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Alt-Right Showdown: We can do better than this… Hard times in USA

It’s interesting to see people from the Communist Left like Caleb Maupin and Jason Unruhe saying the things that I have been saying for 20 years, e.g. that progressive liberalism is simply the self-legitimating ideology of imperialism, that “social justice” activists are just middle class and college student hobbyists, that the “Left” in its present incarnation views the traditional working class as its primary enemy, that the “far right” comes closer to being an actual opposition force, that the working class is being reproletarianized, that the “anti-fascist” left has become the new McCarthyites, that the antifa and anarcho-leftoids are the shock troops of the liberal establishment, etc etc.

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  1. I am an anarchist (without adjectives, haa) and I agree with the above. However, I would like to add something which I think is very very important and I think should be discussed better.

    I think that the working class (and the middle class) are being “lumpenised” actually.. I see mindless, politically, ideologically and culturally analphabetic people everywhere.. Its not that their opinions are good or bad, it is that they do not actually have a personal opinion and if they do is based on fallacy and lack of free-thought.. The working class cares very little about personal liberty, free-thought, personal development or even class struggle! The working class (and the middle class) is largely occupied trying to look good on social media, having a good smart-phone, dress and hair-cut like a rapper or footballer.. Consumed in selfies, mannerisms and habits that make me vomit.. They read crap tabloid news, watch TV and eventually driven to an existential dead end, ready to vote trumps or Hillarys and fuck as all up.. Now it is just happening that the lumpen population would support either the creepy floppy new left, neoliberals or butch authoritarian lying populists.. Obviously this serves the system and the authorities, coming from any of the pseudo-differentiated political parties.. Wtf Kropotkin, Bakunin, Goldman or Karl Hess would think of these pueblo that makes up easily 90% of the overall population??

    would love to hear what you think.. just food for thought..

  2. As always Maupin, is a Russian tool. China and Russia are not “socialist” any more than Roosevelt was a Socialist. Certainly not in the way that the Soviet Union and Maoist PRC were. They are as “Capitalist” as the Evil Empire Maupin despises, possibly more so, depending on what you mean by capitalism.

    Leftists are hostile to Russia and are all over the place when it comes to War and Peace for a few reasons. As Maupin correctly notes, the earliest members of the modern anti-war movement were his intellectual forefathers; socialists and marxists of various stripes and often sympathetic to the Soviets and Chinese. While it’s membership swelled during the Vietnam war when it served as an anti-draft movement, and again during the Reagan and Bush Administrations as an anti-republican movement, the core of the Anti-war movement has always been far-left.

    The Fact that Scott Horton and Ron Paul are right-wing. Just as Humanitarian Imperialism is a contradiction in terms, so is Free-Market Interventionism.

    • Oops not finished.

      As I wrote, people like Maupin have been the core of the anti-war movement. Some of them recognized that the fall of the Soviet union was a horrible thing for their prefered system of government, and recognize Putin as a “fascist.” Others like Maupin continued to support Russia, because they hate the American Regime more than Capitalism or liked social leftism, and liked Russia more. To the Antifas, America is still an evil capitalist empire, but the lesser of two evils, after all it offers most of the things they care about. They can reform it with Occasio-Cortez, or wait for The Revolution to come, even though it doesn’t need to come; The US government and Antifa share most of the same beliefs. In a sense the Birchers were right; the pigs were willing to defend the commies but are hesitant to defend the alt-right/lite. Antifas recognize that Putin and Assad is not their friend, and for that I give the Alexander Reid Ross some credit. Maupin and most of the pro-russian left are a bunch of dupes. The main difference between Maupin and Ross is what side of the Capitalist Class they align themselves with.


      Anarchists who are part of this “anti-imperialist” movement like Scott Horton should know better than to ally with Tankies and progs. They are no better than catoite, goldwater libertarians who ally with the trotskyist establishment. I am not interested in being a partisan in internal conflicts within state capitalism and socialism. The NATO vs. BRICs conflict is the former and the Anti-fascism vs. “Anti-Imperialist” conflict is the latter.

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