Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 4


Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week

Topics include:

North America’s first sex doll brothel, animal brothels, the incel movement, other strange sexual disorders, transgendered prisoners, transgendered athletes, Spencer Sunshine’s lists, mass murderer gives speech about cyberbullying, Trump says he fell asleep during mass murderer’s speech, the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, open sword carry legal in Texas, most weapons bans really are ridiculous, Infowars banned from Twitter, Marco Rubio hallway confrontation with Alex Jones, Alex Jones is mainstream, whorephobic Senator Kamala Harris is kind of a whore, mentally ill daycare provider hanged toddler, Rainbow Bright care facilities trafficked workers, article about Anarchism appears in Teen Vogue Magazine, Antifa’s black clad dress code, the Nazi Party’s SS uniforms, 15-year-old Swedish girl is cutting class to fight climate change, how high school kids can attack the system, China in Africa, China in China, Indian Americans run half of US motels, tribal access to 0-interest capital, American cutthroat culture.

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