American Decline

Kick the Puppy Season 2: EP 01

Keith, Emma & RJ

01/01/21 – We’re back in business, historic spike in drug overdose deaths under COVID-19, governor Sisolak shut down Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the least sober place on the planet, Carl Jung and the origins of mental illness, Don Wells just died of Covid, crime went through the roof during prohibition, the wealth of the world’s billionaires grew by a staggering $1.9 trillion in 2020, the difference between one million and one billion dollars, pull yourself up by your boot straps, Chris Hedges on state intrusion to regulate capitalism gone wild/destructive, “sheep, wolves, and owls,” Nietzsche on the biological divide, Robert Greene’s Machiavellian tactics, how dark personalities tend to get ahead, masterpieces and revenge, David Hawkins ‘Power vs Force,’ sales as an art, how random are your politics? Thomas Sowell and the conflict of visions, Freud and the struggle for transparency of self, Ernest Becker and human characterology, existential psychoanalysis, the incel movement, American loser clubs, self worth and identity, the attention factor, overnight celebrity suicide, the Christmas bombing in downtown Nashville, more and more domestic terrorist attacks on U.S. infrastructure, pathological personalities, a Marxist solution to the eviction crisis? Wal mart parking lots, homeless numbers in the United States, the containment of homelessness under Covid, tech elites leaving San Francisco, Elon Musk is an earthling, phenomenology, Alan Watts, pregnancy on Mars, seasteading, Bill Gates, billionaire-bullshit, happy New Year from


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