What is the Workshop?

by Rachel Haywire

The Cathedral is the new matrix. Anyone familiar with Mencius Moldbug is familiar with this fact. We are trapped, ideologically, by the academic institutions that tell us how to think. We are pressured, socially, to associate ourselves with meaningless causes that give us status points. Holding the most socially progressive viewpoint in the room is a valuable commodity here in the United States of Groupthink. There is nothing genuine to see here. People know that equality simply does not exist. Yet the facade, somehow, remains. Call it a survival instinct.

I once thought the New York Times was “evil capitalism” and assumed it was some right wing banker conspiracy. I guess it wasn’t until the Internet turned 2.0 that I truly saw what was going on. The New York Times was trying to impress MIT. People were consistently pretending to be more liberal than they actually were to achieve as much power as they possibly could. The problem was not capitalism but the way people were rewarded economically for having social activist flair. This caused social activism, in itself, to become meaningless. People stopped fighting for things that they truly believed in, and began fighting to impress the crowd with their manufactured target-alturism.

Since our institutions are ruled by a dominant progressive mentality, we have no idea what the majority of people are actually thinking. The obsessive desire to be politically correct and ever-so-current is part of regular social programming and economic well-being. There are some things that people simply refuse to say because they make The Cathedral angry. So. Much. Repression.

Why do you pretend to agree with views that you find superficial and naive?

What is the process that enables The Cathedral to exist? I am going to call it The Workshop because it is fairly easy to identify. The Cathedral is often hard to see when you are completely immersed in it. The Workshop, on the other hand, is the process of The Cathedral at work. It is what I’d like to think of as its driving engine. It is impossible to ignore The Workshop because it stops you from saying what is on your mind. Every time you refuse to express yourself in fear of being seen as politically incorrect, you are driving The Workshop. Every time you pretend to have a view that you don’t actually have, support a feel-good slogan you find to be repugnant, or claim to support a community agenda that you have no genuine interest in, you are attending The Workshop.

The popular act of facade-liberalism is the ideological factory of the Workshop, and all members and participants of The Workshop enable The Cathedral to hold power over dominant culture. It is not until we leave The Workshop that The Cathedral will burn. We must stop giving The Workshop power and refuse to join its pitiful swan dance. We must stop driving it and stop donating to it with our memes. We must refuse to participate in the assembly line of memetic brainwashing. Unpopular ideas want to be free, and it is time to release them so the stupid intelligentsia will grow a brain.

Hanging out in elite circles of fringe political movements is thrilling on an ideological level, yet it does not address the problem of The Workshop being the emperor that everyone puts their clothing on. The Workshop does not exist because it is a series of actions that enable The Cathedral. Leaving The Workshop involves stoping these actions. The Workshop is an ideological disease that people carry because they think it will improve their lives. Identify the disease and you will realize it has not been improving your life one bit. Rather, it has been causing you to hold back your true opinions and live your life a lie.

You can cancel your membership to The Workshop right now.

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