Madness on Capitol Hill Reply

By Andrew McCormick, The Nation

It was 5 pm when the explosions started, one after another, washing the crowd of Donald Trump supporters in plumes of tear gas. For hours, these protesters had swarmed and stomped atop of the Capitol steps. They had torn down barricades and pushed into the Capitol rotunda, forcing members of Congress and staffers to shelter in place. But now there were explosions, and the protesters ran. In the tear gas, they retched.


Trump Whined to Advisers: Why Can’t I Tweet?! Reply

The New Progressive Left Shows How to Deal With Sedition Reply

The Squad and company want to purge the Trumpist from Congress.

By Alexander Sammon, The American Prospect

Three days ago, the new Congress was sworn in. Among the razor-thin Democratic House majority was a crop of freshman progressive Democrats who received elevated attention throughout the 2020 election cycle: Marie Newman of Illinois, Jamaal Bowman of New York, Mondaire Jones of New York, and Cori Bush of Missouri. Alongside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley, this group of eight, according to whatever taxonomy is preferred—the Squad and the New Squad, or the Squad Extended—represents a progressive bloc that is deeper and more empowered than any in recent years. Already, on day three, they announced themselves as a formidable force within the party, taking charge of strategy and messaging in the wake of Wednesday’s invasion of the Capitol.


A Capitol Police officer dies from injuries sustained during the pro-Trump rampage Reply

I don’t like to see people get killed, but this should mark a permanent split between the Trumpists and the pigs.

By Mike Baker, New York Times

A United States Capitol Police officer died Thursday night from injuries sustained when he engaged with a pro-Trump mob that descended on the U.S. Capitol the day before.

Officer Brian D. Sicknick died at about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, the Capitol Police said in a statement. He had been with the agency since 2008.

Mr. Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday and “was injured while physically engaging with protesters,” the agency’s statement said, although officials didn’t immediately elaborate on the nature of his injuries or how he interacted with the crowd. After sustaining the injuries, Mr. Sicknick returned to his division office, collapsed, and was taken to the hospital.


What I Saw at the Capitol Reply

By Declan Leary, The American Conservative

It’s all but silent as I step out onto 17th Street just past noon, a small gaggle of flag-waving MAGA folk to my left the only other people in sight. It’s warm enough to walk, so I make off for the Capitol on foot. At Black Lives Matter Plaza I pass a group of activists all in black—a dozen or so, with one not much older than me holding court as the rest listen faithfully and something that might be reggae blares over a single, high-powered speaker in the middle of the street.

At 14th Street a homeless man is screaming at the glass door of a boarded-up Five Guys, in one of those already-puzzling city dialects made incomprehensible by drugs or mental illness. I’m not sure what he’s saying, but I do make out “There aren’t five of you anymore, are there?”


A Heinous Day in American History 1

More hilarious than heinous. Are we really supposed to be outraged that a bunch of yahoos managed to bust through a police line and do some petty vandalism, with one of them being shot by a frightened cop who had probably never dealt with a riot before, only to be chased away after a few photos were taken of some idiot in a Viking helmet?

By Curt Mills, The American Conservative

Joe Biden has been elected the president of the United States, the Congress has certified the Electoral College results, and President Trump, while rejecting the validity of the process, accepted that this will come to pass early Thursday morning.


‘Sit down!’ ‘No, you sit down!’ Democrat’s speech nearly triggers fistfight on House floor Reply

By Timothy Bella and Lateshia Beachum, Washington Post

An impassioned speech from Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.) nearly sparked an early morning fistfight between two other House lawmakers during the debate over Pennsylvania’s electoral votes.

Lamb said the GOP objectors to Joe Biden’s presidential election win didn’t need to “strip this Congress of its dignity” any more after pro-Trump rioters attacked the Capitol on Wednesday.

“We know that that attack today, it didn’t materialize out of nowhere, it was inspired by lies — the same lies that you’re hearing in this room tonight,” he said. “The members who are repeating those lies should be ashamed of themselves. Their constituents should be ashamed of them.”

Rep. H. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) took exception to Lamb’s words. Moments later, Griffith raised a point of order and attempted to have his colleague’s words struck from the record.

Q-Anon, Confederate flag man, and Baked Alaska – here are the people who stormed the building 1

Sky News

As protesters stormed America’s home of democracy, the focus quickly turned to who they are – and why they were there.

Among the sea of “Make America Great Again” red caps there were those dressed in elaborate costumes and others wearing what appeared to be full-on assault gear, while some brandished highly offensive flags and clothing.

Sky News looks at some who have been identified:

Ashli Babbitt

The 35-year-old Air Force veteran was shot dead by a plain-clothed police officer after storming the Capitol with other protesters and attempting to enter the House chamber, Washington Police Chief Robert Contee said.

Her husband, Aaron, told KUSI TV she served four tours of duty during her 14 years in the Air Force and was from San Diego.


The Beer Belly Putsch: A Sign of Things to Come Reply

By Thomas L. Knapp, The Garrison Center

Munich Marienplatz during the failed Beer Hall Putsch. Bundesarchiv, Bild 119-1486 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Munich Marienplatz during the failed Beer Hall Putsch. Bundesarchiv, Bild 119-1486 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

In a sign that 2021 may get even more darkly weird than 2020, a mob of Trump supporters pushed their way into the US Capitol on January 6, putting politicians to flight and delaying, for a few hours, Congress’s quadrennial ritual of counting electoral votes and blessing the enthronement of the next President of the United States.

Their goal was to, in words emblazoned on some of the signs they carried, “Stop The Steal.” They seemed to genuinely believe (in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary) that Donald Trump, rather than Joe Biden, was the rightful winner of the election.


Trump Supporters Storming the Capital Reaction w/ Tulsi Gabbard Reply

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Tulsi Gabbard (former Congresswoman) about the storming of the Capitol building, why she fears a civil war is brewing, and what we can do to de-escalate the political polarization of our country. Tulsi discusses what it means that Trump supporters at the ‘Stop the Steal rally’ chose to storm the Capitol building and how we can start getting Republicans and Democrats to bridge the political divide. She also discusses how the ‘Securing America’s Election Act’ that she proposed could have prevented the political turmoil we find ourselves in. Tulsi also shares the reason she decided to step down from the House of Representatives.

Glenn Greenwald REACTS: Twitter, Facebook SUSPEND Trump Accounts Reply

Greenwald is becoming a hated man in certain sectors of the Left. One of the greatest things about recent events has been the ongoing fragmentation of the Red and Blue tribes as well as the wider Red/Blue divide.

Journalist, Glenn Greenwald, reacts to both Twitter and Facebook suspending President Trump’s accounts and deleting two of his posts.

The Media’s Role In Dividing Us In Light Of Capitol Chaos Reply

Media outlets are the churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples of the Red/Blue tribal-sectarian civil war.

In traditional societies, it is the religious institutions that are normally the arbiters of social and moral norms. However, in modern societies that role has largely been assumed by education, science, medicine, technology,  the professions, and the media.

Journalist, Matt Taibbi, reacts to how the media both contributed to and covered the riots at the United States Capitol.

Inside The War Between Trump And Pence Reply

Pence abandons the ship as it sinks. His function in the Trump administration was to triangulate the relationship between Trump, the neocons, and the Christian Zionists while facilitating the relationship between the two. The neocons are now pulling back one of their front men among the Trumpists.

White House reporter, Philip Wegmann, discusses Vice President Mike Pence’s reaction to the events at the US Capitol and what it says about his current relationship with Trump.

Trump Incites Riot At US Capitol In Shameful Day Of US History Reply

Are you fucking kidding me? Most shameful day? It barely scratches the surface. Read up on the history of massacres in the US. And that’s before we even get into actual genocide, slavery, war atrocities, ethnic and religious persecution, state repression, violent labor clashes, etc., etc., etc., etc.

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the events at the United States Capitol yesterday. They analyze what caused it and where we go from here.

Most voters say the events at the US Capitol are a threat to democracy Reply

But 20% are in favor.

By Matthew Smith,  Jamie Ballard, Linley Sanders YouGov. Com

Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol earlier this afternoon to protest lawmakers certifying Joe Biden’s election victory. According to initial reports, one person was shot and killed and at least one explosive device was found in the area.

A YouGov Direct poll of 1,397 registered voters who had heard about the event finds that most (62%) voters perceive these actions as a threat to democracy. Democrats (93%) overwhelmingly see it this way, while most (55%) Independents also agree. Among Republicans, however, only a quarter (27%) think this should be considered a threat to democracy, with two-thirds (68%) saying otherwise.


Mass Delusion in America What I heard from insurrectionists on their march to the Capitol Reply

By Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

Insurrection Day, 12:40 p.m.: A group of about 80 lumpen Trumpists were gathered outside the Commerce Department, near the White House. They organized themselves in a large circle, and stared at a boombox rigged to a megaphone. Their leader and, for some, savior—a number of them would profess to me their belief that the 45th president is an agent of God and his son, Jesus Christ—was rehearsing his pitiful list of grievances, and also fomenting a rebellion against, among others, the klatch of treacherous Republicans who had aligned themselves with the Constitution and against him.


Capitol placed on lockdown, buildings evacuated amid protests 3

The Little League Falange wannabes make their move. I generally favor anti-system violence regardless of where it comes from or what foolish cause it’s attached to. Decades ago, I predicted that while the struggle against the US state/ruling class/power elite would cut across ordinary ideological, cultural, and class boundaries, the primary classes of interest would be the urban lumpenproletariat, de classes sectors, sinking middle, and rural “neo-peasants.” I also predicted the rise of a “rural lumpenproletariat” (e.g. gun nuts inclined towards conspiracy theories) and a “suburban lumpenproletariat” (basically rebellious youth from the privileged classes who are inclined toward violence). Here they are.

By Zack Budryk, Mike Lillis and Justine Coleman, The Hill

The U.S. Capitol Police on Wednesday locked down the Capitol building and evacuated multiple congressional buildings amid increasingly violent protests outside.

Buildings being evacuated included the Library of Congress’s Madison Building across from the Capitol as well as the Cannon House office building. In an alert sent to Hill staffers, police ordered occupants of the Madison building to “move in a safe manner to the exists” and “close doors behind you but do not lock.”

Capitol police also told those in the Cannon House building to “take visitors, escape hoods, and Go Kits” and report to a tunnel connected to a nearby building.

A Capitol Police officer told a reporter, “If you want to go between the buildings, use the tunnels.”

Asked how long the lock-down might last, the officer said it will depend on the behavior of the protestors.


Patriot Prayer supporter faces several felony charges, accused of macing cops during protest at Oregon Capitol Reply

By Saphara Harrell – Salem Reporter

A supporter of far-right group Patriot Prayer is facing several felony charges related to a protest at the Oregon Capitol on Dec. 21, where demonstrators pushed their way into the closed building and kicked in a door to protest Covid restrictions.

Chandler Preston Alexander Pappas, 27, of Portland, is accused of pepper spraying six police officers at the Oregon State Capitol during the event, according to an affidavit justifying his arrest filed in Marion County Circuit Court on Jan. 4.

Pappas was arrested Monday and is charged with six counts of assaulting a public safety officer, first-degree burglary and riot. Assaulting an officer is a Class C felony that carries a maximum of five years in prison.

He was arraigned in Marion County Circuit Court on Tuesday, where a judge set his bail at $250,000 and classified him as a public safety risk. Salem attorney David Kuhns was appointed by the court to defend Pappas. A court hearing on an expected indictment was scheduled for Friday, Jan. 15.

He faces the stiffest charges so far of those arrested during demonstrations that have become more frequent in Salem and have resulted in assaults on many occasions. The affidavit describes Pappas assaulting officers, breaking through doors that were latched together with handcuffs, and inciting a group of 50 to violence.