American Decline

Dancing On America’s Grave

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Washington is a fucking zoo. The entire town seems to be teeming with an almost demonic energy that’s usually reserved for Third World capitals hours before the fall of some CIA funded cannibal despot. We have had fucked up presidencies before, about 44 of them if memory serves correctly, and the temptation is always rich to proclaim the current bastard the worst, but the Donald is a very special flavor of fucked up and his ADHD appears to be contagious. For the first time in centuries, the crumbling ghettos surrounding the District of Colombia look downright pristine compared to the cracked ivory white domes that have long cast shadows across their project courtyards. If you look real carefully through the purple haze of the Sour Diesel and Sherman Hemsley of Potomac Gardens you can just barely see a teary eyed Mike Pence in a West Wing window, dreaming of some place that’s green.

All across the vast expanse of Trump’s America this chaos is spreading like lice. Peep through the blinds of any given ranch-style rambler from Pittsburgh to Peoria and you’ll witness tableaus straight out of a Flannery O’Connor novel. Grotesque creatures ranting and raving across the dinner table at one another over their supposed loved ones’ refusal to despise the right villain in this sick Southern Gothic horror story of a country. Brothers at war with brothers over two sides of the same foul oligarchy. Republicrats or Dempublicans? Crips or Bloods? Kind of grants the concept of ‘White People Problems’ a sick new irony. How much for a room at the Gardens again? I desperately need some sleep and even gunshots beat the sound of gnashing teeth and cable news.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his Botox poisoned limousine liberal nemesis, Nancy Pelosi, continue to play one side of the country off the other, shutting down our crooked federal government over some fictional crisis manufactured in the middle of the fucking desert. Prison guards and TSA gropers are expected to sexually violate the public without a paycheck while Trump bets his staffers $6 billion that he can piss over that 12 foot wall.


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  1. Can’t say the government shutdown really fazes me too much. Unfortunately, many of my family members are affected, or at least they think they are. Late checks, food stamps, food inspections, etc. But that’s why I grow gardens for food and medicine on my mother-in-law’s property, so we don’t rely so much on big business or big government.

    As stated, our family is indeed divided over politics. Mother-in-law is up in arms over the government workers not being paid, whereas my husband and I don’t think they should’ve ever been hired in the first place. At least my mother-in-law is getting serious about emergency preparedness, but she blames it all on Trump. Everyone blames it all on Trump.

    I’m no Trump supporter, but he really takes too much focus away from bigger issues. Like every other politician and corporate executive. I think that may be why he’s such a polarizing president: he embodies the false dichotomy of business and government, always hiding in plain sight. Trump is more of a figurehead than a fascist.

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