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The Travails of Trumpification

By Timothy W. Luke, Telos Also available in Kindle ebook format at In this series of critical essays written over the course of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, from its chaotic early days to its calamitous end, Timothy W. Luke explores how the recent twists and turns in […]

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew named-dropped during Epstein pilot testimony

By Ben Feuerherd and Tamar Lapin New York Post Prince Andrew and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were among the high-profile men to get name-dropped Tuesday at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial in Manhattan. Maxwell’s defense attorney quizzed Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime former pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. […]

House members descend into a Twitter brouhaha after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Rep. Nancy Mace as ‘the trash in the GOP conference’

By Grace Panetta Insider House GOP members descended into an intraparty Twitter quarrel on Tuesday morning, which was sparked by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene denouncing her colleague Rep. Nancy Mace as “the trash in the GOP conference” and pushing Islamophobic stereotypes by accusing the South Carolina lawmaker of […]

Rightwing Multiculturalism Explained

By Robert Stark I have advocated for a version of multiculturalism, which could be called Rightwing Multiculturalism, in that it is an alternative to the divisive woke version of multiculturalism. I would describe Rightwing Multiculturalism as the idea that many groups can coexist and respect one another while […]