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Coronavirus Update: 2.7 Million Cases, Almost 200k Dead, Civil Disobedience Spreads

Many of those who are engaged in civil disobedience regarding the shelter-in-place orders are misguided in a lot of their thinking, but they are still a necessary counterpart to the state. The state must be challenged in all circumstances. It is for this same reason that oppositional subcultures of any kind serve a critically important social role, e.g. cults and sectarian religious communities, gangs, conspiracy theorists (9/11 truthers, JFK assassination revisionists, lizard people or UFO enthusiasts,) scientific heretics (creationists, anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, geocentrists, climate change deniers,), historical heretics (ancient astronaut theorists), rebellious youth cultures (punk, heavy metal, goth, emo, gangsta rap), transgressive artists, drug cultures, deviant sex cultures, black market enterprisers, what sociologists call “retreatists” (hermits, dropouts, vagrants), and many others. All enemies of the state must be defended.

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