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Kick the Puppy Episode 11



Mass shooting in California, Thousand Oaks was ranked third safest city in America, “we don’t know how to stop mass shootings,” overnight celebrity, midterm elections, how great the U.S. economy is doing, the Antifa at Tucker Carlson’s home, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she can’t afford to move to DC before job in Congress starts, Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over name change, dueling culture, gangsters and librarians, all U.S. National Parks free to enter on Sunday, Bring Your Own Knife, surgery students losing dexterity to stitch patients, kids’ apps are crammed with ads, government workers, cryptocurrency millionaire wants to build a utopia in Nevada, thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips under their skin, cashless world.

California Bar shooting, Thousand Oaks, USA - 08 Nov 2018

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  1. Also, per your praise for the national parks. The founder of the national parks, Madison Grant did write the crazed eugenics book, “The passing of the great race.” Which Adolf Hitler called “his bible.” So there is that. I despise being in like nature so I guess I can’t have an opinion on how nice or not nice they are. I have been to Yellowstone (under protest).

    • I could see how a Native American might have a problm with the national park system but as far as it goes as a 100 year old system setup to manage huge protected spaces in the US it has succeeded.

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