American Decline

Ron Paul: Is Islam on the Verge of Engulfing Western Civilization?

In a better world, Paul would be POTUS.

(In an >even< better world, the concept of a POTUS – and other national equivalents – would remain just that.)

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  1. I miss when Ron Paul used to make McCain and other war-hawks look like morons in the Republican primaries. When you’re so full of absolutely inane bullshit, someone armed with the truth can make you look very idiotic.

  2. The very unfortunate thing is, just as many Americans view all Muslims in a stereotypical fashion- as marauding, religious fanatics- many around the globe view all Americans in a similarly stereotypical manner as well. Even on intelligent websites with intelligent audiences, they often stereotype all Americans as fat, lazy, racist, xenophobic, murderers, as if Keith Preston and his audience, or Ron Paul and his followers are in the same category, even diminutively, with the xenophobic, moronic Fox News adherents, or the intolerant, PC MSNBC devotees. Unfortunately, that’s how human beings think, often even intelligent ones.
    On a different note, I would be interested to know how many of our politicians would legitimately meet the criteria to be diagnosed as sociopaths or even psychopaths. I would have to say a very high majority would definitely qualify as sociopaths. To walk around smiling, wearing a suite with a $500 haircut, kindly lying and deceiving in a charming manner, while killing millions around the world and causing misery for literally uncountable, numberless individuals around the globe, including in the US, all at the behest of the ruling class.

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