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Fox Host: Telling People To Stay Home Is Class Warfare

I generally think Greg Gutfield is a moron who is mostly just about regurgitating the standard FOX News hand-wringing about “socialism,” as if there were an actual socialist movement of any significance in the US (and, no, recycled New Dealer Bernie Sanders and McGoverite liberal AOC are not “socialists’).

But I also disagree with Kyle Kulinski’s take on this as well, even if I agree with many of his individual points. The “class struggle” that we presently have in the US is not a Left/Right issue. Since this COVID-19 thing started, both the Left and Right have outperformed each other in various ways. The Left has generally been better at demanding reparations from the state/ruling class/power elite in the form of things like hazard pay for essential workers, UBI, debt deferment/cancelation, etc. But the Right has generally been better as pointing out the present situation involves important tradeoffs between public health concerns on one hand, and economic needs and civil liberties on the other. Regrettably, the scientism and therapeutism of most modern liberals and leftists leads them to a one-sided analysis of this problem, even if the anti-science biases and economism of many on the right leads them to another kind of one-sided analysis.

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