Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 19


The condition of internet freedom 6 years after the death of Aaron Schwartz, divided about immigration because we speak different languages, Vilfredo Pareto, South Carolina town now a Juggalo free zone, Juggalos VS facial recognition software, wearing a mask in public, Illinois thinks it is now taxing lap dances, tourists relax on the beach in Acapulco among bullet ridden bodies, 7 Star Trek series to be on the air by 2020, how anarchists respond to the government “shutdown,” what’s causing the rise of hoarding disorder, U.S. now says all online gambling is illegal, U.S. proposes to allow drone operation at night over people, hackers broke into an SEC database and made millions from inside information, against federal identification numbers, Costco is opening a $440 million chicken farm to escape America’s chicken monopoly, Florida man drives golf cart drunk barks like a dog and gives deputies the middle finger, getting tasered by Reno 911.

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  1. Craig Murray about a current Venezuela situation (a proper candidate for an AtS reposting):

    BTW, what anyone here thinks about the events in Venezuela? I am, personally, a bit surprised that the imperial regime-changers appear to be so open and blatant about their active participation this time; they do not even try to deny their reponsibility (“it is not us, it is the will of the people, shut up you conspiracy theorists!”). Well, maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised?

  2. Hording most often stems from trauma. It is a way for the hoarder to control their environment. Discarding whatever the hoarder values creates high anxiety. It is a mental disorder and often the person has a hard time discerning between discarding a thing and a sense of discarding the memory or person associated with that thing.

    • The term “mental disorder” is overused, just like “conspiracy theorist”, “terrorist”, and “fascist”. I agree that hoarding often stems from trauma, but I think it a disgusting dastardly mistake to classify behavior so stringently. People don’t “have depression”, they’re just depressed. People don’t “have anxiety”, they’re just anxious. For good reason. These behaviors are in response to our environment, a loud, crowded, increasingly restrictive environment. Many people hoard things for apparently no good reason, but many people also hoard things because they sense the scarcity of certain resources. Such as food. The human mind is too complex to treat so simply, yet too simple to understand this complexity.

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