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How To Turn The GOP Green

By Andrew Sullivan We need both parties to prevent environmental catastrophe. Here’s how we do it. Politics is downstream of culture. Change the culture and (sooner or later) you change the politics. But some political issues have such hefty cultural baggage, it’s incredibly hard to shift the politics. […]

David Pepper CALLS OUT Undemocratic Statehouses, The “GREATEST Threat” To American Democracy

As totalitarian humanism achieves hegemony at the federal, corporate, financial, academic, and media levels, the neo-Know Nothings and the right-wing of the oligarchy are waging an insurgency at the regional level. Interesting. Former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, David Pepper, details his new book: Laboratories Of Autocracy: […]

You’re offended? So what?

By Samuel Goldman, The Week How to escape the snowflake wars. This fall has been unseasonably warm, but there are snowflakes in the air. As educational institutions return to normal operations, a series of incidents around the country have also revived a familiar pattern of provocation, offense, and […]

Biden’s Inexplicable Victory

I generally couldn’t care less if elections are “stolen” or not because I view elections as the equivalent of casinos: The house is always the ultimate winner irrespective of the players and their individual outcomes. But what is interesting is the way that the two sides increasingly view […]

The Critical Flaw in Critical Race Theory

By Alan J. Levine, Chronicles The academic field of Critical Race Theory doesn’t understand the history of race. Over the last 30 years, especially since the spring of 2020, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its accompanying obsessions with “whiteness” and “white privilege” has almost overwhelmed discussion about race […]

Ex-Liberty spokesman says he was fired for raising concerns that sexual misconduct accusations were mishandled

By SARAH RANKIN The Associated Press A former spokesperson for Liberty University is suing the evangelical school in Lynchburg after being fired, alleging in a lawsuit filed Monday that his termination came in retaliation for voicing concerns that sexual misconduct accusations were mishandled. Scott Lamb, a vice president-level […]