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The COVID Class War Heats Up

Michael Lind nails it again. By Michael Lind, Tablet The bitter debate over lockdowns and mask mandates in America is not just another polarizing culture war between left and right. It also has elements of a class war. But it’s not the class war you might think it […]

Biden Goes FULL Drug Warrior

The “War on Drugs” has always been a tool of imperialism and the construction of a domestic police state. The liberal wing of the ruling class may have to decriminalize marijuana in order to pacify its boomer/hippie/youth constituencies and enact very modest  “criminal justice reforms” in order to […]

The Empire of Rainbow Imperialism

For some time, probably about 25 years, I’ve been predicting the emergence of this kind of weird “rainbow-queer-multicultural-feminist-authoritarian-statist-oligarchic-capitalist-militarist-imperialist” regime. Here it is. Also, Lloyd Austin is Raytheon’s representative in the Biden administration, the same role played by Mark Esper in the Trump administration.

Cardi B vs. Candace Owens Shows Nature Is HEALING

The optimism about Biden’s America (“Back to the 90s”) reflected in this segment is way overstated. A slight, temporary improvement in the economy and the post-pandemic reopening will not outweigh the widening class divisions, reproletarianization of labor, growing lumpenproletarianism, and the existential conflict associated with the “culture war,” […]

Facebook vs. Tom Woods

By Tom Woods As my regular listeners know, I do a lot more than COVID. In 2019 my friend Jimmy Morrison and I hosted the New York City premiere of the documentary film The Bubble, about the 2008 financial crisis. On stage with us for commentary afterwards was […]