The Hershey Company joins group pulling advertising from Facebook to protest its content Reply

This is fucking unbelievable. Hershey literally uses black children in West Africa as slaves on its chocolate plantations. Not modern wage slaves. The pre-modern type of slaves. I’m beginning to understand why Maoist-types tend to massacre the entire capitalist class. This is Twilight Zone level stuff here.



The Hershey Company said Friday it would end all U.S. advertising on Facebook and Instagram in July as it joins the #StopHateForProfit effort by civil-rights groups protesting against hate speech and divisive content on the platform, according to a Business Insider story.

The company joins a growing list of companies boycotting Facebook and, in some cases, Twitter. Global products giant Unilever, which reported spending $9 billion on ads and marketing last year, Friday announced it would pull ads from Facebook because of the content on the platform. Telecommunications firm Verizon on Thursday also joined the pressure campaign, saying it was pulling ads indefinitely, according to a story on the website of The (San Diego) Mercury News.


Country music’s the Dixie Chicks change name to The Chicks Reply

But isn’t “chicks” considered by many feminists to be a derogatory term for women? I remember when these ladies were being lambasted by the right-wing for being unpatriotic for criticizing the Iraq War.

In its more benign forms, this stuff is simply the Legion of Decency, Moral Majority, social purity, or temperance movements, according to the norms of 2020. Only instead of crusading against vice and alcohol everyone is crusading against offensiveness and insensitivity. In a few decades or generations, there will probably be crusades against the depiction of meat-eating in movies. In its more malevolent forms, its a revisitation of the theocratic and secular totalitarian revolutions of the past (Cromwell, Robespierre, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Khomeini, etc.). Human beings just seem to have some kind of psychological need for purification rituals and rites.

JM Stephens

MSN Entertainment


Bolton Book Fight Shows Flaws in U.S. System to Protect Secrets Reply

LOL. The existence of John Bolton shows flaws in the US system, not to mention the human gene pool.

By David Yaffe-Bellany


(Bloomberg) — The legal fight over John Bolton’s unflattering memoir about his time as national security adviser to President Donald Trump centers on a much-maligned government process for vetting what former U.S. secret-keepers can reveal to the public.

Former government officials say the process for screening their writings to prevent the release of classified information has become increasingly cumbersome over the years, with approvals taking far too long and demands for changes or redactions that seem to reflect political bias more than concern for national security.

“The whole system is so fundamentally broken,” said Oona Hathaway, a professor at Yale Law School who worked as a lawyer in the Defense Department during the Obama administration. “It provides a way for the government, when it doesn’t like what you’re saying, to prevent you from saying it.”


Homesteading in CHAZ Reply

By Walter Block (responding to Jeff Deist)

Mises Institute

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) is an area of several city blocks in Seattle that has been taken over by a group of people unconnected with the government. They have established a police-free zone and are now busily administering this territory.

Is this a voluntary socialist commune? A free enterprise zone? Are the new inhabitants who have seized control of the area legitimate homesteaders or illegal squatters, that is, trespassers? Who are now the proper owners of this acreage, of the buildings, roads, parks, and houses therein?


6 arrested after police clash with protesters at Lee monument Friday night Reply

Protest at Lee Monument

Police and protesters clashed once again at the Lee monument on Friday night, with chemical irritants used to clear the scene and six arrests made in the aftermath.

That confrontation, which happened between 10 and 11 p.m., was followed by officers clearing the scene. Protesters then returned to their original position in what they have deemed Marcus-David Peters Circle for the remainder of the night.


Racial justice advocates arm themselves to keep the peace at Robert E. Lee statue Reply


This is Jay, Lewis and BB. They’re carrying guns and walkie-talkies, and say they’re here as “peacekeepers.” “We are not aggressing anybody, we’re not looking for a fight,” BB said.”We will not provoke. If we are threatened we will act.”


Protesters Won’t Leave CHOP in Seattle as Tensions Rise Reply

By Jim Carlton

Wall Street Journal

Several hundred demonstrators are staying in an autonomous area claimed by protesters for racial justice in Seattle, even as its size is shrinking and pressure to shut it down completely is increasing from local businesses and residents, as well as city officials.

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, or CHOP, began on June 8 after thousands of protesters moved into a six-block area in the artsy neighborhood. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered police to abandon the local East Precinct police station to help end violent confrontations there following the killing of the African-American George Floyd by a white Minneapolis policeman on May 25.


Pew Analysis Shows Only 1 In 6 BLM Protesters Are Black 1

There were plenty of whites and people other ethnic groups that participated in the black civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. Nothing wrong with that. Obviously, there are a lot of virtue signalers, do-gooders, moral panickers, middle-class co-opters,  ruling class opportunists, exaggerated sports rioters, and left-wing totalitarians that have come out of the baseboards during the uprising, but the uprising itself is real, and it’s being driven by a combination of race, class, and state. Some participants are motivated by opposition to police oppression of minorities, some by opposition to class oppression, and some by opposition to state oppression, and some by opposition to all three. The comments from Robert Johnson are interesting.

By Steve Watson

Summit News

The full breakdown reveals that just 17 percent of protesters were black, while 46 percent were white.

A further 22 percent were Hispanic, with eight percent being Asian, the analysis highlights.

Perhaps even more telling is the demographic breakdown in terms of political affiliation.

Almost four out of every five “protesters” identified as Democrats or Democrat-leaning, with fewer than 17 percent identifying as Republicans.

The findings dovetail with comments made by BET Founder Robert Johnson yesterday, who noted that most black Americans “laugh” at white people attempting to bring down monuments and cancel everything they deem to be “racist.”


Faith Hill calls for Mississippi to change its flag, vote could come soon Reply

Mississippi has the worst poverty rate in the US and an infant mortality rate that matches China’s or Sri Lanka’s, particularly among blacks. Princess Faith doesn’t seem much worried about that (and probably doesn’t know about it). While the lumpenproletariat engages in actual class war and armed struggle against the state, aristocrats and the new clerisy engage in virtue signaling and fuel moral panic.

By Joe Erwin

New York Daily News

Country music icon Faith Hill had a hit with “Mississippi Girl,” but she’s got a big problem with her home state.

It flies on flagpoles throughout the Magnolia State. The country superstar took to Twitter in a series of tweets asking Mississippi to change its state flag, which has a portion of the Confederate battle flag in its top left corner.


Mark Zuckerberg reverses hate-content policy after Facebook stock nosedives, will flag Trump posts if needed 1

An intra-ruling class conflict between Big Tech and Wall Street. Excellent.

By Storm Gifford

New York Daily News

Wall Street talked and Mark Zuckerberg finally listened.

The Facebook CEO did an abrupt about-face on Friday by implementing policy changes regarding hate content on his social media platform as the company’s stock nosedived.

At market close, Facebook shares were down 8.3% for the day to $216.08 per share.

Zuckerberg announced the changes during a virtual meeting on Friday as yet more advertisers vowed to stop advertising on Facebook, sending shares tumbling.


The Very Un-PC Karl Marx Reply

Universities need to purge their libraries of Marxist literature, lol.

By Walter Williams


For those who see Marx as their hero, there are a few historical tidbits they might find interesting. Nathaniel Weyl, himself a former communist, dug them up for his 1979 book, “Karl Marx: Racist.” For example, Marx didn’t think much of Mexicans. When the United States annexed California after the Mexican War, Marx sarcastically asked, “Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?” Engels shared Marx’s contempt for Mexicans, explaining: “In America we have witnessed the conquest of Mexico and have rejoiced at it. It is to the interest of its own development that Mexico will be placed under the tutelage of the United States.”


Catholics, now is our ‘moment’ to defend our statues, our churches, our faith Reply

The Left is making the same mistake it made in the Spanish Civil War, and with the same results.

By Jason Scott Jones

Lifesite News

June 26, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In 2013, the New York Times published a bleak essay titled “The End of a Catholic Moment,” mourning the loss of the prestige and influence Catholics had had in America only a few years earlier.

In 2005, Republicans built their party platform on Catholic social teachings, Democrats anxiously sought the approval of Catholic “values voters,” and the mainstream media broadcasted Pope Saint John Paul II’s splendid funeral with such reverence that it “almost felt like an infomercial for the Catholic faith.”


Catholic youths stop protestors from tearing down saint’s statue Reply

Are the battle lines being drawn in the future inter-tribal civil war?

By Pete Baklinski

Lifesite News

VENTURA, California, June 25, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of courageous young Catholics surrounded the statue of a saint in Ventura, California last Saturday, placing their bodies in between Junipero Serra and the mob who wanted to tear him down.

The anti-Serra demonstrators had put out a call on social media for the June 20 event that began at 1 PM. Calling the event “Tear down Junipero Serra,” the demonstrators stated that “No longer shall we celebrate the enslavement, rape, and genocide of the original people of Ventura.”


Simpsons ends use of white actors to voice people of colour Reply

Therefore reinforcing the stereotype that skin color determines voice texture or accent as opposed to geography, culture, and class.


The show, broadcast on Fox Network, has faced years of criticism over white actor Hank Azaria’s voiceover of Indian-American character Apu.

Mr Azaria said earlier this year that he was stepping down from the role.

The entertainment industry has come under growing pressure to provide more opportunities for non-white performers.

Friday’s announcement comes in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, which were sparked by the death of African-American George Floyd in US police custody on 25 May.

“Moving forward, The Simpsons will no longer have white actors voice non-white characters,” the producers said in a short statement.


Coca-Cola halts all paid social media advertising for 30 days Reply

Excellent. Let’s hope more firms follow suit. Spare us the annoyance of advertising while bankrupting Big Tech.

By Orion Rummler


Coca-Cola is pulling all paid social media advertisements for 30 days, saying “there is no place for racism on social media,” CEO James Quincey said in a statement on Friday.

Why it matters: Although Coca-Cola does not single out Facebook in its announcement, the company’s decision to temporarily pull ads comes as Hershey’s, Verizon, Unilever and other brands have joined a boycott of the social network over its content moderation policies.


A Libertarian Defense of CHAZ Reply

By Stratton J. Davis

Ever since the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was created in Seattle, it has been a prominent subject of discussion for many. The question usually being discussed is whether we should support it or not. While those on the left seem to be in support of CHAZ (mostly), among the libertarian right there seems to be ill feelings.

While some writers such as Walter Block have offered their philosophical defense for it, many have found reasons to detest CHAZ. These reasons vary from CHAZ simply being a leftist concoction to how the inner workings of CHAZ do not reflect “true” libertarian values. Sure, some of their inner workings include a warlord who is bent on power and achieves it through force, as well as absurd rules that plunder from one group for the benefit of another (kind of like the government that they claim to hate so much does – ironic).


Minnesota Town Goes Woke, Pledges Not To Call Cops, Is Now ‘Overrun’ By Homeless Encampment 2

Awesome. Having a bunch of homeless people and drug addicts around keeps the rents low. A San Franciscan once told me he welcomed the sight of bums pissing in the alley for that reason.

A Minneapolis community, just a few miles away from where George Floyd died while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, pledged to “check its privilege,” allowing hundreds of transients and homeless individuals to take up residents on their front lawns and pledging not to call the police to handle incidents of drug abuse and mental illness.

Now that same town’s residents are concerned things have gotten out of hand. Crime is rampant and the homeless encampment now has more than 300 people.


A Minneapolis Neighborhood Vowed to Check Its Privilege. It’s Already Being Tested. Reply

This kind of like when Lenin referred to middle-class liberals as useful idiots for the revolution. If these do-gooder types can be guilt-shamed into anti-piggishness, fine. Whatever works.


New York Times

MINNEAPOLIS — When Shari Albers moved three decades ago into Powderhorn Park, a tree-lined Minneapolis neighborhood known as a haven to leftist activists and bohemian artists like herself, she went to work sprucing it up.

She became a block club leader, organizing her mostly white neighbors to bring in playgrounds and help tackle longstanding issues with crime.

On many nights, she banged on the car windows of men who had come to solicit prostitutes outside her door, she said. She kept meticulous notes when dozens of men would gather in a circle for gang meetings in the park across from her house. After each episode, she called the police.



FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln Reply

Here it comes. The state attacks with the right hand and co-opts with the left hand.

FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln. Trump announced last night hundreds of arrests of far left rioters over the destruction of statues.

The Cringe Fringe Left Going After Christianity is a Massive Mistake Reply

Indeed it is. What the totalitarian Left typically tries to do is ride the wave of popular rebellion to state power. But when they start attacking the religion is often when they start losing popular sympathy, and public opinion will then take a rightward turn. It happened in Hungary in 1919, in Spain in 1936, in Iran in 1979, and plenty of other places.  This is how you get the Falangists and the Revolutionary Guards.