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The Star Too Far

By Thales, Declination Watching the election in Virginia, and to a lesser extent in New Jersey, was fascinating. In 2020, the Establishment pulled every stop, every dirty trick, perhaps even outright fraud but certainly, at a bare minimum, a relentlessly biased media campaign. And, naturally, it worked. Yet […]

The Trials of Critical Race Theory

As America reckons with systemic racism, schools are responding by expanding diversity and inclusion efforts. But as the efforts have become fused with a decades-old legal concept known as critical race theory, some parents and conservative activists are fighting back. A new episode of CBSN Originals’ Reverb series […]

The New Pro-Gun Generation

Portrayals of Second Amendment activists as mostly White males openly carrying assault weapons is changing. A new episode of CBSN Originals’ Reverb series investigates how gun owners are growing more diverse as increasing numbers of Black, Latino, and other underrepresented Americans arm up out of fear for their […]

An (Un)Civil War: The Evangelical Divide

A new episode of CBSN Originals’ Reverb series reveals that as Christian nationalism attracts followers, traditional pastors fear for their faith and the country. Evangelical Christians are a powerful political force, but an extreme faction has divided the community. In the half-hour documentary, An (Un)Civil War: The Evangelical […]

The Bush Restoration

Predictably, Michael Lind once again gets it right. 100%. Although the main negative inherent in his analysis is one that he doesn’t mention. The trends he describes open the door for a return to power by the neocons. I have been concerned that we are presently in a […]