Kick the Puppy Episode 1 4


Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week

Topics include:

Back in business, what Jeremy Corbyn is doing, the Alex Jones situation, unstoppable tech giants, the super super-rich, Nobody for 2018, the Satanist statue in Little Rock, Wal Mart is a crazy place, people living out of their cars, people living out of storage units, Malcolm Forbes was actually kind of interesting, California is deteriorating into a feudal society of inherited land wealth, all creatures are testing new survival tactics on a vast scale, fish are soulless creatures with no feelings that even vegetarians don’t care about, Asians and homeless people are secretly eating dogs, cops took 80-year-old woman named Delores to jail, more of the same cop bullshit, Florida candidate’s apology for fake college diploma means nothing to us, most real college diplomas mean nothing to us.

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  1. Glad to hear you podcasting again, Keith. Hope you keep it up. I couldn’t agree more about Counterpunch. It got swallowed up by PC culture after Cockburn died and is rarely.worth more than a brief glance anymore.

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