Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy Episode 9


Keith & R.J. talk about PC culture and tribalism in America.

Articles discussed:

Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape by Stephen Hawkins, Daniel Yudkin, Miriam Juan-Torres, Tim Dixon

Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture by Yascha Mounk

The Threat of Tribalism by Amy Chua

Voluntary Tribalism: Why Not? by Nicky Reid

Rand Paul Warns of ‘Assassination’ Peril‘ by Gregg Re

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  1. Keith, great episode as always.

    Perhaps, an idea for your next episode: Do you think the Kavanaugh debacle has had any noticeable effect on delegitimizing the Supreme Court? or the state in general? You have written quite a bit about the state not garnering the same kind of loyalty it used to (a la Martin van Creveld). As you say, you hear, “America: Love It Or Leave It’ a lot less on the right these days.

    Is the de-legitimizing process proceeding as you predicted? Is it happening faster or slower than you thought? The partisans seem to want an increasingly powerful state, to fulfill their fantasies of revenge against the other party. Yet, the plurality of people who don’t care about politics – are increasingly disgusted with the whole charade.

    The partisans really are becoming quite annoying. I was at a large, left-wing of the ruling class, wedding during the Kavanaugh scandal. The bride repeatedly interrupted her own, happiest day of her life, to make insane, crazed rants about Kavanaugh. It was the craziest thing I ever did see.

    • I think the present state is losing its legitimacy, because both major tribes only regard it as legitimate when they hold power. Otherwise, they regard it as an enemy occupational regime and their opponents as an enemy nation. That applies to all the institutions, whether the SCOTUS, Congress, the Presidency, etc. And the fact that nearly half the public doesn’t vote, and 2/3 consider the Red/Blue tribal warfare to be an aggravation and generally doesn’t respect the system, is having the effect of delegitimizing the state as well. Things are unfolding about the way I thought they would, only faster. Five years ago I would have thought it would take 20 years rather than five to get to where we are now. But it’s also true this fight is mostly between tribalists who want a strong central government for their particular tribe, and not between people who have any kind of serious critique of the state, or any kind of substantive geopolitical, economic, legal, cultural, social or historical analysis. Not only is this true of the two major tribes, but it is also true of most of the fringe groups as well, as evidenced by the Alt-Right/Lite’s descent into Trumpism, the Left’s embrace of anti-Russian hysteria, the deterioration of left-anarchists into Antifa nonsense, the essential non-existence of the antiwar movement, the degeneration of libertarianism into a microcosm of the “who’s most oppressed?” pissing contest that defines the war between the two major tribes, and the ever expanding vulgarity and loopiness of everyone from WNs to SJWs.

    • Just do it. Start your own small town democracy. Think of what can be done in the community. I think too much of today’s is too much theory. In fact there is somewhat a break up of the rural and urban I think more like it was 100 years ago. The left has pushed to the urban and the right to the rural. However, the rural could in the future bring the end of the old system if people formed their own communities outside of what is going on around them.

  2. A new, very good article describing some very bad perspectives:

    It seems that the West wants to imitate the ugly example of Russia, where Internet censorship is common (since I’m Russian myself, I know what I’m taking about).

    For years, the Western segments of the Web were like a door to the free learning and free debate to me. I’m genuinely upset and scared by the perspective of censorship becoming universal – where would I turn for information, then?

  3. And here are some good news, for the difference – in the South America, in Peru, there are some apparent progress in defending the freedom and dignity of the people who are labelled as “mentally ill”:

    BTW, Keith, what do you think about anti-psychiatry / post-psychiatry / critical psychiatry? Do you think that movement defeding the freedom of the people who are considred to be “mentally disordered” by the coercive (read: violent) psychiatry can be a part of a wider libeartion movement?

    And what do you think about the role of the psychiatric labelling and enforement in the maintenance of the state oppression and suppression of any resistance to it?

      • In that video, Rabbi Shapiro explains how, historically, Jews were considered to be a religion, not an ethnic group, and certainly not a “race” in the modern sense (which is a concept that didn’t even develop until the 19th century). Traditional Christian anti-Semitism was religion-based, not ethnically based (the same way someone might be anti-Mormon today). If someone who was born Jewish didn’t practice the religion or converted to another religion, then they weren’t considered Jewish. Karl Marx is a good example. His family religious heritage was Jewish, but his father and he both converted to Lutheranism when Marx was in his teens, which rendered his family “non-Jewish” by definition. It’s no different from someone who is raised Catholic but who becomes an atheist and is by definition no longer a Catholic.

        When I was a young left-anarchist I had an anarchist friend who was middle aged and her father was in his 80s, and had been an American socialist who fought in the Spanish Civil War as part of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Their family religious heritage was Jewish (their last name was Bernstein) but they always denied that they were Jewish because they didn’t practice or believe in the religion, and they considered Israel to be a fascist regime. That was normal for many Jews in the 19th and 20th century who rejected the religion and embraced secular philosophies and ideologies. For instance, in spite of right-wing claims of a “Jewish Communist conspiracy” an actual Jewish Communist would have considered themselves to simply be Communist, not Jewish.

        Ironically, Zionism and National Socialism really are similar in the sense of being rooted in 19th century ideas that developed a biological view of race and ethnicity (as opposed to linguistic and cultural, which had been the previous norm), and deified the nation-state as the manifestation of the racial or ethnic group. The way Rabbi Shapiro is describing Netanyahu’s statement concerning how “Jews don’t turn the other cheek” and represent an idealized masculinity actually sounds a lot like Goebbels’ description of the “German-heroic ideal.” Modern Zionism is also an ironic instance of becoming what you hate. It’s almost like they’re striving to become everything the National Socialists claimed “the Jews” were.

        It’s interesting how both Nazis and Zionists have a conception of “the Jews” that is a totally contrived fictitious construct. As Rabbi Shapiro says, the Jews are a religion, the majority of whose adherents tend to be of European or Middle Eastern ethnic backgrounds just like the majority of Buddhists are of Asian ethnicities. The Nazis claimed that Jews were a distinctive biological category, a kind of Asiatic sub-species, which is similar to the way Jews are defined by Zionists, i.e. as race defined by blood not a religion, culture, language, etc. For instance, blacks of the Jewish faith are barely welcome in Israel at all.

        But as Zionists like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Praeger never tire of pointing out, most Westerners of Jewish religious heritage are actually secular liberals, mostly atheists who embrace Enlightenment liberal ideas, and who couldn’t care less about Israel. Even Western Jews that are ideologically attached to Israel are mostly just reacting against the legacy of Nazism.

        Rabbi Shapiro is also totally right that the theological rationale behind Zionism was actually the product of British evangelical Protestant tendencies that emerged in the Cromwellian era, and which was exploited by Zionists in the 19th and 20th century (which is part of the reason for the jokes about the “useful dumb goy” that you find among both modern Zionists and modern anti-Semites alike).

  4. Well, before Christians had an influence in the Roman empire. the Jews turn them into the Roman Government. Also, while Jews were powerless a lot in Christian societies and were prosecuted there were a few examples when Jews got into power and punished the Christians. One example is in 6th century Yemen. Christian and Jewish dislike of each other goes back to Roman Times.

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