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The Right’s Sun Tzuicide

By David Cole, Taki’s Throughout my life, I’ve often been accused of lacking empathy. It’s a critique that goes back to high school, when I was a compassionless bully. And I’ll admit, I do have an empathy problem, but only when it comes to imbeciles. I just can’t […]

David Brooks’ Love Affair

By Emile Doak, The American Conservative Conservatism is alive and well. David Brooks is a scorned lover. This refers not to the circumstances surrounding his divorce from his wife of twenty-seven years, finalized in 2014 while he was writing The Road to Character. No, Brooks has instead been […]

Most Partisan Industries

This is incomplete but it’s a decent overview of the present alignments of ruling class faction. Open Secrets The most partisan industries are determined by calculating the amount of money given to Democratic or Republican candidates and party committees compared to all the money given, including money going […]