Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 6


Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week

Cody Wilson catches teen sex assault case, the State loves sexual assault, why US radicalism failed, Florida neighbors horrified by nudist family doing yard work, Florida deputies say woman stole marijuana that washed up on the beach, Ernie and Bert are not gay, college students struggle to vote because they don’t know where to buy stamps, Maine restaurant gets lobsters high on pot before killing them, a parrot returns to British owners speaking Spanish 4 years after disappearing, Inside Edition crew robbed while reporting on Bay Area crime, Senate approves $674 billion defense budget, Democrats control elite colleges, Judge Napolitano says Kavanaugh is an enemy of the 4th Amendment, Christian zealot beheads girlfriend because she refused to repent, being stabbed in the back, 2018’s “Happiest States” in America.

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