Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 17


All the crazy things corrupt public officials bought with your money this year, IRS plans to take taxpayer money but not issue refunds during shutdown, hundreds of TSA screeners working without pay call in sick at major airports, former Manson follower granted parole, driver arrested for testing positive for “every possible detectable drug,” Florida man worried about vampires burns down his house, “Florida man” in general, Florida woman attacks parents after they refuse to take her to Outback Steakhouse, man makes pipe guns and sells them to gun buy back programs, high risk ATF targets, Yemen clocks over 52,000 attacks total 50 airstrikes per day on average for 2018, China lands spacecraft on the moon, the cost of living has risen faster in Seattle than in any other city, astronaut accidentally called 911 from space, living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common, Dr. He and CRISPR, the new wave of sobriety start-ups shaking up the 12-step model.

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