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Fundamentalism on the Left

By John M. Vella Chronicles Minds Wide Shut: How the New Fundamentalisms Divide Us by Gary Saul Morson and Morton Schapiro Princeton University Press 336 pp., $29.95 Fundamentalism has long been considered a religious phenomenon, a narrowmindedness that only afflicts Bible-thumping extremists. Yet fundamentalist thinking is everywhere today, […]

Equality’s Third Wave

However much some folks may be inclined to make fun of this, I suspect it is the key to ending Wokeism. Just let everyone identify as whatever they want to identify as. By Zbigniew Janowski Chronicles Equality is undergoing a new renaissance in which all identities are fluid […]

Thomas Friedman Roars Back to Form

By Matt Taibbi “Two amputee British actors, sitting in a tree, something, something, C-O-W!” Plus, a contest with prizes! Esteemed Yale professor Samuel Moyn tweeted this yesterday, cruelly tagging me and forcing a look at New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s latest: Samuel Moyn 🔭 @samuelmoyn Count of […]

How Progressives Ruined San Francisco: Michael Shellenberger

The author of the new book “San Fransicko,” says the homelessness crisis is an addiction and mental health crisis enabled by policies that permit open-air drug scenes on public property and prevent police from enforcing laws Full text and links:… —————— Subscribe to our YouTube channel:… […]

The New White Flight

By Michael Brendan Dougherty National Review The white upper middle class is deranging American politics. We should have seen it coming. In 2010, America’s last famous novelist, Jonathan Franzen, launched on the reading public Freedom, his tale of a striving family headed by Walter and Patty Berglund. They […]

Legalizing Prostitution: Does it Increase or Decrease Sex Trafficking?

This is a pretty nuanced discussion of this issue. By Ronald Weitzer, Global Policy This is part of a forthcoming Global Policy e-book on modern slavery. Contributions from leading experts highlighting practical and theoretical issues surrounding the persistence of slavery, human trafficking and forced labour are being serialised here over the coming months. Ronald […]

The Tide Is Turning on Gun Control

By Cody J. Wisniewski, The American Conservative Contrary to popular misconceptions, the Second Amendment did not create a right to keep and bear arms. Rather, the Second Amendment acknowledges and seeks to protect the People’s natural right to self-defense and the tools required for the exercise of that right, which […]

January 6: The Unasked Question

By William S. Lind, Traditional Right This column is not another retrospective on the Capitol Hill riot of January 6, 2021. rather it is a retrospective on the recent retrospective of the original event. What we saw in that retrospective is what anyone who understands the system would […]

Why Black & Latino Democrats Are Standing Up To White Progressives On Crime, Drugs, & Homelessness

This article is interesting because it foreshadows what mainstream political debate is going to look like in the future, at least in heavily populated areas. Today’s moderates are tomorrow’s conservatives. Today’s far-left are tomorrow’s liberals. Over time, today’s conservatives (e.g. FOX fans) are going to be increasingly small […]

Politicizing COVID-19 From the Start

By Victor Davis Hanson, Independent Institute Thousands of Americans have died needlessly because of weaponized disinformation about China’s culpability, vaccines, useful drugs, lockdowns, racial preferences, and long-term care facilities. From the moment COVID-19 appeared, the pandemic became inseparable from politics. Political frenzy was inevitable since the SARS-CoV-2 virus […]

Is This the End of Progressive America?

By Joel Kotkin Over the past several decades, the progressive Left has successfully fulfilled Antonio Gramsci’s famed admonition of a “long march through the institutions”. In almost every Western country, its adherents now dominate the education system, media, cultural institutions, and financial behemoths. But what do they have […]