Alexander Reid-Ross-Podhoretz-Kristol: State Department Anarchist

Mr. Antifa Intellectual serves up the “Anarcho-MSNBC” line. This kind of stuff is why I started attacking anarcho-social democrats and totalitarian humanists so vehemently 20 years ago. Regrettably, a substantial tendency has developed among “anarchists” that opposes regional or localized illiberalism more than it opposes imperialism, opposes marginal right-wing extremists more than it opposes the power elite, opposes redneck ruckus makers like the Bundys more than it opposes the FBI and ATF, opposes social conservatives more than it opposes the state itself, and (probably) opposes the reality show president more than it opposes the actual national security state.

I suppose they’re entitled to their opinion. Unlike many anarchists, I consider freedom of opinion and freedom of association to be paramount. But, seriously, how are these kinds of folks any different from the Democratic Party?


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  2. Nice browser tabs and desktop icons. 😀 I thought of doing that with screenshots on my blog, but nah. Every pixel takes up extra memory.

    I know folks really don’t like hearing this, but nothing will end violence, genocide, disease, or hunger. These have been the conditions of Life On Earth for millions of years. Other species of animals starve to death or have conflict between breeds, not just us. We humans are just a new debut on this lovely little little stage; this urge to globalize and socialize, toying with forces of nature far beyond our comprehension, is absolute folly. Mass hysteria. The effects of overcrowding, urbanization, micronutrient deficiency, etc. A natural function of our ecosystem.

    Neither race, sex, wealth, nor education should grant any people rights over another. Yet those very things do affect success in most seemingly-anarchic animal societies. To an extent, we will never abolish state or hierarchy, because these are human instincts. Animal instincts. As is religious fervor, and scientific inquiry, different sides of the same coin. As is anarchy.

    No species favors the same social norms or structures. Nor does any race, breed, tribe, or ethnicity. Yet within these smaller communities, there is often a mostly-unspoken code of conduct between members. More or less. If you don’t fit in, you leave. One way or another. Examples include my hometown, the Sentinelese people, and even anarchist groups. However you word your way around this hierarchy, it exists. In our bones. This tribalism the liberals so fear, it keeps us from going extinct. Quarantines us from each other.

    One could argue that big business, big government, and all anarchist resistance are inevitable natural events. Both necessary and pointless, as the collapse of any civilization is part of greater cycle. So be it. The anarchist prevails throughout most of our unwritten prehistory, with such authoritarian states but a blip on the timeline, a runaway chain reaction of explosive population growth. I’ll gladly take the side that tips us into a new Stone Age.

    If I were to gain a powerful leadership decision, able to greatly influence world affairs, I would enact something called the Final Law. Or maybe the Anti-Law.

    * Eliminate all government borders, but allow all manners of wall or fence around private property.

    * Abolish all legal protections for women, minorities, government, military, law enforcement, etc. Make all deaths by police or military equivalent to any other murder.

    * Abolish all laws restricting self-defense or home security, and eliminate any extra penalties for subduing police officers who threaten you.

    * Abolish all laws restricting weapon ownership, manufacture, and distribution. This includes everything from spears to machine guns.

    * Abolish all laws restricting the use, production, and distribution of any drugs or medical treatment. This includes antibiotics, vaccines, birth control, marijuana, opiates, etc.

    * Abolish all laws requiring any medical treatment. This includes antibiotics, vaccines, birth control, chemotherapy, psychiatric medication, etc.

    * Eliminate all taxes, starting with income tax and property tax, along with any other legally-mandated wage garnishment.

    * Open all the prisons and free all the prisoners.

    Then I would hide my family down in a safe little hole, waiting impatiently for the world to stop burning. Awful, perhaps, but the revolution will be awful anyway. There will always be bloodshed. I’d rather not have the false security of law, though I know others disagree.

  3. It is also worth adding here that the PKK had a very well deserved reputation among the Kurdish Left of being a murderous Stalinist mind control cult.

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