Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy S2: E7

Italian scientist has become a celebrity by fighting vaccine skeptics, Princess Meghan McCain calls for Fouci to be fired because she isn’t eligible for the COVID vaccine, John McCain was a sociopath, Gary Foster on abusive set behavior, drugs and sexual favors in the entertainment industry, mob owned pop star, RJ finds beauty in self-cannibalizing production companies, Lady Gaga offered $500,000 reward for return of dogs after thief stole dogs and shot the dog walker, Golden Retriever kidnapping ring, living with rats, Biden takes first military action with strike on Iran-backed militias, why Iran is America’s favorite scapegoat machine, Reagan and Iran, Nixon helped normalize the crookedness, the lack of interest in international affairs, liberals are most worried about Trump Supporters, Democrats and Republicans are pretty centrist, Japanese government appoints new “Minister of Loneliness,” side effects of a super techno-consumerist culture, suicide and Japan, physician-assisted suicide, heart transplant breakthrough: doctors become first in world to complete transplants in children using organs brought back to life by a machine, transplants gone bad, Barney Clark’s mechanical heart, women’s body building, the quiet rage room in Boys Town Nebraska, is Keith angry?

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