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  1. ….rants for 10 mins without taking a breath….

    “that’s about all, peace out.”

    Funny dude.

  2. A lot of the movement that is left in the streets is comprised of the underclass and radicals who are pushing for nothing less than police abolition. This is the stage when the resistance is marginalized by both itself and by the liberal forces. As it stands radicals make it far too easy to be divided and conquered both internally and by external forces.

    I don’t think middle class normies would support meaningful reform, anyway. They haven’t sunk economically and politically far enough yet. There have been a handful of decent reforms but we are yet to see if they will last. A few gang units have been disbanded, a few school districts have kicked out safety resource officers out of high schools, and Colorado has ended qualified immunity.

    The police are an inherent part of protecting property values, which are the main sources of wealth for the middle class. If that house of cards had fallen at the same time as this uprising then maybe we’d be talking some seriously revolutionary shit.

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