Biden Campaign Starting ‘Republicans For Biden’

The neocons, led by Bill Kristol, are using the Biden campaign to colonize the Democrats, while Trump has an 80% approval rating among the Republicans. If the neocons are successful at this, it means the US will have a neocon party and a faux-populist right-wing plutocratic party. Imagine if the two major parties in the US were Israel’s Likud Party and El Salvador’s ARENA, which the former lurching leftward on social questions and the latter appropriating LenPenist rhetoric, and you get an idea of what US politics would look like.

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  1. The key is that it is BIDEN who is starting “Republicans for Biden”. Last I checked, Biden wasn’t a Republican. And, I strongly suspect that the vast majority of Republicans who don’t like Trump…ALSO don’t like Biden, as well.

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