No, if Biden Wins the Election, it Won’t “Destroy America” Reply

Bidenism will be about marginalizing the Trumpists, co-opting the Left, and strengthening repression, while consolidating the position of the neoliberal/neoconservative ruling class. Styx greatly underestimates how serious the economic situation is. He’s listening to too much ruling class propaganda about how well the stock market is doing.

The Cringe Fringe Left Going After Christianity is a Massive Mistake Reply

Indeed it is. What the totalitarian Left typically tries to do is ride the wave of popular rebellion to state power. But when they start attacking the religion is often when they start losing popular sympathy, and public opinion will then take a rightward turn. It happened in Hungary in 1919, in Spain in 1936, in Iran in 1979, and plenty of other places.  This is how you get the Falangists and the Revolutionary Guards.

The Alt Right Increasingly Embraces Communism, is Destroying Itself 6

A few years back, when I used to speak to Alt-Right groups, leftist friends would ask me why I was interested in them. I used to always say, “Just think of them as the Communist Party of the Right.” I even presented what was essentially a Maoist interpretation of international relations at one of their conferences. I didn’t realize at the time how right I was.

The “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Crowd Shows the Ideological Weakness of the Democrats Reply

My political perspective is somewhat different from Styx’s (who is a something of a right-libertarian Trumpist). But I generally agree with his analysis in this. For all practical purposes, the US now has three political parties: Trumpists, neoliberals, and social democrats (all completely lame, of course).

Coronavirus Update: 2.7 Million Cases, Almost 200k Dead, Civil Disobedience Spreads Reply

Many of those who are engaged in civil disobedience regarding the shelter-in-place orders are misguided in a lot of their thinking, but they are still a necessary counterpart to the state. The state must be challenged in all circumstances. It is for this same reason that oppositional subcultures of any kind serve a critically important social role, e.g. cults and sectarian religious communities, gangs, conspiracy theorists (9/11 truthers, JFK assassination revisionists, lizard people or UFO enthusiasts,) scientific heretics (creationists, anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, geocentrists, climate change deniers,), historical heretics (ancient astronaut theorists), rebellious youth cultures (punk, heavy metal, goth, emo, gangsta rap), transgressive artists, drug cultures, deviant sex cultures, black market enterprisers, what sociologists call “retreatists” (hermits, dropouts, vagrants), and many others. All enemies of the state must be defended.

Insane Socialist AOC Blames “Late Stage Capitalism” for Coronavirus Unemployment 1

This is actually some pretty good economic commentary. I disagree with bits of this but it’s more than just the standard right-wing rant against “socialism” (although there are elements of that as well). This fellow seems to have a better understanding of the relationship between State and Capital than most right-libertarians.

I Hate Leftist Economics Reply

Like many people, Styx is confused about what “leftist” economics actually is. As Murray Rothbard demonstrated, state-socialism was a reactionary effort that had its intellectual roots in Counter-Enlightenment thinkers like Jean Jacques Rousseau and G.W.F. Hegel. What Americans think of as “socialism” is really progressivism, i.e. the deification of the public administration state that was developed in Prussia in the 19th century, and imported into the US by intellectuals educated in German universities in opposition to America’s classical liberal tradition. English Fabianism is a comparable tradition, one based on the furtherance of supposed social reform through the enlightened management of the educated classes. As Noam Chomsky and Larry Gambone have argued, the central thrust of historic socialism was always something more like anarchism. It was in the 20th century that socialism came to be identified with statism due to its cooptation by progressives and Fabians (“social democrats”) in the Western countries, and its subversion by Bolshevism in the Eastern countries.

And not to sound like Dinesh D’souza here, but it could be argued that between the 1860s and 1960s, the Republicans were the more left-wing party in the US. Certainly, that was true in the Civil War era when the Republicans were the party of the liberal-capitalist industrial bourgeoisie with the Democrats being the party of the agrarian gentry and semi-feudal slavery.  Beginning in the Progressive Era, the Democrats were a coalition of Southern agrarian racialists and Northern progressives who admired the Prussian model, with the Republicans being a liberal bourgeois party that was often to the left of the Democrats on black civil rights issues, and that’s more or less how it was until the 1960s when the Democrats did an about-face on civil rights, and the Nixon Republicans brought the segregationists into their camp.