Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy S2: E8

Experts sound the alarm on declining birth rates among younger generations: “it’s a crisis,” the super old as the fastest growing age demographic, Thomas Malthus and overpopulation, soap operas, birth control, condoms, the union of two houses: the Windsors and Celebrities is complete, is Greta Thunberg writing letters to the Unabomber? Little CPAC boy, Keith’s review of Ted’s book, Elon Musk is building a big battery for Texas, COVID’s long term impact on education, U.S. student passes 3 classes in 4 years ranks near top half of class, Amazon is paying consultants nearly $10,000 a day to obstruct union drive, Amazon is a progressive responsible corporation, women’s march in Mexico City turns violent with at least 81 injured, Miss Honduras, pure violence in Latin American countries, decapitation, California dreams, Chris Hedges on bandaging the Corpse, hollowed out states, New Amerika, a history of day light savings time, trains and time, performance and time.

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  1. The reason Mexico is the way it is has just as much to do with the people as with the economy. It’s full of Mexicans and Central Americans. 3rd world people make 3rd world countries. Have you not realized that the countries that people will do anything to get into all have one thing in common? They’re majority white. If nothing changes and the birth rates and immigration trends stay the same, whites in America will no longer be the super majority.

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