Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 5


Keith & R.J. on the news of the week

Topics include:

Crooked cop pimps, border patrol serial killer, off-duty female cop shooter, U.S. Brazilian-like economy is booming, pot shop clerk fights off robbers with a bong, British MP wants to “fight hate,” former boxer Oscar De La Hoya wants to be president of the United States, successful psychopaths, self-mutilation, the future of electoral politics, the permanent power elite, Las Vegas professor shoots himself in the arm to protest Trump, self-immolation, Congress sneaking through $38B to Israel, Trump and Israel, secession talk in California, death count in Puerto Rico, “one million water bottles” in Puerto Rico, never trust a government during an emergency evacuation, author of “how to murder your husband” charged with murdering her husband, transgender group says gulags were very compassionate institutions, Tim Allen is “kind of an anarchist,” Anne Hathaway is kind of dead inside.

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