Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police Reply

While I agree with 99% of this article, I’m a bit suspicious as to why the New York Times (“Voice of the Ruling Class”-Abbie Hoffman) was willing to publish it. It seems like some kind of co-optation scheme is in the works. The left-wing of the ruling class (the tech-oligarch/financier/new clerisy alliance) seems to envision a future American empire that is organized domestically more like the European Union, complete with the social worker cops of Scandinavia, and which continues to rule the world under the cover of the UN. I’ve been saying that this is the end-game of the “left-wing of capital” for 20 years as opposed to the neoconservatives and traditional hawks (the John Bolton types) who simply want a Pax Americana.

The main disagreement I have with this is that the author appears to be a social democrat/welfare statist. I am critical of social democracy even as it’s practiced in relatively benign states like the Scandinavian countries, which strike me as totalitarian humanist theocracies even if they lack military power or the massive police states of the US. Their small size and geographic constraints prevent them from becoming imperialistic. However, they are basically the “blue states” of the European Union, which is a rising totalitarian humanist empire.  North Korea is the Stalinist/fascist dystopia of Orwell’s 1984, while the European Union (particular England and Scandinavia) are Huxley’s Brave New World, with America being more like byzantine bureaucracy depicted in Kafka novels.

As a decentralist and an anti-imperialist, I am willing to tolerate the occasional totalitarian humanist microstate (like Iceland), the occasional fascist city-state (like Singapore), or the occasional Stalinist island (like Cuba). But I can’t really see promoting any of those as ends unto themselves.

Another problem with this article is that, like most liberal and leftist writing on the police state, it tends toward racial reductionism. Historically, African-Americans were the Dalits of the Western hemisphere, with Native Americans being more like the Palestinians of the Western hemisphere.


Calls to remove controversial Abraham Lincoln statue in Boston Reply

Did the Left and the neo-Confederates finally find something they can agree on? Hating on Father Abraham, lol.

By Josh Brogadir


The dismantling of controversial statues and monuments in the city of Boston is a mounting subject in the ongoing push for racial justice in the nation.

Calls to take down a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Boston’s Park Square, between the Park Plaza and the Transportation Building, are growing. The statue of President Lincoln, the Great Empancipator, is depicted with a slave on his knees.

A petition to remove the statue was spearheaded by an African American man from Boston named Tory Bullock who says he’s been seeing the statue since he was a kid.

“It says that it’s a statue that’s supposed to represent freedom. But, to me, it represents submissiveness,” Bullock said. “It represents: ‘Know your place, because that’s where you belong.'”


13 of the world’s most controversial monuments Reply

Even Satan has a monument in his honor.

By Gabbi Shaw



Speaking Queerly About Whiteness Reply

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

White people hate to talk about race, even the supposedly woke ones. When they do, the entire conversation is almost inevitably governed by fear. With white conservatives, it’s usually the fear of being made irrelevant by darker bodies. With white liberals, it’s usually the fear of being outed as being just as scared as the conservatives they mock. I’ve never really had much trouble discussing race myself, though that does seem to get me into a lot of trouble. Identity fascinates me, probably because my own has always been so goddamn elusive. In spite of the color of my flesh, I can’t recall a time in my life where I wasn’t treated as an “Other”.


Third consecutive weekend of anti-racism protests expands to suburbs, as ‘Blue Lives Matter’ demonstrators push back Reply

It is interesting how the protests have taken place in small towns, suburban areas, and deep red zones as well as in the cities. My best guess is that it’s because the police state is large enough and entrenched enough that at this point virtually everyone has a family member or friend who has been victimized by pigs at some point. Really this is just a variation of those “National Night Out” anti-crime events, only this time around it is pig crime rather than the private sector kind of crime that is being protested.

By Toluse Olorunnipa, Jon Silman, Maura Ewing, Kevin Williams

Washington Post


George Floyd: 10 things that have changed since his death Reply

Most of this sounds like capitalist class co-optation efforts, celebrity self-promotion, symbolic gestures, token reformism, and totalitarian humanist opportunism. In other words, nothing much at all has changed, at least not yet.


A mural dedicated to George Floyd

There have been protests around the world over the way police treat black people and highlighting racism and inequality in societies.

His family say they don’t want his death to be in vain.

Radio 1 Newsbeat has been looking at 10 things that have already changed since George Floyd died.


‘The Five’ spar over legitimacy of Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’ Reply

If these FOX News reactionaries were as “anti-establishment” or “anti-big government” as they pretend they would be creating “autonomous zones” of their own. What a shame they’re really just mouthpieces for the right-wing of the ruling class.

Top General APOLOGIZES for Trump photo-op participation Reply

The most interesting aspect of the insurrection has been the way that the actual Deep State and MIC leadership has told Trump to fuck off over the idea of using US troops to suppress the uprising. This confirms my longstanding argument that the formal political government, including the Prez, are just managers, not actual rulers.

Krystal and Saagar discuss General Milley’s apology for appearing in photo-op with Trump after forceful removal of protesters.

The Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Reply

I have the unique perspective of favoring the autonomous zone in Seattle AND the Bundys’ standoff AND the Antifa threats against ICE. I like Krystal’s comment that “if you’re against the police state, be against the police state.”

Krystal and Saagar discuss the bizarre response from Gov. Jay Inslee to the autonomous zone in Seattle.

Broken Economy, Broken Society, and the Prospects for Liberty Reply

By Stratton J. Davis

Looking at the daily news these past couples of weeks one may have the pessimistic
opinion that what was left of liberty will soon be gone. Even before the recent riots, which has President Trump and his GOP goons threatening the US people with the use of military force at home, CoronaVirus hysteria shutdown the US economy. This has led to financial ruin for many Americans who could not work or operate their businesses, and also the power of their dollars being crippled due to constant printing of unbacked money by the Federal Reserve along with the illogical and contradictory stimulus checks.


The Conservatives: Not Fit for Any Honest Purpose Reply

By Alan Bickley

Ludwig von Mises Centre

According to The Daily Mail, Madeline Odent is the Curator of the Royston Museum in Hertfordshire. This museum is funded by Royston Council. In the past few days, Mrs Odent has taken to Twitter, giving expert advice on how to use household chemicals to cause irreparable harm to statues she dislikes.

It is, she says, “extremely difficult” to remove the chemicals once they have been applied. She adds that “it can be done, but the chemical needed is super carcinogenic, so it rarely is.” Again, she says: “We haven’t found a way to restore artefacts that this happens to.” Her last reported tweet features a picture of Winton Churchill’s defaced statue in Parliament Square, and says: “Stay tuned for our next edition, where we’ll be talking about marble memorials of racists.”


Western Civilization has low self-esteem. What can raise its spirits? Reply

Western civilization doesn’t really exist anymore. It died during the two world wars. “The West” today is basically just the American Empire, and it’s not the America of Nathaniel Hawthorne or Mark Twain. It’s the America of McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. Western Europe is the most far gone, but you see this even in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and East Asia.

The Mainstream Media Will Not Tell the Truth About Black Lives Matter Reply

The right-wing uses BLM, Antifa, and an-coms as all-purposes bogeymen in the same way the left-wing uses white nationalists and Russians for the same purpose. Probably the most radical thing that has come out of the uprising so far has been the actual burning of police precincts and courthouses, and the expropriation, vandalism, or arson of Target, Amazon, McDonald’s, Bank America, etc. assets.