Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy/Attack the System S2: E10

Possible name change for KTP (Attack the System?), RJ on hiatus, New surge for covid? Spanish Flu in 1918, new lockdowns in Europe, vaccinations in poor countries, new variances of covid, coronavirus affects people differently, Michael Lind on the “covid class war,” SARS, lockdowns in Asian and European countries, the impact of climate on covid, initial reactions of world leaders to covid, the impact of the pandemic on the entertainment industry, working remotely after covid, how covid will impact the workplace, how to know if someone is smiling through a mask, telecommuting in the US economy, Are plexiglass dividers in stores going to stay up? Will mask-wearing become a fad? vaccination passports, reversal of political roles on covid, liberals favor immigration restriction, conservatives favor workers rights against employers, how different political factions view science, fracking chemicals in the bodies of Pennsylvania children, contaminated water in Flint, Rick Snyder, Joe Biden’s failed first press conference, softball questions, Will Biden resign and make Kamala Harris the incumbent? when Marion Barry was mayor of DC, Matt Taibbi on Biden appointee’s troubling views on free speech, US media in the pre-cable/pre-Internet era, authorities worried about too many sources of information, how Facebook monetizes data, media dependent on advertising, old people don’t use the Internet, Facebook and Amazon have the most lobbyists in DC, tech companies are becoming dominant sector of the ruling class, Bezos is the modern John D. Rockefeller, predictive policing and pre-crime units, preventive detention as a hallmark of an authoritarian regime, no-knock search warrants, “stop and frisk,” man arrested for tall grass in the yard, Derek Chauvin’s trial, more summer rioting this year? diversity among the Capitol rioters, parties switch roles on migrant children, “intersectional imperialism,” diversity in the military, Joel Kotkin on how woke politics fails poor minorities, homeownership and class status, different types of wealth, an increase in mass shootings? 36% of mass shooters have been trained by the military, most serial killers and mass shooters are Americans, are they unique to American culture? similarities between mass shooters and suicide bombers, the film “Falling Down,” mass stabbing in China, why TSA is a joke

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