A Long Talk With Anthony Fauci’s Boss About the Pandemic, Vaccines, and Faith Reply

By Jebediah Reed

New York Intelligencer

Even before he became the point person in a global effort to find a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Francis Collins occupied an interesting perch in government. One of the few Obama appointees still serving in a major role in the Trump administration, Collins, who rose to prominence in 1990s as leader of the Human Genome Project, is the head of the National Institutes of Health, the federal government’s gargantuan hub for medical research.


Do American Indians Celebrate the 4th of July? Reply

Some do, some don’t.  Stereotypes, while sometimes rooted in fact, also contain many, many variations. My maternal grandmother’s father was Cherokee, and their family was Methodist. I’ve personally known Native Americans whose politics ranged from far-left anarchist to conservative Republican, to admiration for George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party.

By Dennis Zotigh

Smithsonian Magazine

How do Native Americans observe the 4th of July? This year, many people’s plans reflect their concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. But the answer has always been as complicated as America’s history.


Hispanic Republicans? Yep, and they’re here to stay Reply

Are Hispanic the new Italians? In recent years, I’ve noticed an increased number of prominent minority conservatives/Republicans. An Iraqi immigrant woman wants to challenge Ilhan Omar. A Jamaican immigrant woman planned to challenge Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and dropped out. A Hispanic woman running for Congress in Florida bills herself as an anti-AOC. Gay married Dave Rubin and atheist Somali immigrant Ayaan Hirsi Ali are now becoming conservative icons. Many other examples. I know a lot of Republican-voting, FOX New-watching “conservatives” and most of them seem to not have any real problem with ethnic minorities, women, immigrants, or even gays as long as they get the politics “right” (literally speaking). Some on the alt-right are now embracing Islam and/or Communism. Many people would be surprised by the number of minorities found in supposed “white nationalist” circles. And many leftists express utter hatred for minority conservatives.


Washington NFL team to do ‘thorough review’ of name, opening door to change 3

In the interest of truth-in-sports-advertising, all of Washington, D.C.’s sports teams should be given names like the Washington War Criminals, Washington Imperialist Dogs, Washington Tyrants, Washington Scumbags…many other possibilities.

By Minyvonne Burke and Doha Madani

NBC News

The Washington NFL team said Friday they will do a “thorough review” of the team’s name, which has long been condemned as an anti-Indigenous slur. The news comes a day after FedEx, which owns the naming rights to the field where the team plays, requested that the team change its name. “In light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community, the Washington Redskins are announcing the team will undergo a thorough review of the team’s name. This review formalizes the initial discussions the team has been having with the league in recent weeks,” the team said in a statement.


UC Berkeley History Professor’s Open Letter Against BLM, Police Brutality and Cultural Orthodoxy Reply

I agree with some points made in this article and disagree with others. But I’d say many of the arguments made are beside the point. Whether one believes George Floyd was personally a nice guy or not, whether one thinks systemic racism is the sole explanation for the overrepresentation of blacks in the “criminal justice system,” whether one agrees with the ideology of BLM (to the degree it has an ideology), or whether one likes the political Left or PC culture, is beside the point. The American police state is about much, much more than race, ideology, crime, individual cases, political correctness, cultural patterns in particular communities, or even social class.


A Statue of Hatuey Reply

By Don Fitz

If you look at a US $20 bill, you might notice Andrew Jackson nervously watching statues of Columbus and Robert E. Lee coming down and wondering if his face is going to disappear from currency.  As Democrats ponder which militarist they wish to glorify in the next round of monuments, it is critical to realize that statues which go up are at least as important as the ones that come down.  Perhaps the best nominee for a new statue is Hatuey.

A few years ago, while visiting my daughter and grandson in Havana, I learned that his favorite playmate was Hatuey.  “I recognize a lot of Spanish names,” I told my daughter. “But I’ve never heard that one.”


South Dakota governor calls removal of Confederate statues effort to ‘discredit’ founding fathers Reply

Princess Kristi is merely trying to advance her position within the Trumpist Party by positioning herself as a friend of the right-wing of the Red Tribe. Obviously, the Confederacy is completely irrelevant to South Dakota (which wasn’t even a state during the time of the US Civil War). Kristi is a flunkie for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and for global corporations that profit from outsourcing to countries with de facto slave labor. She cares no more for the Confederacy or historic Americana than some mid-level divisional manager at the World Bank. This is no different than the traditional practice of the Belgian empire of playing the Hutus and Tutsis off against each other in their Rwandan colony.

Tal Axelrod

The Hill

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) hammered activists calling for the removal of Confederate statues, saying they are trying to “discredit” America’s founding fathers.

“Across America these last several weeks, we have been witnessing a very troubling situation unfold. In real time, we are watching an organized, coordinated campaign to remove and eliminate all references to our nation’s founding and many other points in our history,” Noem said at a Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore with President Trump.

The approach focuses exclusively on our forefathers’ flaws, but it fails to capitalize on the opportunity to learn from their virtues,” she added. “Make no mistake, this is being done deliberately to discredit America’s founding principles by discrediting the individuals who formed them, so that America can be remade into a different political image.”


Protesters block highway as Trump makes his way to Mount Rushmore Reply

This is kind of like Netanyahu holding a campaign rally in the West Bank or Gaza.

Trump is obviously trying to fuel “culture war” sympathy on the right because he knows he can hardly run on the great state of the nation. One reason why I think the wave of statue/monument vandalism was a mistake was that it fuels things like this, i.e. a pushback from the right-wing, led by a demagogic politician who only wants to distract attention away from everything else (mass unemployment, botched handling of the pandemic, the recent class-based insurrection, widening class divisions, the police state, etc.) by inciting some tribes against others.

The statue vandalism craze was a distraction from the more substantive issues (the insurrection against the state and capitalist class) and provided a vehicle for propagandists for the right-wing of the ruling class to deflect attention away from the insurgency toward the culture war by playing tribe against tribe: “Forget attacking the power elite, one of those other tribes over there is vandalizing your icons!” How the protestors play this hand will be important. It’s essential that they do not succumb to Trump’s bait. Trump would like nothing better than mayhem so he can appeal to safety-crazed soccer moms and say, “Do you want this coming to Peoria?”

By Tal Axelrod

The Hill

Protesters were seen on Friday blocking a highway in South Dakota ahead of President Trump’s appearance at Mount Rushmore for a July 4 celebration. Demonstrators were seen gathering about three hours before Trump’s appearance, sparking warnings from authorities for them to clear the way. Law enforcement was later seen putting on gas masks and launching smoke bombs into the crowd to try to disperse the protesters.


Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing Reply

It’s going to be interesting to observe how the fracturing of electoral politics into three factions (the neoliberal/neocon duopoly, Trumpists, and social democrats) will impact the two-party system. It’s also possible a “radical centrist” faction will emerge as well (e.g. Brett Weinstein’s latest project, or Jesse Ventura’s write-in campaign).

By Alex Thompson


Tucker Carlson’s audience is booming — and so is chatter that the popular Fox News host will parlay his TV perch into a run for president in 2024.

Republican strategists, conservative commentators, and former Trump campaign and administration officials are buzzing about Carlson as the next-generation leader of Donald Trump’s movement — with many believing he would be an immediate frontrunner in a Republican primary.


Spanish towns offer new home for statues targeted by protests in US Reply

Good plan. Move the statues to places where people actually want them.

By Ashifa Kassam

The Guardian

A handful of towns in Spain have sought to wade into America’s reckoning with its past, offering to rehome controversial statues targeted over their links to colonialism and centuries of genocide against indigenous peoples in the Americas.

Last month, lawmakers in California announced that the statue of Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus would be removed from the state capitol in Sacramento, describing it as “completely out of place today” in the Capitol rotunda where it has stood since 1883.


The Case against Revolution with Ayaan Hirsi Ali Reply

A pro-reformist contribution to the reform vs. revolution debate. We need both Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine, both of whom were proto-anarchists. Burke’s “Vindication of Natural Society” is essentially an anarcho-libertarian document, and Paine was what would today be called a minarchist with economic views similar to those later popularized by Henry George.


Big business wants Facebook to CENSOR anti-establishment voices Reply

Well, at least we know which firms to attack during the next wave of uprisings (if we didn’t already). And intra-ruling class conflict is always welcome. It’s also interesting how “hate” has become the new “obscenity.” It shows that the ruling class can always use whatever mores are dominant in the wider society to their advantage.


The Coronavirus Is Also Spreading a Dark New Era of Neo-Feudalism Reply

The important takeaways from Kotkin’s work are these three basic points: 1) class relations in developed societies are increasingly resembling those in traditional (feudal), early capitalist or “Third World” societies; 2) the oligarchs of the new high-tech industries and financial institutions have replaced the old bourgeoisie as the dominant sectors of the capitalist class; and 3) the “ideas industries” (education, media/journalism, entertainment, advertising/marketing, human resources, law, etc) which are dominated by the urban professional classes have replaced organized religion as the arbiters and disseminators of values and ideology for the wider society. This transformation is the next phase in the development of capitalism, following the market revolution, the age of exploration, the industrial revolution, and the managerial revolution

By Joel Kotkin

New Geography

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the global shift already underway towards a neo-feudal society. With the middle-class economy largely shut down and, in the best-case scenario, in for a long and painful recovery, the population that is barely hanging on is expanding rapidly in America and around the world. In the U.S. alone, the ranks of the poor are projected to increase by as much as 50 percent, to levels not seen in at least a half century.


St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out on ‘Tucker’ 1

If opinion leaders, activists, “radicals,” BLMs, etc. are wise they will outspokenly oppose the criminal prosecution of these two. The last thing that needs to happen is for public support for repression to increase, for inter-tribal warfare to escalate, or for Red State/conservative middle-class Falangists to emerge. The Left and/or minorities will not win a civil war. Forty percent of the US armed forces are Southern working-class whites, who are heavily concentrated in combat divisions. Many others are white ethnics from the North. The conservative middle-class sectors only want order, and the liberal sectors of the middle-class (of any color) are not going to sacrifice their class interests to any significant degree, regardless of how “woke” they claim to be or think they are. While the lumpenproletariat is the natural vanguard class of an anarchist revolution, they are driven by egoism, not spartan military discipline. Think tactically, folks.

Will the Neocons Bait, Turn, Switch, and Purge the Antifa/SJWs While Suppressing the Lumpenproletariat? 1

This is important stuff.

I recently put a couple of questions concerning current events to a well-known intellectual historian, a Jewish man whose parents fled Hungary during the rise of Hitler, and who is a specialist in the history of 20th-century totalitarian movements.  His responses confirmed my suspicion that both the bizarre de facto alliance of the far-left, liberals, neocons, and Bush Republicans which has emerged in opposition to the Trumpists, and the seeming acquiescence of the state to both the iconoclasm spree of the far left and the lumpenproletarian insurrection, represents efforts by the capitalist class, the new clerisy, and the Deep State to weaponize both the far left and the insurrectionists against the Trumpists, subsequently purging or co-opting both, while restoring neocon dominance of the military-industrial-intelligence complex. In other words, it’s all about putting the neocons back in charge of US foreign policy. Remember that the neocons started out as Trots, and this is exactly how Bolshies do things.


Craig Johnson: Oklahoma police officer dies after traffic stop shooting Reply

I haven’t been able to determine what this shooting was about, but the best way to prevent killings of either civilians or cops is to simply end traffic stops unless they are absolutely necessary, i.e. a clear and present danger to the safety of others is immediately present such as a visibly drunk or otherwise seriously reckless driver. And the way those stops are conducted needs to be changed as well.

By Theresa Waldrop and Janine Mack
A Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer has died and another is in critical condition after they were shot during a traffic stop early Monday, police said. A suspect has been arrested.
Sgt. Craig Johnson died Tuesday, Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said at a news conference.

David Ware, 32, was arrested Monday in the shooting and faces a first-degree murder charge and two other felony charges, shooting with intent to kill and possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony, according to an online court record from the Oklahoma State Courts Network.

A man accused of being an accomplice to Ware was also arrested Monday and faces charges of accessory to murder and accessory to a felony, to the online court site.