Anti-Woke Executive Order Reply

One thing that is particularly concerning is the way that many critics of “wokeness” (totalitarian humanism, which is the manifestation of postmodern critical theory) have embraced Trumpism (e.g. this #Walkaway movement) or, even worse, drifted toward the neocons (like the circle around David Rubin). Of course, equally pathetic is the spectacle of “left-wingers” embracing any Republican scumbag who oppose Trump (e.g. “Colon” Powell).

How Classism Is The ONLY Allowed Bias By The Elites Reply

As I have said many times, partisanship and/or culture war politics is merely a manufactured effort by the power elite to obfuscate any recognition of either class oppression or state repression. The conflicts over cultural and social questions are real in the sense of US society being divided into a multiplicity of tribes with much different values than each other. However, the power elite and its kept media exploit and amp up these divisions in order to deflect attention from those actually running the system. But “class struggle” in the 21st century is not the kind of archaic welfare-statist, trade unionist model that “progressives” favor. It’s about attacking every state policy (i.e. all state policies) that are intended to centralize control over wealth, property, or resources, from the International Monetary Fund to the local zoning commission.

Overcoming Our Ideological Tribal Biases Reply

This commentary relates to the article that is adjacent to this one concerning “New Age Nazis.”

By Adam Ormes

For the most part, this is a hideously shallow analysis, written by someone who appears to identify with the bankrupt position of liberal centrism. But even so, the author perhaps unintentionally succeeds in bringing a few intriguing things to the fore.
Specifically, that the last time a significant proportion of the population began to get wise to the egregious behaviour of the owner class, and had begun to take steps towards correcting the suicidal course of their culture, this consciousness was divided and funneled into the quarreling twin errors of Bolshevism and Fascism. Thereby preventing that emergent consciousness from maturing into a wholeness.
Particularly during the 30s, after the Wall Street Crash and ensuing Great Depression, but also earlier, people on both sides of the political spectrum were beginning to formulate a clearer understanding of how badly rigged the economic game was, and momentum for meaningful change began to build. I speak of movements such as Distributism, Social Credit, Georgism, Social Threefolding, Guild Socialism, Syndicalism, Mutualism, etc. All of which precious few people have ever heard of… one must ask why.


Media Falsely Claims Lockdown Protestors Are “Right Wing” Reply

One thing that I have found interesting about the pandemic is the way that so many anarchists have acquiesced to the supposed authority and expertise of scientism or the white coat priesthood, or passively accepted media narratives. In others words, they have simply deferred to the authority of the clergy.

“Our atheists are very pious people.” -Max Stirner

Not Weimar America, But Dark Times All the Same Reply

Are we reliving Weimar…or Bleeding Kansas?

By Matt Purple

The American Conservative

There’s a scene in Christopher Isherwood’s novel Goodbye to Berlin where the author goes to visit Bernhard Landauer, the owner of a prosperous department store in Germany. The year is 1933 and Bernhard shows Christopher a vicious message he’s received, threatening to kill him and all his fellow Jews. Bernhard shrugs this off but Christopher insists he go to the police: “The Nazis may write like schoolboys,” he says, “but they’re capable of anything. That’s why they’re so dangerous. People laugh at them, right up to the last moment…”

Here in America, it’s been easy to laugh at those who have threatened political violence over the past four years, and even at those who have carried it out. Their rogue’s gallery can look like something out of a campy video game: ninja-like black masks who run through the streets LARPing revolution? Mostly white college students screaming “black lives matter”? I still haven’t figured out exactly what a boogaloo boy is supposed to be. Even after the horror in Charlottesville, the white supremacists yodeling about “the Jew” on their way back from the latest Wolves of Vinland potluck come off as more sad than dangerous. It’s easy to laugh at these people, to dismiss them as dorks and thumbsuckers; it’s easy to laugh until it isn’t, until your cities are burning, until you look down and realize you’ve been dancing on a volcano.


Portland suffers serious street violence as far right return ‘prepared to fight’ 1

From what I can tell, there is literally no one in any of the factions of US politics that has the slightest interest in anti-authoritarian values of any kind, except for isolated individuals. Obviously, this is true of the ruling class parties, but it is apparent enough that none of the “fringe” factions would create a less authoritarian society than the one we have now. Not Proud Boys, Boogaloos, Patriot Prayer, Antifa, SJWs, “anarcho”-Marxists, Alt-Right/Lite, commies, fascists, WNs, Nazis, BLM, etc. Most of these would create a worse society than the one we have now. The best we can hope for is either an ongoing balance of power between contending factions or the collapse of the United States into localized enclaves.

By Jason Wilson

The Guardian

Over the last three months in Portland, mass protests against police violence and racism gradually gave way to nightly often violent standoffs between a core of pro-Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist protesters and law enforcement.

But in the past week the city has fallen back into a pattern of more politically polarized street violence which has marked the city throughout the Trump era, with broadly leftwing and anti-fascist activists sometimes facing off against far-right groups.

Last weekend a rightwing “Say no to Marxism in America” rally saw serious, widespread violence. Much of it came from rally attendees – who included members of far-right groups like the Proud Boys – and was directed not only at leftist counter-protesters, but also reporters.


William Barr, of All People, Accuses Black Lives Matter Protesters of Being “Fascistic” Reply

This is like a hilarious replay of the J. Edgar Hoover vs. the Black Panthers battles of the 60s. Fat Billy goes full J. Edna.

Ironically, I don’t disagree with some of his criticisms of the “Left” (broadly defined) even if he is a scumbag who was behind the Ruby Ridge coverup, and one of the architects of the “war on drugs” and “prison-industrial complex” in the 80s and 90s, and who basically wants to revive COINTELPRO. It’s possible to hate commies and fascists at the same time.

By Eric Lutz

Vanity Fair

Perhaps more than anyone, William Barr has helped Donald Trump realize his authoritarian vision of the American presidency. He’s used the Department of Justice to put Trump above the law, aid his allies and go after his political foes, and to violently disperse peaceful protesters outside the White House for the sake of a Trump photo-op. If there’s anyone in the country with less standing to accuse someone else of being a fascist than Trump himself, it just might be Barr.

And yet, that’s precisely what the attorney general did in an interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin Sunday night. Discussing the racial justice protests that have simmered across the country since the police killing of George Floyd in the spring, Barr blasted demonstrators and Democrats as godless nihilists hellbent on overthrowing the United States via “fascistic” tactics. “They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism,” Barr said of Black Lives Matter. “They’re essentially Bolsheviks.”

“They’re not interested in compromise. They’re not interested in dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory,” Barr continued, referring to Trump’s Democratic opponents. “It’s a secular religion. It’s a substitute for religion.”


African American history professor admits she lied by saying she was Black for years Reply

So what? Why can’t “transracial” be a thing? The solution to both homogenized globalization (McDonaldization of the world) and authoritarian multiculturalism is actual diversity. Diversity not only on steroids but on crystal meth.

By J. Edward Moreno

The Hill

Jessica Krug, a professor of African American history at George Washington University, admitted in a blog post Thursday that she has for years lied about her identity by saying that she was Black.

The academic said that throughout her life she “eschewed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness.”

In her bio on Essence, Krug called herself “an unrepentant and unreformed child of the hood” and said she is “boricua,” which means Puerto Rican, The Washington Post noted. Krug’s posts appear to have been taken down from the site.


The Right Versus the Axis of Wokeness Reply

By Bradley Betters


In response to the recent riots and protests, America’s biggest companies have committed hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called racial justice organizations such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and denounced political speech on the right as hate. The conservative establishment has greeted this rise in corporate “wokeness” with a mixture of surprise, fury, and a sense of betrayal.

In reality, it’s just the chickens coming home to roost for the establishment right. For years, National Review, the Heritage Foundation, and the rest of the mainstream right have been silent about the growth of corporate power and its influence on the U.S. political and social landscape. They have finally woken up to the fact that big business has never been their friend. There has been no “change in values” within the executive suites.

In fact, multinational corporations and the far left are natural bedfellows. Both factions are staunch supporters of globalism, including mass immigration, according to former NYU professor Michael Rectenwald. Pushing for open borders provides cheap labor and an expanded consumer base for corporations, while satisfying the left’s political demands for multiculturalism.

Rectenwald says big business treats some of the very fundamentals of nationhood—borders, citizenship, cohesion, and historical ties—as impediments to the free flow of capital and labor. He says these are considered “obstacles to global corporate dominance” generally. The corporations’ far-left allies, he says, simply see borders and distinctions between peoples as discriminatory.


We Don’t Know How to Warn You Any Harder. America is Dying. 2

By Umair Haque


Right about now, something terrible is happening in America. Society is one tiny step away from the final collapse of democracy, at the hands of a true authoritarian, and his fanatics. Meanwhile, America’s silent majority is still slumbering at the depth and gravity of the threat.

I know that strikes many of you as somehow wrong. So let me challenge you for a moment. How much experience do you really have with authoritarianism? Any? If you’re a “real” American, you have precisely none.

Take it from us survivors and scholars of authoritarianism. This is exactly how it happens. The situation could not — could not — be any worse. The odds are now very much against American democracy surviving.

If you don’t believe me, ask a friend. I invite everyone who’s lived under authoritarianism to comment. Those of us how have?

We survivors of authoritarianism have a terrible, terrible foreboding, because we are experiencing something we should never do: deja vu. Our parents fled from collapsing societies to America. And here, now, in a grim and eerie repeat of history, we see the scenes of our childhoods played out all over again. Only now, in the land that we came to. We see the stories our parents recounted to us happening before our eyes, only this time, in the place they brought us to, to escape from all those horrors, abuses, and depredations.


White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police Reply

Too much cop-loving on the right, too much managerial state-loving on the left.

By Christopher Mathias

Huffington Post

Before Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly opened fire on anti-racist protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night — killing two and severely injuring another — a video showed police essentially deputizing the 17-year-old.

Rittenhouse had been walking the streets of Kenosha carrying an assault rifle alongside other armed white men, a local self-styled militia formed for the purported purpose of protecting property from protesters.

“We appreciate you guys, we really do,” a cop can be heard telling the group over a loudspeaker before tossing Rittenhouse a bottle of water.

It was a scene familiar in American history: agents of the state conscripting armed white vigilantes to help violently suppress movements for racial justice and liberation. (“Cops and the Klan go hand in hand,” the common protest chant goes.)

So it wasn’t surprising to see Rittenhouse, in another video published Tuesday, walk toward police after allegedly killing the two protesters — or for him not to be apprehended until the following day, when he was arrested at his home in Illinois.


1 man shot, killed near downtown Portland protests Saturday Reply

The Weimarization of the US continues to escalate. Apparently, the person killed was some right-wing guy. Who did the killing? A leftist or BLM supporter? The cops? A rival right-winger? A random shooter? An anonymous vigilante?

Oregon Live

One man was shot and killed in downtown Portland as dueling demonstrations — one a pro-Trump car caravan and another a counter-protest mounted by various opposing groups — unfolded late Saturday.

Portland police said the man was shot around 8:45 p.m. near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street. The agency did not say whether the incident was related to the demonstrations.

The man lay in the street as medics tended to the gunshot wounds. The body remained there after medics left. Next to the body was camouflage gear with infidel and thin blue line patches, which commonly indicate support for law enforcement. Police taped off the area.

A photo from the scene published by Getty Images showed the man wearing a hat with a Patriot Prayer logo. The far-right group has been at the center of multiple Portland demonstrations that often culminate in violent clashes.

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson said he had also seen the photo of the man killed. He did not say whether he knew the person.

“I have to figure out what the hell is going on,” Gibson said Saturday night, before hanging up.