Kick the Puppy Episode 8 Reply


Topics include:

The bizarre Supermicro motherboard situation, scholars have fake papers published in academic journals, scam artistry in supposed scholarship, exchange of words between Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, risky selfies killed 269 people in 6 years, car crashes killed 37,133 people in the US in 2017, self-driving car accidents, dead pedestrians, guy says he’s “ready to kill” if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, town in Bosnia bans all politicians, US unemployment rate falls to a 49 year low at 3.7 percent, 8 year-old-girl pulls 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden, Florida man tried to buy 8-year-old girl from mother at Walmart for $200,000, People of Walmart.

Image result for china supermicro

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