnessing the actions of these disgusting rapists and terrorists.

I wish I had the time to turn this all into a piece, but I am so tied down by annoying real life stuff right now. If I get some more paid subscribers, maybe I will make it happen. There is a lot that I need to get out.”

Someone who called themselves Samara the Harbinger responded by telling me that they would like to get my opinion on a piece of theirs about this series of horrific events. Since I didn’t have the time to write my own piece, I asked them to become a paid subscriber if they wanted my detailed opinion. Instead, they decided to pay me to engage in a public dialogue about the matter.

I agreed to their offer, realizing that I could start doing this as a side hustle, taking things up a notch by offering Public Dialogues to people who decided to become founding members of The Cultural Futurist. So, here’s how this works: I will publicly respond to anything that you send me in the form of a Public Dialogue if you become a founding member of my publication.

You can also become a paid subscriber which will incentivize me to write new and original pieces while giving you entrance to my private salons. This will put me in lovely spirits. Yet today, I’m going to post my first commissioned Public Dialogue to The Cultural Futurist. I hope you enjoy the ride.



Dear Rachel, 

First of all I wanted to thank you for allowing me to use your publication to express more of my views on the developing situation in Israel. The events unfolding in Israel and Palestine are incredibly disturbing. There has been so many disturbing news stories come out from alternative media that make my head spin, although, the most disgusting one is that of the Hamas beheading babies in Israel. This story, if true, and it would not be far off from what Hamas sponsors, would be the most horrific example of a modern day massacre of the Holy Innocents. As Jesus said in Matthew 18:6, But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


The pleasure is mine. I’m one of those people who supports freedom of speech and expression no matter who it’s coming from. I grew up in a conservative Jewish family in which freedom of expression was looked down upon, so I became very counterculture and took an anything goes approach to life, going as far as to associate with people who others of my heritage wouldn’t touch with a hazmat suit. Freedom of association was also very important to me. I unfortunately believe that the beheading story is true, as I know that Hamas had been planning this attack for a while and had been waiting for the right time to strike. I also fear that things are going to get much worse for everyone involved.


The Israeli-Palestinian War has made many people show their true colors. The Leftist bees have begun to buzz after being ordered to support Hamas by their Marxist overlords, the Neo-Con Warhawks are screeching for new prey, the MAGA elephants are too busy stampeding through the swamp to care, and the Far Rights pantheon of zoo animals are hard to hear for many because they are being oddly silent, which is the most worrying realization. 


I could not agree with you more about how wretched these groups are. Hamas-loving leftists, war-hungry neocons, MAGA-politico wannabes, and far-right imbeciles are all just one and the same: collectivists. I’m not a fan of collectivists no matter what their ideology is. I’m an individualist to the core. It’s best not to assign yourself to a group but to define yourself on your own terms, refuse all labels, or create your own labels that mock the entire label game. The rules of collectivists (liberals, all of them!) will always be shifting, and the original founders will always become displaced (colonized, mind you) by the new groups who astroturf the original movements. I’m actually glad that this conflict has brought out the true colors of these people. That’s the only positive thing about it.


I do not hate any of Gods Children but that doesnt mean I wont judge them fairly. And there are many like me that wish not for the death of the ignorant. For many Jews do not known the truth, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Although I dont know exactly where you lined up in the past I can tell you that on the right, the anti-establishment” crowd isnt actually anti-establishment, they are just anti-this-establishment”. All human beings may want a certainty of freedom and liberty, endowed to us by our creator, however, we often end up becoming tribal and xenophobic, that the other may do us harm.

Although I dont think we will agree on any of it, at least you can use this to understand the historical problem that the Jewish people face, the political issue that they face, and the unfortunate truth about the Holy Land. 


I agree with most of what you have said, especially the part about how the anti-establishment crowd on the right is not actually anti-establishment. The same is true for the left. Both sides are corrupt, both sides feel powerless, both sides fancy themselves to be against the establishment, and both sides would easily become the establishment if they had the chance. Yet in reality, the only thing they are against is themselves and each other. “The establishment” is, after all, composed of people. Anarchist philosopher Max Stirner would call it a “spook.” In other words, a completely abstract concept that holds no meaning.

Yet here is where we differ: I do not “know that Jesus Christ is Lord.” I wouldn’t know this even if I were not of Jewish descent. I’m what you’d call a radical agnostic. I believe that anything is possible, but I’m also skeptical of everything. I wouldn’t believe that Jesus Christ was Lord if I were Aryan either, but I also wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t. I wouldn’t claim to know one way or another. Nevertheless, I went to Israel for my birthright trip, and am aware of the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land and its biblical connotations.


The Religio-Historical Reality

Rachel, as a devout and zealous servant of the Lord, you will find no anti-Semitic rhetoric or feelings from me. For Christ was a Jew, and thus I am not one to care about what race someone is, unless we are talking specifically about how it ties into culture and religion. Though I am not anti-Semitic I may sound like an anti-Semite, as I am one to call out the reality of the truth, which is that the Jews will always be persecuted.

Why Christians Persecute the Jews

When the Messiah was crucified, it was not the Romans that ordered the murder and cheered, it was the Jews (Luke 23). And though Jesus asked His Father to forgive them, it was not for the Jews, but for the Romans which did not want to condemn Jesus to crucifixion (Luke 23:34). And here lies the problem that all Jews face and will always face, the forsaking of their Gods son. 

And this is why Christians have always been at odds with Jews, yet because of our previous history, we have always tried to work with the Jews, with varying degrees of success (most often times succeeding in their conversion to Christianity). And this is why some have coined the term Judaeo-Christian, a term which is thoroughly insulting. The Jews and the Christians have 2,000 years of separation as far as tradition and belief. Equating the two is a tactic used by Zionists to program Christians into thinking that we should be passive towards each other. Meanwhile, the sect with the largest group of Zionists, the Haredi, are disrespectful and aggressive in their behavior when interacting with those they think are not one of them. 


I have never heard of the Haredi, and don’t know any hardcore religious Zionists. The Zionists I know just want the Jewish people to have their own homeland, like any other group of nationalists. They want Israel for Israel, much like American nationalists want America for America. Some will claim that being a Zionist simply means they believe Israel has the right to exist, and while you might see this as some type of Marxist trickery, they truly believe that they are fighting for the existence of their homeland. They wish to live in peace among one another, and are not going around thinking about the forsaking of Jesus. They are just thinking about how they are going to get through the day.

Incidentally, why should they not be able to have their own homeland? Hasn’t every ethnic group fought for their homeland? Are we really going to call the formation of a country “colonization” and the raping of peaceful women at a rave “decolonization?” Almost every country was formed through the displacement of its previous population. Can you imagine if every group was targeted by terrorists whenever they sought to establish and maintain their homeland? If the Jews are always going to be persecuted as you claim, this is certainly proof of that. I believe that we need more homelands anyway. I think that any group of people should be able to have a homeland. If you were to start a Christian homeland, I would not stop you. Ultra-nationalism is the way of the future. This is the age of the network state, baby. 

I am not aware of Luke 23:34. I did have a friend named Luke once. He was in a hardcore punk band and died of a heroin overdose. Like me, he was the black sheep of his family and felt more comfortable hanging out on the fringes of society than the facade of The Cathedral/Matrix/Panopticon/Establishment that he was exiled from. I miss him often, even though his band was shit. You’re reminding me of that one Mel Gibson film that I forgot the name of, and while I understand these to be your true beliefs, you may be forgetting that the majority of people do not think in terms of these holy wars. Should I have typed that as “Holy Wars” instead? It’s hard to know what to capitalize these days, as your very usage of punctuation could offend someone. Anyway, these people just want to take care of themselves and their families. I wouldn’t view it as anything more than that.

I actually have no idea about the origins of the term Judaeo-Christian. I’m better at shooting off fringe trivia about obscure subcultures, name-dropping industrial bands that used fascist imagery to stick it to the liberal establishment, giving speeches about transhumanism in geodesic domes to artists and engineers, rambling about the infighting of the Italian Futurists during their establishment of Fiume, and feeling depressed about the abomination that is group housing in San Francisco. As for “Zionist tactics,” I’m still waiting to control the media. “The media” refused to hire me in my 20s, so I was forced to become an independent content producer and write for anti-Semitic dissident publications in order to get my voice out. You certainly seem less anti-Semitic than at least half of the people who were involved with these publications.


Why Islam Hates Us

Mohammad (c. A.D. 570 – A.D. June 8th, 632), the so called prophet of Allah, was once very keen to get the favor of Christians Jews, and Zoroastrians, but his teachings didnt impress them, because they were often contradictory or without biblical basis. Thus over time Mohammad, feeling wrathful for not getting approval like a neglected child, set off on a campaign to take over the world as the divine prophet, beginning the feud with the weakened states of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Sassanid Dynasty of the 3rd Persian Empire. The former would fall 800 years after Muhammad and the latter would fall in his lifetime. 

The Political Reality

Israel is a nation which was handed to the Jews by the British government in the wake of the Holocaust, a most disgusting and demonic industrialized machine invented by the Nazis, who flirted with paganism and rejected the words of God when it suited them. They elevated man as the superior being and with that came the genocide which followed. I could write a whole book on why I am disgusted with the Nazis but there are many out there with better words than I could ever write. However, I will say that Hitler identified real problems within the Jewish community although he conflated Zionists with all Jews. Not all Jews are by default a part of the Zionist movement, however, when a Jew claims themselves to be a Zionist, such as Ben Shapiro and Laura Loomer have, there is a serious problem. What Hitler identified to be the problem and how he handled the problem were both wrong. 

Zionists are the bane of the continued existence of the Jews. The Zionist ideology began long ago with the Rothschild family, when they realized that in order to establish a Jewish hegemony they needed to dominant Christian nations which had tolerated their existence. For example, Nathan Mayer Rothschild was one of the biggest financiers of the Napoleonic Wars, shelling out the equivalent of 710 million euros in 1815 for the British allies. Nathan realized when the French Empire fell and the continent of Europe was to be redrawn, his family would gain major financial gain and power from the restructuring. The Rothschild family was also the financiers of the Brazilian war for independence, the very existence of that nation is because of their investment, they funded the colony of Rhodesia which developed into a separate nation. The Rothschild family fancied themselves as kings of the world.


From what you’re saying, Mohammad seems like a narcissistic little bitch. I’m glad I didn’t have to go to school with him. I know he is supposed to be a big deal, but so were The Beatles, and I don’t think their music was any better than my dead friend Luke’s. Similarly, I also don’t think Johnny Depp is that good of an actor. Sometimes prophets can be overrated, so it’s best just to go with your own instinct about them, even if they end up creating a trial that shakes an entire culture for what feels like (or may actually be) centuries.

I don’t think Hitler identified anything except for some incredible architects and fashion designers, but I do think he misunderstood Nietzsche in a way that caused the horrors of the Holocaust to take place. Nietzsche was not saying to get rid of the Jews. He was saying to get rid of the mindless followers. It was the followers! The followers were the Untermensch, because they were consumed by the herd mentality. If Hitler had actually understood Nietzsche, he would have started the Holocaust against the mindless followers. I still don’t see the problem with Zionism, but then again I’m just some Jewish writer on Substack who will never rise to the fame of Ben Shapiro. Maybe Laura Loomer will hang out with me some day? She does make me laugh.

I’ve never met a Rothschild, but I assume that some of them are good people. I’ve never been to Rhodesia either. It sounds scary for a fallen bohemian aristocrat like me. They’d probably decolonize #MeToo. The French Empire sounds kind of entertaining, though. If I could travel back in time, I wonder what I’d be doing during that period. I’ll have to think about this. I do like anything with the word “Empire” in it, because I know in my heart I will never control one, and using that word helps me entertain my delusions of grandeur.


Hezekiah Niles of the Weekly Register wrote in 1836 shortly before he retired:

The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking … we see the descendants of Judah, after a persecution of two thousand years, peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent in the hollow of their hands. The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from [Saint] Petersburgh to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing. … They are the brokers and counselors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What more can they desire?”

Earlier I mentioned how it was worrying that the zoo of animals that make up the far-right are oddly silent, that is because the far-right is almost never silent, unless they are organizing. What is deeply troubling about the organizing of the far-right is when they organize, they eventually come together with a conviction that is made of steel. This steel conviction is forged with careful and delicate precision so that they will conquer their foes, in total opposition to how the far-left organizes, which is often chaotic and haphazardly. The far-lefts ideas are equally as emotional and charismatic as their opposition on the far-right, however, the far-right will back up their claims with facts and without sacrifice of their convictions in order to gain power. There is no doubt in my mind that the far-right is organizing in Europe as well as in America, although the two are not the same. In time we will see what it is they were intending and what the results will be. 


Politically, I agree with you. The way the far-left sacrifices their convictions repulses me, and we have witnessed this as they have suddenly become pro-rape in order to advance their anti-Israel cause. They are arguably bigger anti-Semites than you are, and you’re sitting here telling me that Hitler identified some real problems in the Jewish community which you’re claiming Zionists are the bane of. Meanwhile, the far-right talks about sun and steel when they don’t know how to raise their own sons and steal ideas from /pol/ for their podcasts. We need a secret third thing that transcends the political binary. Like gender, politics are no longer a simple endeavor. 

I wouldn’t consider a bunch of teenagers sharing memes on Discord to be organizing, but I’m concerned about Hamas cells in America. I believe that our borders need to be closed here before things get even worse. It’s time to close our borders in America, full stop. I respect how the far-right backs up their claims with facts, refusing to sacrifice their convictions. I do the same, so I guess that makes me far-right in spirit. Some would disagree because I have tattoos, but some would also say that having tattoos makes me non-Jewish in spirit. Too bad for them. I am going to keep my convictions, my tattoos, and my Jewish heritage. I am a Jewish American Dissident.

Back to the Rothschilds, I really don’t understand your obsession with them. They are never going to let me into their family, so why should I care about them? They could start millions of wars, and I would never even get a seat at their dinner table. They could control all the banks in the world, and they would still never write me a check. If they didn’t start the wars, some other family would start them instead. If they didn’t run the banks, some other family would run them instead. I believe that your focus on the Rothschilds is unhealthy. 

Life is not fair. It is never going to be fair. We are never going to have any power in the grand scheme of things. We are at our best while fantasizing about running empires that we never will as we compose great works of music and literature, taking care of those closest to us as we bring them to new heights of joy and beauty, building castles and sculptures and palaces in the sky, partaking in adventures that shake our previous conceptions of reality, and dialoguing with people with whom we learn from on Substack.


As time unfolds we will see more atrocities being committed in the Middle East and Israel will prevail but, this will only stall the issue that is at hand. Without Christians holding on to the Holy Land, Jews will never be safe from extinction. Only Christians as the heirs of Christs Kingdom will be able to defend the ignorant from the demonic zealots which will attempt to destroy your people. Ill write more on this later, for I am pressed for time. Thank you again for allowing me to convey my message on your publication.



You’re quite welcome. I hope my lack of knowledge about Christianity has not upset you. I believe that Jews will never be extinct because we were able to survive Hitler’s crusade against my people, a people of personified abstraction who refused to abide by the social constructs and simulacra of Nazi Germany. I was a Frankfurt School dropout in a past life, so you’ll have to forgive me for that last one. I support your appeal to an alliance against demonic zealots, and am glad you have recognized the need for unification against a larger enemy than one another. Let’s take those bastards out, Samara. God bless you and your own. 


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