That Was Quick: Libertarian Justin Amash Drops Out Of Presidential Race

I don’t really think Justin Amash is all that bad for a Republican (which is an extraordinarily low standard). But he’s still just a Tea Party-type, Koch-flunkie. I’m also not a Libertarian Party member, so I don’t get a say, but I would prefer than the LP not run these Republican throwaways.  But Kyle’s take on how Amash was essentially bullied out of the electoral system is interesting. I don’t see any value in electoral campaigns unless they are done for purely propagandistic purposes (like Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012), or for mock purposes (like Vermin Supreme). The only kind of electoral action I might ever consider voting for personally would be the idea I once suggested of a “pan-secessionist meta-party” but even that would be a mere afterthought to an on-the-ground revolutionary movement, i.e. the political arm of a popular insurgency.

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