Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy S2: E6

Keith, Emma, and RJ

“Hidden homeless crisis”: more people are living in cars and RVs and it’s getting worse, verification of homelessness, homeless numbers are higher than that, you’re homeless, eviction protection and the verge of being homeless, small towns of homeless people, different levels of homelessness, why COVID vaccines are taking so long to reach you,  U.K. approves trials that will deliberately infect volunteers with Coronavirus, do it for your country bro, professional anarcho-lab rat for the right price, another stupid robot lands on Mars, Sophia from Saudi Arabia is a bullshit ventriloquist doll and publicity stunt, love and sex with robots, neuro-chemistry and the environment, AI self-awareness and improvisational capabilities, automation, post-90s technology, slave/master machines, Keith really hates phones, UBI, modern technologies are not without cost, carcinogens everywhere, asbestos pajamas, don’t let the death bird in, wanted man quits lockdown at home for “peace and quiet” of prison, “Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease”?, teeth and fingernails, cannibalism, North Korean hackers stole more than $300 million to pay for nuclear weapons, the Hermit Kingdom and NK’s ruling family’s magical powers, Rush Limbaugh dies, Limbaugh was a career scumbag, death celebrations, Bill Gates and Bad Ronald, American elites look like androids, serial killers, and dead corpses, elite foundations as immortality projects, the responsible corporation, values and hierarchies in law enforcement agencies.

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  1. Keith and everyone else: here is a truly superb text describing our current pandemic- (plandemic-? scamdemic-?) centered sitation in all its multidimensionality. It gets an especially good and thoughtful take on scientific / medical heresies and apostasies, as well as “conspiracy theories”:

    Please read it – it is long and complex, but well worth your time and effort. Then, I would be glad to learn about your views concerning it!

  2. The vaccine rollout is definitely a good and obvious example of artificial scarcity. Its like the new xbox, the rollout to have lines out the door so you want it even more. Vaxxers are like black friday shoppers.

    • From where I’m sitting, it’s a good example of patents working against larger populations of people. But then again, I don’t view vaccines as weapons of population control and all that. Vaccines aren’t reaching people because Pfizer and Moderna won’t open and share the tech, and so traditional drug manufacturers are lost around the specs on certain manufacturing processes like the microfluidics devices.

      • I agree. Meanwhile, J&J, Zennica, and the whole slew of non-Fauci invested options are unavailable. Artificial scarcity.

        It’s the same play as with GMO’s. Instead of using full spectrum fertilizers, we modify the genome to either take more poision, or create more itself, and call it science.

        China is open for business. Not because they are all vaccinated, or because of the lockdowns. But because they have had prior exposure to SARs in previous decades.

        This vaccine race is simply a money grab.

        Instead of fear of terrorism, this time they are using fear of a cold virus to take your money. And Fauci gets 1 million dollar and a trophy. You get to wait in line to pay him.

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