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The DINKWAD trend taking over TikTok

February 4, 2023 Hello, Insiders! Welcome to our Saturday edition, filled with fascinating reads for your weekend. Today we’re introducing you to a new acronym taking TikTok by storm — DINKWAD — and hearing about a reporter’s year of renting her clothes. Plus, we’ve got one couple’s monthslong […]

Are We Tired of Science?

In today’s episode of the Telos Press Podcast, David Pan talks with Michael Hüther about his article “Tired of Science?! Notes on the Relationship between University and Society,” from Telos 200 (Fall 2022). An excerpt of the article appears here. In their conversation they discuss what has become problematic […]

Is the AI Revolution Here?

by Peter Zeihan on January 30, 2023 Today we answer the question that’s been in the back of everyone’s mind since The Terminator came out – is Skynet taking over? The short answer is no, but let me explain… The AI capable of decision-making and judgment (i.e., Skynet) is […]

Reverse aging may be real

January 26, 2023 Hello, Insiders. Welcome back to real-estate week. We’ve been looking at homebuying in the remote-work era, from what’s going on in Florida to the rise of Zoomtowns. And today, I want to turn to something our team covers a lot: real-estate investing. Interest rates shot […]

I outsourced my memory to AI

January 24, 2023 Hello, Insiders. We’re exploring homeownership in the remote-work era. Yesterday, we talked about the surge in people moving to Florida — and wow, did you have a lot to say! I’ll share your notes soon. Today, I wanted to talk about how, like many of […]

AI is not the new crypto Inbox

Isabel Fattal Associate editor Recent breakthroughs in generative AI, such as the image generator DALL-E and the large language model ChatGPT, are “potentially akin to the release of the iPhone in 2007, or to the invention of the desktop computer,” Derek Thompson told me in December. Here are […]

How will ChatGPT change everyday life?

The Signal How will ChatGPT change everyday life? Sarah Myers West on artificial intelligence and human resilience. Arteum Attracting more than a million users within days of its release in November, ChatGPT—the new artificial-intelligence application from the U.S. research lab OpenAI—has provoked intensive global media coverage in the […]

A single, moderate dose of psilocybin reduces depressive symptoms for at least two weeks, controlled study finds

by Eric W. Dolan January 2, 2023 in Depression, Psilocybin [Subscribe to PsyPost on YouTube to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in psychology and neuroscience] A single dose of the psychedelic drug psilocybin combined with supportive counseling leads to significant reductions in depressive symptoms, according to a […]

Emancipation’s Limitations

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Classical Pursuits Sean Wilentz The Emancipators’ Vision Was abolition intended as a perpetuation of slavery by other means? Natalia Ginzburg and Alba de Céspedes On Women: An Exchange “That article of mine spoke of women in general, and said things we all know: […]

Next Year in Digital Jerusalem

Technology has helped entrepreneurs launch new companies and currencies. Will it help them start a new nation? Michael Gibson August 8, 2022 Economy, finance, and budgets Technology and Innovation The Network State: How to Start a Country, by Balaji Srinivasan (self-published, 474 pp., $9.99) Israel started with a […]

I Don’t Want A Sci-Fi Future

Caitlin Johnstone 6 hr ago Listen to a reading of this article:   I don’t desire a future for humanity like the ones imagined by our culturally designated future-imaginers. I don’t want humans living in Elon Musk Mars colonies or Jeff Bezos space cylinders. I don’t want us […]

How Palantir Conquered the World

The Corbett Report   by James Corbett October 22, 2022 Imagine a company that knows everything about everyone. A company that is equally at ease helping banks identify fraud as it is helping intelligence agencies track down enemies of the state. A company that can combine pictures […]

Robots want your job

Nicholas Carlson October 18, 2022   Hello, Insiders. I can’t get over how weird this economy is. I traveled over the weekend and the airports are completely packed. Data says flying is back to pre-pandemic levels. Clearly lots of people feel good about their finances and are willing […]

Peter Thiel’s Theory of California: Has tech wealth turned California into a one-party state?

By Justin Murphy I’m constantly hearing about California’s acute mismanagement problems, but I haven’t heard any good, general theories of what’s going on. Until recently. Many of California’s issues have become nation-wide talking points: Extreme homelessness, high taxes causing migration to Texas and Florida, viral videos of mobs […]

Can Space Save Earth?

The world economy is in the doldrums, pessimism is rife around the world, and most young people, according to one survey, believe climate change means the end of human life on Earth. Yet a better future beckons, if we can only begin to look outside ourselves, and even […]