Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 15



Senate votes to end support for Saudi war on Yemen/passes resolution condemning Saudis for Khashoggi murder, Saudi Arabia still sells castrated black slaves, Trump’s legal woes worsen, Trump says “the people would revolt” if he were impeached, Utah reduces DUI limit to .05, Tommy Chong on Canada’s weed legalization and underground market, California considers a tax on texting, feminists think sexist men are sexier than “woke” men, the new generation of Unabomber acolytes, Charles Manson and the white cult, Antifa VS Anonymous, left-right gen pop anxiety, Taylor Swift tracked stalkers with facial recognition at her concert, the Kardashians, 20 men brought up on gun charges stemming from Houston rappers music video, country pop music, ‘racist’ Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana, anarchists helped Californian fire refugees in a Walmart parking lot where people were already living, Walmarts are the new mining camps, technocrats are the new robber barons, mass democracy.

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  1. Great show! I live in Houston and near a Wal Mart and it’s ridiculous how many people live on the parking lot and work their as well. The area I live is near an area known as lil Mexico and you will see a lot of food trucks and and just random Mexican folk selling tamales, fruit cups, and so forth. It’s almost the same version of early American company towns.

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