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Poll: Most Americans blame Trump, Republicans for longest govt. shutdown

The United States’ partial government shutdown drags into its fourth consecutive week as President Donald Trump and Democrats fail to settle their scores over funding a border wall.
The stalemate has led to the closure of at least 25 percent of the federal operation since December 22. Air travelers have also had to wait for more than an hour to get through domestic checkpoints at Atlanta airport. The shutdown has also put on hold the Federal Aviation Administration approval of aircraft. Trump is demanding five-point-seven billion dollars from Congress for building a border wall with Mexico. The U-S president has warned that the partial shutdown will continue unless he receives the money.

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  1. This article is headlined with this:

    “Poll: Most Americans blame Trump, Republicans for longest govt. shutdown ”

    There is no indication from the snippet above what poll is being referred to, or how to find it. There is a long video, but neither I nor others have the patience two watch it all to figure this out.

    I am absolutely unsurprised that “Most Americans” blame Trump and the Republicans. After all, I have long felt that the biased MSM (MainStream Media) basically tell Americans (and others) what to think. Polls such as this one referenced merel reveal just how successful the MSM has been at propagandizing that public.

  2. I am angry.
    Uh, how do I edit my comment above?!?
    I DID NOT WRITE the word “two” in the line above:
    “but neither I nor others have the patience two watch it all to figure this out.”

    I did not make that stupid mistake!!!

    It used to be that typos were caused only by sloppy individuals who were not careful. Now, due to Google and others, software does what individuals don’t do.

    A few days ago, we heard that Donald Trump had used “Forrest” in a tweet, when apparently he meant “forest”.
    Everybody laughed.

    Except me: I went to my texting software, and started a text to someone.
    The first line, I typed just a single word, ‘forest’. (without the single quotes)
    When I typed the return key, and only then, the word I’d typed, ‘forest’, automatically changed.

    To ‘Forrest’.

    • Wow you’re really passionate about your spelling. I grew up on spell check so I completely understand. Unfortunately, you can not edit your comments on ATS. I can edit the comment for you if you’d like.

      • Well, generally I don’t use spell-check…EXCEPT as a typo detector. I am as good a speller as anyone you’d find, except probably at a spelling-bee competition.
        There’s no point changing my original posting, in view of my subsequent ones. What I want to know is WHY this error was made.
        What angers me is when people are involuntarily subjected to a “spell-check” that actually CAUSES errors, not fixes them.
        When I heard that Trump was supposed to have made that “Forrest” error, I immediately suspected a rat. Tried it out, and glory be, my Android smartphone MANUFACTURED a spelling error, or at least generated a “correction” that it could not possibly have concluded was ‘better’.
        I really have to wonder what the AI in my phone was “thinking”. The word ‘forest’ is a perfectly correct and even common word. The name “Forrest” is probably far more rare. There is simply no logical reason for any spell-check to ‘fix’ the word ‘forest’.
        I just did a Google search for ‘forest’: 1.7 billion hits. And I did a Google search for ‘Forrest”, 146 million hits.

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