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Kick the Puppy Episode 18


Government shutdown highlights issues that 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck, research shows affluent Americans barely recognize US income gap, lawsuit by families of Sandy Hook victims against Alex Jones advances, Alex Jones IS the crisis actor, man accused of killing brother with a sword, lizard people, schizophrenia on drugs, new congressional marijuana bill is numbered HR 420, Portland bar sues bartender for $115,000 for drinking on the job, people like to talk to strangers, repeated radio signals are coming from galaxy 1.5 billion light years away, cancer in America is way down for the wealthy, people older than 65 share the most fake news, Attack the System mentioned in “Anarchism in 2018” podcast by The Brilliant, not being recognized by the Church.

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  1. Good episode. I listened to the Brilliant episode and agreed on the point of Capitalism/Fascism/Communism being closer to one another than anarchism is to any of them. I believe they also mentioned that the division between anarchist camps was even wider than that, though; particularly between the post left (which I assume Attack the System is a part of) and the identity politics/SJW/Antifa camp of anarchism.

  2. Your old friend Alexander Reid Ross has some connections to the British intelligence controlled “Integrity Initiative”:

    “Before the Integrity Initiative-organized crowd, Ross offered a rambling recitation of his theory of a syncretic fascist alliance puppeteered by Russians: “The alt right takes from both this ‘red-brown,’ it’s called, or like left-right syncretic highly international national of nationalisms, and from the United States’ own paleoconservative movement, and it’s sort of percolated down through college organizing, um, and anti-interventionism meets anti-imperialism. Right?”

    • Yeah, that dude’s crazy. He makes the old fashioned John Birch Society conspiracists (“Eisenhower is a Communist”) look almost reasonable. Being anarchist myself, I usually feel the same way when I read this antifa/ARR crap that most Christians probably feel when they watch Benny Hinn or the snake handlers, or most Muslims probably feel when they listen to Salafist tirades. Pathetic. At least the lizard people conspiracists are attacking the international ruling class, rather than shilling for it, albeit in their own freakish way.

  3. I’m listening to an audio book at the moment called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. In it he mentions how lack of sleep is among other things connected to mental illness and cancer, actually it sounds like, lack of sleep is connected to everything bad (physical and psychological) and getting enough sleep makes everything better. The book is makes me crave sleep more than drugs. Anyway, he makes a very interesting point where sleep could very well be the primary state of consciousness. I’m not even sure what that means, but it sounds pretty great. He also mentioned on Joe Rogan that being awake is basically low level brain damage. When Keith started talking about all the types of anarchism, and what people value. I’m imaging a society ordered around sleep. Where everyone gets their 8-10 hours of sleep. No alarm clocks, no waking kids up for school etc. Sleep anarchy.

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